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Konnichiwa, minna-san. ^_^ My name is Filia Ul Copt, and I'm here to tell you a story. But it's not just any story. It's a story about how a namagomi ruined my life. *sees audience sweatdropping* HEY! Why don't YOU try having him follow YOU around all day?! Do you think it was easy?! Well, think again! I could never get rid of that stupid namagomi. No matter HOW much I tried, he'd never go away. He'd tease me, he'd bother me, he'd distract me...he annoyed me constantly! And just when I gave up trying to get rid of him, he went and-URGH!! *sigh* Well, this is my story...


"Hi, Fi-chan!!"

"AAAH!!" Filia whirled around to face the grinning mazoku, whom had just teleported in. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!!!"

"^_^ Whoops, guess I forgot."

Filia sighed, and then glared at Xellos. "Can't you even leave me alone when I'm in the MARKET???"

"Awwww, but I missed you, Fi-chan!" Xellos grinned. "I just had to drop by and give you a visit."

"Namagomi...you just 'visited' me 5 MINUTES AGO!" Filia pointed out. "And don't call me 'Fi-chan'! Urgh...well, what did you come to do this time? Tease me again?" Filia began walking towards the grocery store.

"Me?? Tease you?! Never!" Xellos exclaimed, attempting to look like a picture of pure innocence (Ky-chan: And failing). "In fact, I just wanted to give you something!" Xellos took out a little brown baggie.

"Uh...it's okay," Filia eyed the bag suspiciously. "I don't want it."

"But Filia!" Xellos shoved the little sack into Filia's hands. "I WANT you to have this! Let's just say that...this is for always putting up with me and my teasing. ^_^"

"No, no, no!" Filia tried to push the bag away. "I really don't--!"

"Whoops! My, my, look at the time!" the beast priest grinned. "I really should get going. So, see yah later, FI-CHAN!!" And with that said, he teleported away.

"NAMAGOMI!!!" Filia screeched at what was now thin air, attracting many odd looks from crowds of people. Filia sighed in frustration. She held up the bag and started to wonder what was inside. I should just get rid of it immediately, she thought to herself as she inspected the sack. I should, but I wonder what's inside. The ex-miko slowly opened the bag. I know I shouldn't, but...Filia peered inside the bag to find...(BlueJ: Dun, dUn, DUN!!) gold. Lots of gold.

"What???" Filia asked out loud to no one in particular. "Where did that namagomi get all this-?"


Question answered.

"NAMAGOMI!!!!" Was the last word Filia cried before she was tackled by a herd of police officers.

~*A LONG while later*~

"NAMAGOMI!!!!" Filia stormed out from the prison she was just freed of. "STUPID BAG!!!" She pocketed the small, brown bag into her coat. "STUPID POLICE OFFICERS WHO DIDN'T EVEN TAKE THE BAG!!! AAAAAAAAAH!! THIS IS ALL THAT NAMAGOMI NO BAKA'S FAULT!!!" Filia continued her raging and ranting all the way to her pottery shop/house.

The fuming dragon stomped into her shop and up the stairs to her bedroom. Muttering all the while, Filia went over to a little wooden crib next to her bed. There inside, lay a small egg. But it wasn't just any egg, oh no. It was the egg that held inside the last of the Ancient Dragons. Yup, it was a very special egg.

As Filia gazed at her soon-to-be son, she could feel herself calming down. She smiled and sighed.

"It's okay," Filia patted the small egg lovingly. "I won't let that stupid, idiotic, namagomi mazoku get on my nerves-"

"^_^ You called?"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Filia shrieked in surprise as said mazoku teleported right next to her. "Don't do-YOU!!!"

"Uh...me!" Xellos grinned. "Anyways, I just came to-"


"Uh...I don't care?"

A dark blue battle aura surrounded Filia as her blue eyes turned bright red with anger. "STUPID NAMAGOMI! I HAD TO STAY IN THAT STUPID PRISON FOR 5 STUPID HOURS, BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID BAG!!!"

"I know," Xellos sweatdropped. "And I guess I'm sorry but I-"

"IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT, NAMAGOMI!!!!! 5 HOURS OF MY LIFE WAS TOTALLY WASTED!!" Filia continued her ranting and shouting.

"I KNOW, but I just came here to say that-"





"NAMA-what?" Filia stood there blinking for about 5 minutes. "What did you just say??"

"I'm leaving," Xellos shrugged. "My mistress just has a job for me to do, so I'll just be away for awhile." Xellos noticed that Filia still hadn't moved for over 7 minutes, which is awfully hard for a dragon on a rampage to do. "Uh...are you going to be okay??"




"Fi-chan, are you going to-"


Xellos sweatdropped heavily as Filia suddenly started to dance and hop around the room.

"WOOOOO!! The namagomi is leaving! He'll never bother me again!!!" Filia whooped. "No more teasing! No more bothering! No more distracting! And most importantly, NO MORE HAVING TO PUT UP WITH YOU!!! YAHOOOOO!!!"

Xellos's sweatdrop grew even bigger (if that's possible) as he watched Filia continue her dancing. "OoOoOoOokay..."

"YAAAY! WOOO-Wait a minute...something's wrong," Filia slowly turned to the very confused Xellos. "You're not gone yet!!!"


"Well, what are you waiting for?! Get going!!" Filia started to shove and usher Xellos out of her room and down the stairs to her pottery shop. "Go! Get lost! It was a very nice visit. Please don't come back again. Okay? Okay! Ta-ta!!" She pushed Xellos out of the door and slammed it shut.

"...Uh," Xellos stood facing the door for a while before taking a few steps back. "OoOokay, I guess that's my cue to leave." As he prepared to teleport out, a slight look of disappointment crossed his face. "Bye, Fi- chan..." And he teleported out.


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