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Chapter 1: The Quest Begins

One lovely day at the Smash Mansion...

Captain Falcon (CF): I'm out to buy a new vehicle

Fox: Why?

CF: Because Samus used the fake mech gems to blow up our van in Game2002's 3rd story.

Samus: You can't blame those on me; the fake ones look too real.

CF: Why shouldn't I blame you? You made the fake gems look too real.

Ness: I'm going with you.

CF: Why?

Ness: I need a new bat.

CF: I just found out we're running low in cash.

Master Hand (MH): Greetings, Smashers.

Link: Where have you been?

MH: Out doing my business. Anything new?

CF: I want to buy a new vehicle, but there's not enough money.

MH: You asked the right person. (Gives out some money)

CF: Thanks a lot!

MH: I have to go to the thumb-wrestling contest, see ya!

Peach: He's a nice guy sometimes.

CF and Ness went by taxi to the store.

CF: Go buy what you want in that store, just meet me at this car store.

Ness: Okay!

Ness runs into Pokey.

Ness: You're still alive?

Pokey: I survived that helicopter crash.

Ness: What do you want?

Pokey: I just want to tell you that your doom is about to come.

Ness: What do you mean?

Pokey: You'll see, bye! (Runs off)

At the car store..

CF: I want a vehicle that can fit 26 people.

Seller: You came to the right shop. (Shows CF the car)

CF: What a long limousine!

Seller: It has a built-in TV and a refrigerator.

CF: Sounds good! How do much do you sale this?

Seller: $2387.

CF: Can I lower it to $1800?

After a while...

Ness: I got a brand new baseball bat that can sprinkle water when you're hot!

CF: Check out this limousine!

Ness: Must be very expensive!

CF: The seller sold it for $2387, but I lowered it to $1800. He wouldn't lower it, so I Falcon Punched 2 of the cars until he finally agrees to lower the price.

Ness: That's a good deal!

A UFO the size of a usual plate appears.

CF: A UFO is invading us!

Ness: PK Thunder!

The UFO explodes and a spider the size of a newborn baby's hand flies out.

Spider: Please don't kill me!

CF: Why are you invading us?

Spider: I'm not invading you; I just want to talk to you guys. Sorry if I appeared to you in a frightening way. My name is Spy-Spy; I have come from Planet Dweeds to tell you about some horrible news.

Ness: Planet Dweeds is a funny name.

Spy-Spy: The evil destroyer Giygas has come to destroy your planet.

Ness: So Giygas is at it again?

Spy-Spy: The Onion of Enlightment has predicted that 26 people will save the world and destroy him. I bet that both of you are among those 26.

CF: You better tell this to the rest of our members.

Everyone got onto the car and drove off. Suddenly, a creature that looks like a moon with hands and legs appeared in front of their path.

CF: What are you doing in the middle of the road? Suicide?

Moonman Jr.: I have come to destroy Spy-Spy, he tried to ruin Master Giygas's plan, and he must be destroyed.

Ness: What happened to the Starmen?

Moonman Jr.: They want a day off. So we Moonmen substituted. Prepare to be destroyed, Spy-Spy!

Ness: PK Flash!

CF: Falcon Punch!

Moonman Jr.: AHH!!!!! (Flies off)

Spy-Spy: Thanks for the help. Giygas is searching for me. We must act fast.

They finally reached home.

Falco: Well?

CF: I got a great car at a reasonable price!

Peach: A big spider!

Mario: I'll kill-a it! (Stomps Spy-Spy)

Ness/CF: NO!!!!

Mario: What?

Spy-Spy: I am indeed as weak as a normal spider..

Pichu: It can talk!

Spy-Spy told the entire Smasher's about Giygas's plan.

Spy-Spy: In order to overpower Giygas, you must all look for the eight locations of the sacred waters, use this water stone to absorb the water. When all eight are absorbed, it will create a liquid that when you drink it, you will have abnormal powers until you defeat Giygas. Here is the paper with the location of the eight sacred waters. I know they are written in riddles, try to solve it.. your... self. (Dies)

Dr. Mario: That stomp really killed him.

Bowser: That was a frightening story!

Mario: Lets-a see da note.

Location of the Sacred Waters;

House of the destined ones

Village of nobody

Where the odd language fellows live

Where winter never ends

House of the Trainer of Healing

The abandoned tower

Beneath the tall mountain

The hottest place

Link: House of the destined ones? That must be our house! Spy-Spy said we're the destined ones.

Luigi: The water stone is flashing and making a beeping sound!

Game & Watch (G&W): It must indicate that we're near it!

Kirby: Let's try the swimming pool in our backyard.

When the Smashers got to the pool, the stone was flashing really fast.

Zelda: Put the stone into the pool.

When the stone was put into the pool, it absorbed a bit of the water.

Ness: We found the first sacred water!

Yoshi: I never knew that our swimming pool is sacred water!

Marth: Let's go and look for the other sacred waters!

Smashers: Right on!

The Smashers set off to look for the sacred waters.

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