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"Filia-Mama! Look at that one!"

"Yes, Val. It is a big bubble, isn't it?" Filia smiled down at her adopted son as they sat in the backyard of their home, blowing bubbles.

"WOW! Look at THAT one! It's bigger-er!" the young 5 year old giggled and pointed to another large bubble that floated by. Smiling, Val turned to his mom and handed her the bubble jar. "Filia-Mama, why don't YOU blow one?"

"Huh?" Filia turned back to Val and grinned. "Oh, okay. ^_^" Taking the jar from Val's little hands, the ex-miko dipped the bubble stick thing into the soapy substance and then brought it to her lips. Gently, Filia blew a medium sized bubble. She smiled as she watched the glistening orb float about. "See? There's my bubble, Val."

"Wow! Filia-Mama, you blew a bubble!" Val looked at the floating bubble. As it flew a bit higher, another bubble drifted over and collided with the first bubble. "Oh, no! Filia-Mama, you're bubble is going to pop!"

"Oh?" Filia turned to the popping bubble that Val pointed to. But instead of popping, the two bubbles glued together, forming a bigger bubble.

"WOW! Did you see that Filia-Mama?" the little mop of green hair bounced up and down by Filia's side. "They didn't pop! They made a BIGGER- ER bubble, Filia-Mama!"

Filia smiled as she watched the big bubble float off into the sunset. "Yes, Val. The two bubbles made one very big bubble." Realizing that it was getting a bit late, Filia took little Val's hand and started to lead him towards the house. "Come on, Val. It's getting late and you need to get to bed!"

"AwWwW!!" Val turned his head to look at Filia with big puppy-dog eyes. "But I don't WANNA go to bed, yet! I'm not sleepy."

"I know, but-" Filia looked down at the little ancient dragon as they entered their pottery shop/house.

"PLEEEEEASE, can I stay up longer?" Val's puppy-dog eyes grew even BIGGER.

"Well..." Filia bent down to eye level with the little dragon. "Let's make a deal. If you go to bed early, I'll..." Filia thought for a moment. "I'll read you 3 bedtime stories, okay?"

"Uh..." Val paused from his puppy-dog eying to think. After a while of thinking, the little kid nodded. "Okay! I'll go to my room and get ready!"

"There's a good boy ^_^," Filia grinned warmly as she watched the bouncing ball that was Val hop up the stairs. I guess I should go get ready for bed too, the dragon thought to herself as she also climbed up the stairs to her room.

Once in her room, Filia sat down at her desk and watched her reflection comb her hair. As she stroked her silky blonde hair, the violet ring on her slender finger glittered in the mirror. After she finished brushing she set the comb back on top of her desk, next to a pale yellow envelope. A light smile graced her lips as she remembered whom the letter was for.

7 years...Filia thought to herself. It's been 7 long years since I've seen that smiling face of yours, namagomi. Heh, that smile used to always annoy me. Your teasing did, too. The ex-priestess's smile widened a bit as she recalled all the times she and Xellos had fought and argued together. And as she thought, she realized that she had always liked him, that namagomi. The feeling was probably microscopic at the time, but it was still there. Filia sighed sadly. If only I could have summed up the courage to tell him before...he left...

Looking down at the sparkling ring on her finger, the dragon remembered the exact moment when she switched from Filia Ul Copt to Filia Metallium.

"It was a very funny proposal you gave me," Filia spoke to no one in particular. She grinned. "I never thought that mazoku could fall in love. And to a DRAGON, too. I'm still not sure that they could. But maybe...maybe you did love me. In your own special way. I hope you did, because I love you too, namagomi." Filia's vision started to blur, as it had every time she thought about Xellos.

"I-I just wish I could have told you..." Another knot tied itself in her throat. She sighed unsteadily. "Damn it...I miss you so much." Tears started to gather in her eyes. "It's so hard to believe that you're gone. One minute you're smiling and laughing, and then the next you're...Gods it's hard to say..."

Filia rubbed at her eyes, brushing away the tears that just came back afterwards. Stop it now, Filia told herself. No more of this crying. You just have to face the fact and deal with it. Xellos is gone and there's nothing that you could do to change that. Now instead of thinking about things that cannot be changed, why not think of happy thoughts?

