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Ever since he could remember it had been the same. Something would go wrong in his uncle's life and he would be blamed for it. But it had never been this bad he had never had to put up with this much pain.

Harry Potter was not your average teen, well that's obvious normal teens aren't beaten up by their uncles for things they haven't got anything to do with, hell they aren't beaten for anything. But that wasn't the weirdest thing about Harry, for one he hated summer holidays and loved school but he was also a wizard, not a little kid party magician but a real wizard. He was also a very famous wizard. The whole world knew his name because he had had a dark wizard after him since he was one. This dark wizard was the reason that Harry was an orphan, He had killed Harry's Parents when Harry was one, but the strange thing was that when Voldemort (The Dark Wizard) had turned on Harry the curse, that was meant to be impossible to block, had reflexed back to Voldemort and left him as a bodiless soul to float around trying to regain its body. While Harry was sent to live with his only living relatives the Dursleys.

So now Harry was alone in his bedroom, well really Dudley his cousin's 2nd bedroom that he was so graciously aloud to use, think about what would happen when his friends, Hermione and Ron, find out that he wasn't on the train back to Hogwarts his school. He new that they would worry but he was beyond caring. Last year had been force to enter into a competition that had ended in the death of his fellow student, Cedric Diggory, and the rebirth of Voldemort. To make things worst still he had then been sent back to his abusive uncle. Of course it wasn't their fault Harry had never in his 4 years at Hogwarts told anyone about his relatives' abusive behaviour but he sometimes wondered why no one had ever noticed that he wasn't happy at the Dursleys and that he was always malnutritioned and in pain when he came back to school. He also know that if anyone found out than it would be all over The Daily Prophet so he had learnt to just grin and bear it.

This year though he new that his uncle had gone way to far. Harry had large gashes across his back and legs from his uncle's belt, a broken collarbone, right hand and left leg. He was also sure that 4 or 5 of his ribs were damaged, as it was agony to breath. He hadn't eaten for at least a month and most of his body was covered in bruises that were every shape, size and colour. But in Harry's opinion that wasn't the worst thing that had happened to him, that was nothing to what his uncle did when he was really drunk, Harry had never in a million years expected for his uncle to rape him but he had and that made Harry feel like he would never be able to look anyone in the eye again, it made him feel dirty like he would never be clean again.

His relatives had given up trying to get him to do chores as he would collapse before he even got to the door. He knew why his uncle was doing this to him. Last Summer his friends Ron's brothers, Fred & George, has played a trick on his cousin and while it was funny at the time Harry had to pay the price now. So now he just sat next to his window hoping for some miracle to save him.

Little did he know that that miracle was going to come tonight.