Title: Unspoken Thoughts
Authoress: Ladya C. Maxine
Rating: G
Summary: (Poetry) Kai thinks as he watches Ray sleep.
Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade or any of its characters.

A/N: This is a little poem I've composed that belongs to the events in 'Untold Truths. I have written this as a special thank-you to the reviewers whose latest reviews really touched me. Their names can be found at the end of the epilogue in Untold Truths.


I wake up to your breathing
Your face beautiful in sleep
Safe and unmarred by the past events
and forever mine to keep
We started off as strangers
We lived for a year as friends
Our future is yet to be decided
But our love will last till the end
When did this all start?
This warming of my soul
How did I ever live
without having you to hold?
Brought together by a common love
Staying forever under this sun
Bonds formed in respect
Two hearts melted into one
You shift in your dreams
Your movements exhausted and slow
Sleep in peace because I am here
and I will never let you go
I think back on the past
On all that we have been through
I doubt I would have ever made it
if I hadn't had you
You came to us by chance
Meant only to stay a few days
I accepted you into my life
and I want you here always
Along with you my soul left that day
when you walked out that door
But instead of letting go
I needed you more and more
Now you are back in my arms
and I will keep you here
Together we will laugh at the good times
Together we will share each other's fear
The sun now rises, you awake
You smile that beautiful smile
The golden radiance of your eyes
makes everything worthwhile
You frown softly at my silence
and brush away my stray tear
I shake my head and kiss you deep
and promise to always hold you near.

~* Ladya C. Maxine

Attention: Each and every one of my poems (including this one) have been copywritten and belong solely to me.