Love is blind

As the midday sun rose to it's place so did the cost of the repairs to the Institute. For a weekend it was quieter than usual. Kitty was up a tree over by the garages as she wrote her email home, Storm had borrowed the X- van so that she and Evan could go visiting, Jean was at Duncan's, Scott and Rogue were in the rec-room, the new recruits were reeking havoc on the grounds while Hank and the Professor were working on Cerbro.

Logan was outside by the garages fixing his bike "GRR GOD DAM PIECE OF JUNK, BLOODY SABERTOOTH" growled Logan who was unaware of Kitty. Logan got up "SCOTT" he growled again as he stormed off just as Kurt ported in. "KURT" yelled Kitty as she was caught off guard. "WHAT, do you want me to honk before I port?" replied Kurt sarcastically Kitty laughed as Kurt's tail flickered around her.

"So what are you doing up here?" asked Kurt "I'm trying to email home, so far that's been impossible round here" growled Kitty. "Anyway other than bugging me what are you doing up here?" Kitty asked back. "Spying and testing a theory" said Kurt as he laid back against one of the branches. "Well come on spill, who and what theory?" asked Kitty who wad become interested all of a sudden.

"Ok who are the two people most unlikely to show you their feelings?" asked Kurt. "That's easy Mr Logan and Scott or maybe Rogue, why?" said Kitty "your first two were right, because lately it has been brought to my attention that a lot of their comments made towards each other have become very playful, dirty and close so I came up with this theory. Do you remember when you were small and if you liked someone you would pick on them, well I think that is what Logan and Scott have been doing lately" said Kurt.

"Scott and Mr Logan? yeah right Kurt what have you been smoking?" laughed Kitty. "Well let's see whose crazy here they come" said Kurt as he lent forward off the branch as Scott and Logan came towards the garages. Kurt and Kitty watched quietly still unbeknown to Logan. They watched as Scott bent down to open the garage door and Logan stood staring at Scott's ass. "Hey you coming?" snaped Scott playfully as he lent agaisnt his car. "Never on a first date" joked Logan.

"Shame" said Scott as he lent back on his car, "if I didn't know better you could make a man think the wrong thing boy" said Logan as he got into Scott's car and they drove off. "I I I.........shit, they, he, but, ok what just happened?" asked Kitty confusedly. "I told you so, that was love, it's just Scott and Logan haven't caught on yet" said Kurt as he lent back down on the branch. "Well they do say love is blind" said Kitty who was still in shock.