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Jiro's Baltimore Adventure : By Red Ninja1

Chapter 1: Arrivals, Thieves, and Soothing Music

After traveling the world as secretly as possible, A yellow motorcycle with sidecar, pulled up on the Convention Center of Baltimore City. The rider was wearing goggles on his head, he had a red shirt on with a yellow choker, his jacket had four yellow buttons going down on each side and two more on the shoulders, he also wore blue pants and black boots and a belt with a buckle that had a half blue and half red circle in the middle.

"So this is Baltimore City, I don't know how the man that gave me this invitation found me but, I shouldn't be rude and not come. I may be late but I will be there." said the man as he began to drive his cycle to the designated location, he arrived inside the convention center at about 9 a.m. and using his pass was allowed to enter, he then walked to the place designated on the second part of the invite and then entered the room. There was a desk and small crowds of people and a small line leading up to the desk. The man went up to the end of the line and asked the person there.

"Hello, is this the line for Registration?", he asked.

"So you got the Invitation too, huh, well you're late like the rest of us but yeah this is the place.", said the person. At 10 a.m. The line grew more and then began to move as more registered as the person in front of him moved the lady behind the desk came and asked him to sit down.

"Name please."

"I'm Jiro, but you may also know me as Kikaider if you wish, but please call me Jiro."

"You are late, Jiro but not that late I'm sure you will have an interesting time. Now, do you have any specialty techniques, abilities and moves we should know about before we send you on your way, we need this information to be able to keep things fair here."

"Yes ma'me, I can play my guitar to soothe any attackers. I can change from this form to a more powerful android form, and in that form I can perform my best attack when I have to, it's called my Electro-End."

"Okay, sir, I have that all in our systems and take this badge. During your stay in this city you will this will allow us to monitor your condition, and you must return it when this ends tomorrow at 2 p.m."

"I heard in the invitation that this is a large gathering of people to meet and do battle, is that all this is?"

"No sir, it is much more, people have been known to make friends and share a great deal of things with each other and at the end it is always about having fun, try to remember that, mister Jiro." With that Jiro, received his transmitter which he had to wear around his neck. Then Jiro walked over to the board they had next to the counter, Jiro then looked and saw bounties, requests, Events to be known, and Sign ups for two tournaments to be held later. Jiro heard on the way to this place that Fighting tournaments were held to determine the strongest and to have a good competion. Jiro thought this over then decided to go to the Tournament supervisor and place his name in the hat after a man with a green robe and staff was able to point him out.

"Hello, Sir, I would like to sign my name for the tournament tonight.", said Jiro.

"Well, well, what do we have here, another for my tournament, if you want to enter tell me your name then and which tournament you wish to enter the Singles or Team."

"I'm Jiro, and I wish to enter both."

"I'm amazed we actually have someone with spine enough to enter both. Well, Jiro the Singles Tournament is no problem, but you will have to find a partner for the Team Tournament, my friend, and tell me a little about yourself so when either me or my announcers call you down I can describe you to the audience." After Jiro told the man about himself he walked back over and placed his own ad on the board.

"Looking for Partner for Team Tourney, If interested see Jiro."

"That should help me to find a partner.", said Jiro to himself, then by the desk he heard the cloaked man call out to all in the room

"If you did not sign up, for the Hunter's Exam yesterday and still wish to get involved see me by the boards, in a few minutes." Jiro decided to take interest in this, and began to walk around by the area when he knocked in to a woman who was looking for help.

"I'm sorry ma'me for bumping into you, I should've paid attention more."

"It's alright, say are you an android or a robot?"

"Yes, I am, my name is Jiro."

"Jiro, huh, well, the names, Armatige, pleasure meeting you. Would you like to help me with something?"


"Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Vash the Stampede? He has a red coat, blond spiked hair and yellow tinted glasses."

"No I haven't."

"Well, there is a bounty placed on this man and I would like assistance trying to capture him."

"Well, ma'me, I would but there's something I have to be at and....Well, Armatige if I can get into the hunter's exam then I will assist you with him if I can be of help."

"Very well, try to contact me if you do get in to the exam."

"Okay", Said Jiro as Armatige walked off and then Jiro hurried back over to the corner and was in time to hear the explination.

"Alright everyone, if you want to take part in the exam, the first part is getting in that was yesterday, you may do this in many ways to try to get in. First, is sponsorship, get some one to sponsor you. There are other ways I may explain such as forcing your way but our hunters are people such as Vegeta, Sephiroth and other people I don't suggest you mess with but can if you must. There are other ways too but they are ones you must figure out. Now, do any of you have sponsors? After a few people, were acknowledged and accepted, Jiro was asked if he had a sponsor. First, he thought of Dr. Komyoji but when asked if he would have the funds to sponsor him Jiro thought that maybe he wouldn't. Then, when the cloaked man asked a friend of his who was in a lab outfit if she wanted anything.

"I'll let him into the exam if he can get me some booze."

Jiro, then remembered that booze was another word for an alcoholic drink. Thinking back, Jiro remembered picking up something of the sort last night.

FlashbackEnd Flashback

"Ma'me, I think I have something of the sort in my bag, let me check..........Ah!! Here it is, I hope sake is to your liking."

"Thanks a lot, okay, your in kid."

"Thanks, a lot ma'me."

