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"So, I guess we made it then," Lina Inverse stated as she looked around. The clearing looked like any other clearing in Sayrune, the sun was shining, the air was cool, and as a gentle breeze worked it's way through the trees the young sorceress spotted the tops of the towers of the castle of Sayrune, "And we're right where we need to be, Sayrune!"

"It appears to be getting late. We should find some place to sleep," observed the tall man beside her.

"Zel's right. Let's get going!" Lina led the party toward the city, "And we can get some food!"

"Miss Lina, do you think it's a good idea to go to the city? I mean, can't we change hist-"
"I bet the food even tastes better in the future!" Gourry exclaimed as he ran full speed towards Sayrune barely able to catch up with Lina.

"Mister Zelgadis, Miss Filia? Isn't it dangerous being here like this?" Amelia turned to what was left of the group as the three began up the road after Lina and Gourry.

"If we learn anything about our futures we could use the knowledge to change them, so yes, in a sense it is dangerous," the chimera explained flatly.

"But isn't that why we came here in the first place? To ask your future self for your cure, Mister Zelgadis?" Filia asked him almost pleadingly, "You will change your future! And what if you haven't found the cure yet?"

"This is something I will gladly change my life's path for," Zelgadis stated solidly, "and we have traveled ten years ahead, I'm sure I'd have found my cure by now . . . If there is one to be found."

"Mister Zelgadis . . ." Amelia began encouragingly, but was sidetracked, "Oh! Wow! Look how it' grown!" she exclaimed as Sayrune came into view, "It's nearly doubled!"

"Which will make it all that more difficult to find Miss Lina," Filia groaned.
"It's simple," Zelgadis replied with a hint of humor in his voice as he pulled his hood up, "Just follow the shouting."

Sure enough as they entered the town sounds of battle rose from the nearest restaurant along with muffled cries of "Hey, Lina, that's my chicken" and "More food over here!"center
"Thankfully no one recognized any of us. We should try to be more discreet when meeting with Mister Zelgadis. We don't want to cause a stir." Filia commented as the adventurers sat in a shadowy corner. Lina, Gourry, and Amelia were actively devouring anything set before them while Filia and Zelgadis sipped at tea and coffee respectively.

"First we need to find my future self, and how we plan on doing that has yet to be decided," the chimera added over the rim of his cup.

"Well, we could-mmmm! This is good!-just ask Amelia! I bet she lives in the-Gourry! That's mine!-castle here," Lina offered between mouthfuls of food.

"That's a possibility, but how are we to get into the palace? I don't think the guards would respond favorably if a group of people walked up and told them they were from the past and needed to speak with the princess," Filia pointed out, "They'd probably think we were a bunch of senile assassins!"

"Well, I'd believe it!" Gourry said as he finished off the food.

"Which is exactly why we're not doing that," Lina half-shouted, kicking her blonde companion in the head, "We could RayWing our way in . . ."

"We'd more than likely be spotted and hunted down," Filia observed, "Miss Amelia, this is your home, are there any other entrances?"

"There would be guards at all of the entrances," the young princess answered sullenly.

The conversation was cut short as the waiter came with the bill. In the shadows of the restaurant it was hard to make out the faces of the party, for which everyone was thankful.

"So, what brings you folks to town?" The waiter asked politely as he totaled their bill.

"We're seeking a conference with Princess Amelia," Filia stated, hoping the conversation would end there.

At her words the steward looked confused, "Princess Amelia, you say? Where are you all from, anyway?" He scratched his head quizzically.

"Ten yea-ouch!" Gourry's answer was cut short as Lina slammed him on the head.

"We're from far away . . . why?" Lina responded.

"Oh, well, you see-Coming, sir!" The waiter, interrupted from a shouted order from across the room, dropped their bill on the table and walked away.

"What was that about, I wonder." Zelgadis mused quietly. After a few moments and another sip of coffee he stood up and pulled up his hood, "We should find an inn. We'll figure this out in the morning."center
~*~/center The morning began early for the group as they formed a second-rate plan. It was decided that Filia, being the least likely to be recognized by anyone in Sayrune but wearing a disguise just in case, would approach the guards and claim that the others, who would be wearing disguises, had burnt her crops and she and her guard, Gourry, had brought them for sentencing. That should get them in.

The party approached the castle in their quickly acquired disguises, Filia and Gourry leading the manacled 'prisoners.'

Lina yawned loudly, "Geeze, why'd we have to get up so early?" She asked as she glanced toward the area where the first glimpses of sunlight were showing themselves.

Before anyone could answer they had reached the gates to the castle, "What is your business here?" asked a young man at the door as he confirmed in his book that there were no scheduled appointments at this time.

"Umm, yes, hello," Filia began shakily, "I brought these, umm, criminals for sentencing. They err, burned all my crops."

The man looked down the line of 'prisoners' and nodded, "Just one moment, please," he ducked into a small door. Ten minutes later he returned, "His highness will see you now, miss."

They followed the young steward through the castle, which had hardly changed over the years.

This isn't the way to the throne room. Amelia thought as they began up a flight of stairs. Their guide led them into a dimly lit library. Shelves upon shelves of books lined the walls while other manuscripts were strewn haphazardly about the floor. A large armchair sat with it's back to them facing a tremendous fireplace in which flames crackled, sending a glow across the hundreds of books in the small room.

"You grace, sir?" The young man spoke toward the back of the chair, "The woman with her captives."

"Thank you, you man go." A familiar voice said from the chair. Neither Amelia nor any of the other Slayers could place the familiar voice. It wasn't any of Amelia's superiors in line to the throne. The man, the king, apparently, let out a heavy sigh and a book clapped shut softly, "What happened?"

He sounds sad, Amelia thought, I wonder what's wrong.

