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That very week, Char and I were within the bindings of marriage. Our wedding day was the happiest in my entire life. We were wed in the castle, near to the railing where we had slid down so long ago.

Father even attended, having just arrived home for a few days. My stepfamily did not, however. Upon hearing what they did to me, Char took out his anger by forbidding them to come to any royal happenings. I retrieved my necklace from Hattie, and wore one of my mother's gowns, along with the glass slippers.

Nearly six years after we were married, Char's mother died of the same illness that took mine. Death took Char's father not soon after. Some say he died of a broken heart, having loved his wife so much. Char and I became king and queen, and we ruled happily, although his parents took a little piece of our hearts when they died.

We had three children, all of which were godchildren to Mandy. They became good friends with Will and Areida's children, and also Mable's children. Mable was married to Char's little brother, and they too lived in the castle. Our eldest son, Sampson (more commonly known as Sam), married Areida's eldest daughter, and they will take over the throne when Char and I have died, which I hope will not happen for a long time.

Char would travel often and I, not wanting to be away from him, would go with him, taking the fairy book to check up on the children. Mandy took good care of them for us. Char and I stayed in love our whole lives, swearing not to let any curse ever come between us again.

And so, with laughter and love, we lived happily ever after.


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1) it was very short, but of course you know theyll have a good life

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