Author's note: Sorry if you didn't like chapter 10 very well. As you can see, I'm a very impatient person and doesn't have good imaginations, so I usually take the plot of other stories when I'm going to make one.

Chapter 11: The End?

Fox: Hey, wake up!

CF: The F-Zero competition is tomorrow; wake me during that time.

Fox: Just get up!

CF: Shut up, you evil Blood Falcon!

Falco: This should wake him! (Smashes him with a garbage can)

CF: Hey! What the?!

Falco: I didn't know you talk in your dream.

Samus: What happened?

Ash: You did it.

Luigi: Did we? That's great, I finally got a chance to change my wet pants.

G&W: Where's that TV?

Ness: That's not really a TV; it's actually a glass container and Giygas is some sort of a gaseous monster.

Bowser: If it were a TV, then I would change the channel.

Zelda: I think I turned skinnier after being squeezed by the veins.

Link: You look sexier that way.

Zelda: I feel the dress starting to fall off.

Link: Anyone has a camera?

Others: Only if you tell us your reason.

Link: To.. uh... Oh yes! To tape down everything here!

Kirby: That's not a good reason.

Roy: If you want to watch more, I have a lot of those at home.

Popo: A lot of what?

Roy: Kids shouldn't know that.

Zelda: Too late! I found out what were those and sold it!

Roy: I paid more than $300 just to buy those!

YL: Is it the one about girls who..

Roy: Shut up! (Cover YL's mouth)

Mewtwo: We know what's that already.

CF: That tape was good.

YL: Where's that fatso Porky?

Falco: I bet you mean Pokey. Hey? Where is he?

Yellow: I saw him running off when fighting Andross.

Silver: Just leave him; he won't bother us anymore.

Hippie: This is the wildest time in my life. I wish another event like this would happen, even if I have to live 1 million years to see another!

Master: Great job, Smashers. You have mastered the techniques I taught you all.

Ganondorf: Wait; have our power turned back to normal?

Mario: Lets a see. (Throws fireball) Yep, it's a small crappy fireball instead-a of a big-a fireball.

CF: Dang, I was gonna use it for the F-Zero race next week. I could punch down other racers catching up with me.

Peach: Anyone noticed that we survived the explosion of this place? I think it's the sacred water that protected us from the explosion.

Link: Now that Giygas is gone. Now what?

Suddenly, a man fell from the sky and onto the ground.

Man: Ouch!

Yoshi: Are you a fallen angel?

Man: I'm the cameraman! We always fall from the sky to take pictures of you! For destroying Giygas, I would like the 26 Smashers to have a group picture.

Peach: I need to make up.

The Smashers formed a group.

Cameraman: Say "moldy mushroom"!

Mario: Why-a moldy mushroom?

Ness: What happened to "fuzzy pickle"?

Cameraman: Enough questions. Just say it.

Smashers: We are the best!

Cameraman: That wasn't what I told you, but the picture was good anyway.





(Credits rolls as the lovely end music of Earthbound plays)

Nintendo: For making the awesome characters of Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Shigetsu Itoi: For making the great game Earthbound.

Hidenori Kusaka: For making the awesome manga "Pokemon Adventures". For the great site to post fanfics.

You: For reading this story and giving good reviews.



- ???1: Master Giygas is gone.

???2: How can this happen? The Onion of Enlightment was correct.

???1: What must we do now?

???2: We'll make the destined ones pay.

The End?

This is the end of the story, but there will be another story that will be the sequel. Have patience and wait for it. Hope you like this story. Please give nice reviews.