"Yes," Filia nodded as she dabbed her eyes with her sleeves. "Happy thoughts. Xellos would want me to be happy. Although he never really showed it...Always teasing me," Filia chuckled softly. "Now what was that one name that he'd always call me? It's right on the tip of my tongue..."


Filia froze. Wow, that voice sounded so much like him. I wonder if- Filia began to turn around but stopped. No. Don't do this to yourself Filia. You're probably having one of those hallucinations again. But that's all they are, hallucinations. Imaginary. If you turn around now, you'll see nothing...and that would just hurt you more.

"Yes...'Fi-chan' was the name," Filia said. "And there was one other name, too...one last name that he used to call me."


The dragon's eyes brimmed with tears once more as the voice echoed around the room. There's that voice again...Gods, why won't it go away? Why must I be tortured this way? Why do I let my imagination get away with me like that? Filia closed her eyes. Alright, there's only 1 way to get rid of these hallucinations...and that is to turn around and PROVE that they're just my imagination.

The dragon took in a deep breath and held it, as she turned around to find...nothing. She slowly let her breath go.

See, it's gone now. Filia slowly turned back to face her mirror. It was just my imagin-


"AAAAAAAAAAH!!" Filia screamed in fright as voice shouted in her ear and her whole vision was blurred by purple hair. Filia backed away and glared at the intruder. "XELLOS! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO-!!!!" She gasped in surprise when she realized exactly whom she was talking to...

"Yeah," the purple haired mazoku continued to hang upside down in midair a while longer before standing up straight. "Well, you were ignoring me! I tried calling out your name the whole time, but you just wouldn't turn around! I hate being ignored! And you know it Fi-chan. Like remember that one time...*continues ranting about how he hates being ignored*

Filia meanwhile, didn't hear a single thing he said. She just stood where she was and stared in amazement at the being that couldn't possibly be here.

H-How? Filia questioned herself. How could he be here? Right here, right now? He was....The knot in her throat tightened a bit more as she stepped closer to the babbling Xellos.

"And-lo and behold! The shop became a-Fi?" Xellos blinked in surprise when Filia came right up to his face...and stared unblinkingly at him. Needless to say, this was a VERY weird reaction, and Xellos sweatdropped. Then he grinned. "What? See something you like?"


What? No bashing? No rude comment? Xellos's grin faltered. "Uh...Fi- chan? What's up with you? Is something wrong?"

"X-Xellos?" Filia asked softly. "Is that-is that really you?"

Xellos smiled. But it wasn't one of those evil, tricky smirks of his. It was a true smile. He nodded. "I'm back."

Filia could feel more tears gathering in her eyes as she shakily raised her hand. She closed her eyes and lightly touched Xel's face. It felt so real. Please, Filia silently pled, please don't disappear...

Filia's eyes snapped open when she felt a hand grasp hers. What greeted her was a pair of violet eyes and a gentle smile. Her lip quivered as she felt herself get wrapped in a tight embrace.

"Y-You didn't disappear..." By now, tears were pouring heavily down her face. She too hugged the not-so-dead mazoku. "Xellos, you are back."

"Of course I am!" Xellos whipped away one of Fi's tears and smiled. "I never left."

"But I heard-"

"My, my, Fi-fi!" Xellos had a shocked look on his face. "I thought you knew better! Do you really think that I, a great mazoku, would get killed by some puny little mazoku-wannabe's??? HAH!"

Filia smiled and rested her head onto the beast priest's chest. She sniffled, "I really missed you, you know...namagomi."

"Well, I missed you too, lizard lips." Xellos smirked.

Chuckling softly, Filia looked up at the grinning mazoku with watery eyes. "But, Xellos...if you didn't die, why did you stay away so long? You never wrote or anything. I really started to think you died..."

"Heh, heh, heh," Xellos sweatdropped. "^^; Uh...Let's just say that Beast Master wasn't all too happy with my last move on the battle field."

"AwWw," Filia nuzzled the sweatdropping Xellos. "You saved my town from all those demons and even got punished just for ME? ^_^"

"*gag* Emotions *choke* Too much *gag* HAPPINESS!" Xellos, turning a bit green in the face, nudged Filia away.

Filia giggled. This was the first time she TRULY felt happy in years. She then came over and gave Xel another hug. After recovering a little from the first attack of emotions, Xellos spotted the ring on Filia's finger.

"Hey, Fi!" Xellos grinned. "Does this answer my first question?"

"Yes," Filia nodded. "I love you, namagomi."