"Oh, yes, your highness, sir," Filia stammered, not knowing what to say next, "You see-"

"Please do not call me 'Your Highness,'" the king interrupted to Filia's relief, "Sir is fine."

"Sir," Zelgadis spoke up impatiently, this was getting them nowhere, "Quite frankly we didn't burn her crops. We just came here looking for our friend Amelia. If she's around here still, please tell her Zelgadis Greywers is here, sir."

"Z-Zelgadis . . . Greywers?" The king said slowly, curiously, "But that's not possible . . ."

"Why? He's not . . . dead, is he?" Amelia whimpered quietly.

"Yes, my name is Zelgadis, I'm here from ten years in the past. My companions and I need to talk to the Amelia in this time," He answered, holding a hand up to quiet Amelia.

A moment passed and a small bell rang from behind the chair, calling a young maid in. "Light the lamps, please, and bring Amelia." The king ordered the maid.

The young girl scurried around the room lighting lamps and left to find Amelia. A few long silent moments later she returned, "Your grace, sir? Her highness is on her way to breakfast, shall I call her anyway?"

"No, just see these travelers to the hall and feed them. I will be down shortly," The man said solemnly.

The maid ducked her head in a nod and left the room as the time travelers followed obediently.

"Hey, Amelia, who was that guy? Some brother?" Lina asked the princess quietly as they made their way down an elaborate staircase.

"I-I'm not sure," Amelia was obviously perplexed, "But he sounded familiar . . . and sad."

"Well, I'm glad we're going to be able to see Miss Amelia." Filia commented.

"And we get to eat!" Gourry added enthusiastically.

"You said it!" Lina agreed as they reached the colossal dining hall.

At the end of the room an older Amelia sat smiling at them. Well, she's certainly not a little girl anymore, Zelgadis caught himself thinking. It was true. Her short black hair had become a long glossy braid falling to her waist and tied in a blue bow. Her girlish face had become slightly more slender, causing her to appear wiser than any of them had ever thought possible. As she stood to greet them they realized she had grown nearly a foot, causing her height to rival Zelgadis'. She had obviously just woken up as she rubbed her eyes, walking towards them. She wore a man's satin off-white nightshirt and pants, both slightly too big. She smiled at them as she reached the end of the room, causing her to instantly appear as a little girl again.

"Wow, this is really weird," she beamed, her voice hadn't changed from the high, zealous pitch they all knew, "Please, sit down and eat."

As the meal began the younger Amelia glanced up, "That man, upstairs, I know him, but can't remember where from. He's king? Where's Daddy?"

Her elder counterpart looked a bit puzzled, and then saddened, "Daddy died three years ago when his ship sunk going to the Outer World."

Gourry and Lina had halted their battle over a plate of sausages. The room was uncharacteristically still in a moment of silence for everyone's favorite crowned prince.

"So that man is," The young Amelia struck a justice pose on the table, "an evil man who has usurped Daddy's throne taking advantage of your vulnerability after a tragedy! In the name of justice and righteousness I vow to put an end to his reign!"

"Oh, no, that's not how it is at all," The future Amelia held up her hands in a defensive stance and laughed nervously, "You see, that man is my husband."

"Husband?" Zelgadis raised an eyebrow curiously as Amelia came down from her justice high.

The older woman blushed slightly, "Yes, my husband, we're married."
"Gosh, he seemed so mean and cold when we were talking to him," Filia commented.

"He seemed sad," Young Amelia added.

"Well, either way, he shouldn't treat guests so coldly," The queen pouted, then surrendered into her chair with a sigh, "I'm so sorry, he's been upset lately."

"So, got any little Amelia's running around?" Gourry asked, hoping to cheer her up. Kids always made him happy.

It didn't work, "No," she replied quietly, solemnly, "We can't have children."
"I would think that you would not be allowed to marry a man who could not produce an heir," Zelgadis pointed out.

"Well, we're hoping that-" The woman looked toward the door as approaching footsteps signaled the arrival of her husband. She greeted him cheerfully, "Good morning."

A slightly older and more worn Zelgadis Greywers stepped into the hall and sat silently at the head of the table as a steward brought him a cup of coffee. The time traveling adventurers recovered from their simultaneous face plant they'd taken when Zelgadis had entered the room.

"Zelgadis!?!? ZEL is your husband?!?!" Lina cried out in shock. The queen of Sayrune nodded her head and blushed sheepishly while her husband grinned into his coffee, amused.

"Hey, that's great!" Gourry smiled, putting his hands behind his head.

"Well, it's certainly makes our mission easier," Filia commented fanning a princess and chimera who had fainted at her feet.

"And what is that mission exactly?" the elder Zelgadis spoke over the rim of his mug.

"Well, umm, it seems that our travel was in vain," Filia glanced at the king's stony, pebble-lined face, "We came to ask you for Mister Zelgadis' cure, but it seems you don't have it."

"I'm sorry to say you're right," he answered ruefully.

"We are searching, though," his wife answered, "Mister Zelgadis has been in the libraries almost all the time!"

"Hey, Amelia, why do you call him mister if you're married?" Gourry inquired.
"Oh, well, you see, uh . . ." she flushed, trying to think up an answer.

"I believe it is a habit," her husband answered for her.

"Hey, what am I doing now?" Gourry asked curiously.

"I would think it best if we observe as little as possible of our future situation. It could cause problems." The young Zelgadis advised.

"Don't be selfish, Zel! You and Amelia got to find out what your futures are like! Our turn!" Lina argued.

"But nothing we see here is bound to happen," Zelgadis pointed out, "We can change it if we want. There's really no point.

"I must admit I am curious as to what a possible outcome of my life is," Filia commented.

Zelgadis sighed, knowing they would get their way. He did not travel with the most reasonable of company.


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