Hello, everyone, and welcome to my version of What Would Happen If Hattie Had Never Been Born. NOT REALLY!! hehe nah this is my version of what would happen if Ella covered her face faster during the ball. yep thats right. well here we go. 3, 2, 1


My mask fell off and I brought my hands to my face quickly. Quick enough, thank goodness. Char gasped ever so slightly.

"Madam, you are out of order," Char said softly to Hattie.

Hattie curtsied slightly and said, "I meant no disrespect, Charmont, but don't you think that we all have the right to see whats behind the mask?"

At this, Char paused and I recalled the journal entry that he wrote about really wanting to see my face. "I respect Lady Lela's privacy, Lady Hattie, and I am afraide I will have to escort you from the room."

Hattie protested some, but after a minute she was gone. I could feel everyone's eyes on me.

Char put his arm around me and led me outside. I felt the air on my hidden face and felt relieved. I turned my head away from him and took away my hands.

"Your mask, Lela," Char said, handing me my mask. I put it on and turned to him.

"I'm sorry if I ruined your night, Char."

"Oh, it was Hattie that ruined a perfect moment, not you that ruined a night." He held my hand and I felt my face flush.

"What perfect moment was that?" I asked innocently.

He looked at me curiously, then gazed at our interlocked hands. "I was about to ask you... well, I was about to ask you to... To come and live in the castle with my family. We could offer you a job, and your friendship is the most important thing to me right now."

I knew that moving into the castle would mean me not having a mask to hide behind. Char would know who I really was and all would be ruined. No, I wouldnt. Even if he said he was never to marry, I wouldnt even go as Lela behind the mask. "Char, I can't." His face was so mournful. "I'm needed on my family's farm, and I couldnt live in a castle! It would be too royal for me." I pulled my hands out of his. "And your friendship is important to me too, it's just that... I really feel that you should pursue a marriage or there will be no one to take your place at the throne when you die."

Char nodded slowly. "I understand."

I couldnt bear another moment of torture. I was longing to tell him my true identity, but I knew I mustn't. So, "Char, I'm sorry, but I must go. I need a good night's rest because I have a full days journey to Bast ahead of me tomorrow."

We stood, and Char embraced me. I was surprised, but hugged him back. "Goodbye, highness." I went through the ballroom and out the door.


It wasnt till I reached home a while later (as I was walking) that I remembered Char's singing. He was to sing in front of the whole court and his best friend (was that what Lela was to him?) wasn't going to be there. Oh well.

I walked in the door and was met by Hattie. "You BEAST!" Oh no. I should have gone in through the kitchen, but I had forgotten about Hattie leaving early.

She grabbed my ear and pulled me to the sitting room, where she thrust me on a chair. "I can't BELIEVE you snuck off to the ball! YOU AS LADY LELA!! I KNEW IT!!"

I just stared up at her, hatred burning my insides.

"I have half a mind to tell the prince."

My jaw dropped and I thought of something fast. "But then, Hattie, he will marry me and you will have no chance at him."

She thought on this for a moment, then nodded. "That idea may well get you out of a sound beating, but not four day's of cleaning the attic! Now go change out of that dress and bring it to me!"

The curse tugged at me and I was forced to my small room to change.


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