When the World Ends

A moan echoes through the skies as the tainted clouds grew thick with the blood of the slain. The ravaged soil was strewn about the rocky earth, the world reeked the stench of death and decay. Within the carnage stood a lone woman. Through her tears she watched as the one person she ever truly loved turned his back to her.

As she had pressed her lips to his, she hoped that somehow she could ease his fear, his loneliness, pull him from the depths of insanity. She wished…oh how she wished…that somewhere in his tortured mind the essence of his soul still remained…

…that he could break away from the hold of his own B Cells, and become the gentle man she had awakened.

When he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes…something was there. For that one moment, the haze of rage and hatred was replaced by that familiar tenderness…for that moment, she believed that she had saved him.

Alas, as quickly as it had appeared, the gentleness was gone. Once again the fog of vehemence had returned.

As he walked away, smoking gun in hand, the man she knew felt so far away…

…like a faded memory.

The B Cells were fully activated.

She could not save him from his madness.

The Yuji she knew was dead.

Author's Notes: This is just a prologue for an Alternate Universe fic idea I was toying with. What if…Marlene could not save Yuji from the B Cells? What if he, like Tony and Alicia, was too far gone? There is a very strong chance that I will continue this fic. (I am also working on the next chapter to 'Love Taught Me,' so don't worry I haven't forgotten about it ;) ) I have some Blue Gender fan art on There seems to be so little of it on the internet. Same thing with fics. I will make a quick change to that. ;D I hope you liked it! I know it's short, it's supposed to be. Other chapters will probably be longer.