With that said, Mrs. Metallium gave her husband a peck on the cheek. It was a very sweet-sugary moment (Ky-chan: *shudder*), and Filia wished she could pause time and just stay in the comforts of Xellos's arms forever. But then-

"Filia-Mama! Filia-Mama! When are you going to-" Val skipped into the room. Once he noticed that someone else was there, he stopped and stared questioningly. "Uh..."

"^^; Heh, heh, heh," Filia turned to her adopted son. "Hello, Val."

"Filia-Mama," Val pointed to Xellos. "Whose that funny looking, smily man?"

Xellos promptly facefaulted. 'Funny looking smily man'?!!

"Val," Filia's sweatdrop grew a bit more before she swatted it off. "This is Xellos. Xellos, this is Val."

"^_^ Hello, Val," Xellos said after he recovered from his trip to the floor.

"OoOoH!" Val smiled. "^_^ So you're Xelly-Papa! Filia-Mama talks about you a lot!"

"Oh, does she?" Xellos glanced at Filia before bending down to eye level with Val. "And what did she say about 'Xelly-Papa'?"

"^_^ Filia-Mama says that you're the stupid namagomi that went and did stupid things, like kill himself and she said that I should never grow up to be like the namagomi because if I grow up and kill myself then someone out in the world would get very heartbroken and then-*continues a list of things that his 'Filia-Mama' told him*"

Xellos sweatdropped heavily as Val continued his very long list, all in one breath.

"OKAY, Val!" Filia chuckled nervously and-WHY WON'T THAT DAMNED SWEATDROP GO AWAY?!! "I think Mr. Xellos has heard enough! ^^;"

Val took a deep breath. "Filia-Mama likes namagomis."

"Hehe, I already know that," Xellos smiled at the small ancient. "Say, why is a little kid like you awake at this time of night? Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Yeah," Val mumbled, clearly not liking the thought of going to bed early. I mean, he wasn't even-*YaWn*-sleepy! "But Filia-Mama didn't read me a story yet!"

Xellos gasped, pretending to be shocked. "She didn't read you a story?? Filia! HOW could you forget to tell him a STORY?!"

Val giggled at Xellos's funny behavior. "You're a funny smily man ^_^."

"Why, thank you!" Xellos bowed and winked at the small child-er- dragon. The demon priest then sat down on Filia's bed. "I try to be. Hey! How about I tell you a story?"

"OoOh!" Val's face brightened with joy, and Xellos could feel another headache coming on. Val hopped onto the bed with Xellos. "Okay!"

"Alright, how about I tell you a story about a war called the-"

"Absolutely not!" Filia too joined the two on the bed. "There is no way you are corrupting my innocent Val's mind with THAT story!"

"Okay, how about I tell you about how Lord Phib-"

"NO! No violence!" Filia shouted. "Tell a more-more 'kiddy' story. A story like Red Riding Hood, or The Three Bears or the Gingerbread Man-"

"Gingerbread Man, it is!" Xellos turned back to the giggling ancient dragon. "Okay, this is a story about how a whole lot of people rallying together to hunt down and eat a-"

"TOO VIOLENT!!" Filia screeched. "How could you make The Gingerbread Man sound so violent?!!"

"^_^ I've got skills. How about I tell you the story of-"

"Humpty-Dumpty!" Filia shouted.

"A story about how a man fell off a wall and died-"


"A story about a man that is obsessed about finding a girl that could fit into a small glass slipp-"

"Snow White!"

"A story that proves that you should always beware of all STEP- MOTHERS AND-"

"Goldilocks And The Three Bears!"

"-Man eating bears-"

"Sleeping Beauty!!"

"-Sleep and death all at once-"


"A story about-Filia!" Xellos turned to Filia. "What's Titanic?"

"Don't know, don't care. Billy Goats Gruff!!"

"Evil trolls-"

And so the couple continued arguing all night long. Val never DID get his story, but he had so much fun listening to his 'parents' talk and argue that he forgave them.

Meanwhile, in the sky the stars twinkled brightly. And further away from the clusters of stars, was a spot in the never-ending sky where a dull, lone star once shined. The star was still there, only this time it was shining much brighter than all the other stars. It wasn't such a 'lone' star anymore, either. Close by...another star gleamed along with the first star. And both stars glittered brightly throughout the night...shining like diamonds in a velvet sky.


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