"Well, now that, that has been settled, let's get down to business, I will give each of you a number, these numbers correspond to your hunter number. During the exam, you must collect other hunter numbers from other participants. After you receive your number, then you will draw a number that will be your target number, all of you that are here remember what and who is your target number for it will be worth the most points. Now you can take a number from someone when you defeat them in battle, however the other participant must not die, if we find out that you killed someone for this number without attempting to get help, then you will be punished severely and we will know it was you. Your number is worth 3 points and your target is worth 3 points, finally, any other number is worth 2 points. You need six to move on to the final stage of the exam. Now let's start handing out the numbers, Jiro you will be number 44, now your target will be......."

Jiro picked a number from the spread out papers and drew #48.

"Number 48, is your target." Soon a girl that seemed like a young ninja drew Jiro as a target number. Then, Number 48 was announced and it would be, a man by the name of Jean Starwind. Once all the numbers were chosen, they all split up and began to walk about. Then, as Jiro was about to begin looking for a partner when the ninja girl ran up to Jiro from behind, Jiro felt something tug at his back pocket and he turned around to see the ninja girl from earlier, he was able to smack her hand away before she could grab at the number in his pocket, he then recognized the girl as the one who drew him for her target number from earlier.

"What are you doing?" Jiro yelled out loud.

"Sorry, buddy, but I need that number."

"Yeah, so do I. Don't you know stealing is wrong?" A crowd soon formed near them and the ninja girl was getting nervous about being caught, so she began to run through the crowd, with Jiro in pursuit, yelling "Stop thief" However, soon the girl was too far gone for Jiro or anyone else to catch her.

"Well, at least I didn't lose my hunter number."

Then, Jiro heard a commotion going on behind him and he saw a fairly sizable group about to pounce on one another.

"I have to do something someone could get hurt, or worse.......Ughh, I have to stop this!!!!"

Jiro ran over to the crowd who was all ready in a heated battle but then a magic was stopped when a warrior left as Jiro ran in. One of the ladies recognized Jiro and said,

"It's you; your trying to kill me to get out of our deal aren't you." Jiro then recognized the lady and then said with confidence and nervousness.

"No, Tifa, I'm here to put an end to all of this, hopefully, and save some lives in the process." Jiro, then pulled his guitar from behind him and prepared to play it, he had tuned it this morning so he knew it was ready. Jiro, having seen enough of this violence, began to play his guitar, and everyone noticed the sad, yet soothing music, Jiro was playing, Most of them, were so moved by the music they lost sight of their fight and began to just stand there and listen. One of the people, who still had it in them to fight, took a shot at another but missed when this person stepped to the side. Jiro continued playing and then, one by one people began to leave the fight for various reasons, most not caring about the fight anymore. Then, it was over, Jiro felt proud of himself for possibly saving lives at this particular moment. Jiro, then began to walk around, but the ninja girl from earlier was preparing for another try a Jiro's hunter number. When, Jiro turned the corner, he bumped into the ninja girl again, he saw her coming, but Jiro thought that she wouldn't try again, but she did this time actually grabbing the number and then began to run, Jiro yelled stop theif, and the crowd began to form again this time it was bigger. The ninja girl had more people in pursuit from a reincarnated god to a little red creature with a sizable emerald. However, the creature was knocked over and then the girl made a deal with someone and she was picked up put over the man's shoulder and he started to run, Jiro tried to trip him up but it was too late they had gotten away and Jiro had lost his hunter's number to the ninja thief. Jiro back tracked to a lady that was knocked over during the chase, she was being held by a man in a dark business suit and the one who had tripped over the red creature from earlier came over to them and sat down as a police officer from earlier came up to them.

"Sir, can you tell me what happened here?"

"Well, sir, this girl came up and she stole something very important to me."

"Can you describe this girl?"

"Well, She was about as tall as I am to my shoulder, she had a long shield like padding on her left arm, she had this big four pointed weapon, and she looked like a teenager."

"Do by any chance know her name?"

"I do" said the girl. "She's Yuffie Katsuragi, I ran into her earlier and she stole something from me to."

"Well, I'll run it through; I tell you if we find anything."

"Thank you, sir." said Jiro as the officer left. "Ma'me, are you okay?"

"I'm alright, so she got you too, huh."

"Yeah, but I will try to find her and retrieve the numbers and if I do get yours, I'll give them back to you."

"Thank you, sir." Jiro then stood there as the lady walked away with someone. Jiro then said,

"Why did she steal it, is this whole exam that important that one would resort to thievery."

"It is that important." said the man in the suit. Jiro then looked over at him and then thought mabey he seemed like someone he had seen on the news lately, but then took another look and dismissed the idea.

Jiro and this man had a conversation about the exam and then Jiro thought nothing more of the event for he wanted to go to the study session posted on the boards. On his way, Jiro ran into Tifa and one of the fighters from earlier.

"Hi, Tifa."

"Hi, Kikaider."

"Hey, who is this guy, I recognize him from the fight earlier."

"Oh, him, Jiro this is my friend and guard, Vash the Stampede. Vash, this is Kikaider, he's the one I told you about."

"Hey, your that guy from earlier, I really owe you one for back there I could have been in big trouble had you not showed up."

"I'm just glad that there weren't too many injuries."

"Me too, I don't quite like the sight of blood."

"Me neither, well, I have to go, I have somewhere I need to be. I'll see you later, Tifa."

"Bye, Kikaider." yelled Tifa as Jiro drove off toward the location on the board. Jiro had arrived at the school as the bell rang for class. Jiro, thought that this may help him in the future......


Hello, I'm Jiro, on the next episode of my, Baltimore adventure, I'm about to walk into a classroom for the first time. Perhaps, this will help me to understand myself and others better. We have a science lab, then an archeological dig to find lost treasures of times gone past. Next Time on "Jiro's Baltimore Adventure"

"Jiro's First Day of School"

I hope I can understand it all.


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