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Jiro's Baltimore Adventure by Red Ninja1

Chapter 11: Celebrations and Farewells

Jiro looked upon the smiling faces of his friends aboard the Going Merry. Jiro then leaped up to the deck of the ship and was greeted by the friends he had made of everyone there.

"Well done, Jiro, you got him!!!" said Zoro.

"Great Job, Jiro." said Luffy and Lupin.

"Jiro, I owe you so much...." said Asuka.

"Asuka, I'm glad that you are safe." said Jiro.

"I'm glad you're safe as well." said Asuka.

"Shinji, Roger, I am thankful that you both helped out as much as you both have."

"No problem, Jiro." said Shinji.

"Besides I can't just let innocent people get hurt." said Roger.

"Hey everyone, don't just sit like bumps on a log, it's time to celebrate." Said Luffy as he and every one on the boat began to whoop and holler in excitement.

"Hey, everybody, three cheers for Jiro." said Vash.

Then everyone broke out in a cheer.

"Hip, Hip, HOOOORAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hip, Hip, HOOOORAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Jiro did appreciate the kindness of his friends as he and everyone watched the sun at long last set from the late summer sky.

Luffy and everyone on the boat had gotten together and cooked a magnificent feast and everyone sat at the table and was eating until Jiro stood up and, using another tradition he had learned, proposed a toast.

"I would like to propose a toast to all of my friends and to the friendship we all share."

"CHEERS!!!!!" said everyone else on the boat

As everyone but Jiro drank down their drinks. As the night continued Lupin and his gang and Misato were getting drunk off of wine and sake. Luffy was lying back as he had finished his 4th plate of meat. However, Jiro was not to be found, which made Asuka nervous as she told Shinji to stay here and watch Misato. Asuka looked out on the decks and then when she was about to go back down to the mess hall, she heard a familiar guitar and the soothing music that came with it. She looked to the front of the ship and saw Jiro playing his guitar, the moonlight casting a shadow and the way the moon shined on his face made him look breathtaking to Asuka and almost angelic. Asuka stood and stared as Jiro continued to play his song one that has been with him ever since he could remember. Then Asuka came up to Jiro and asked...

"Hey, Jiro, what song is that? I've never heard it before." Then Jiro stopped and turned to Asuka, the moonlight casting an aura of kindness over Jiro.

"It's called Destiny; it's a song that I have known since I can remember."

"It's nice yet sad sounding."

"It is, it soothes my soul, when I feel down, it reminds me of the friends and family I have and have known."

"Jiro, who was the red android on the wreckage that you fought on, she looked like me."

"She was an android copy of you, Asuka."

"Did Sabaro make her?"

"Yes, he did."

"How ironic, destroyed by his own creation."

"Asuka, I'm glad that you are safe."

"Same here, Jiro."

"Jiro, in all my life I don't think I have ever met someone like you."


"I mean before all this I probably would have called you a soulless doll. But, now I know for sure that you truly have a soul. It's a shame that we have to leave each other tomorrow."

"But, can't we still be friends?"

"Of course, Jiro, but both you and I have lives to return to so...."

"I understand, Asuka."

"I knew you would, Jiro."

Then Asuka sat down with Jiro under the moonlight of the late summer moon. They gazed at the stars as Asuka drifted off to sleep with her head on Jiro's shoulder. Jiro noticed this and then took off his jacket and wrapped Asuka in it. Jiro then picked up the sleeping Asuka and walked down towards the deck and then he saw Lupin, with a blanket and pillow in hand.

"Hey, Jiro, I see she finally fell asleep, poor girl she's been through so much."

"I know, I'm going to put her to bed and then go to sleep myself."

"Jiro, that's why I brought the blanket and pillow. You see that Hammock near the ship's wheel?"

"Yes, I do, Lupin."

"Well, I'm going to put the Pillow on it and you place Asuka in it then you can take your Jacket then wrap the blanket around her."

"Thanks, Lupin."

"Don't mention it, Jiro." Then Lupin and Jiro both placed Asuka in the Hammock and then after making sure she was covered, Lupin bid Jiro good night and Jiro took the guitar off his back and placed on one of the posts holding the hammock and he himself sat against a wall and fell asleep. The last thing he saw that evening was the warm glow of peace and tranquility on Asuka's face helped by the glow of the moon. Then the morning came and Asuka woke up from a sound sleep to find herself not by Jiro's side and on a hammock she looked for him and then saw him sleeping peacefully against the wall. Then she came up to Jiro and looked at his face to her, he seemed like a child sleeping there. Later after Jiro had woken up and everyone had gathered. Jiro stood before his friends and prepared to say his goodbyes.

"Well, it has been nice meeting you Jiro and if you are ever in Paradigm City and you need something, Jiro, come and see me." Said Roger as he readied his black Sudan.

"See you again, Roger." Said Jiro as Roger pulled out and left the city.

"Hey, Jiro it's a shame you aren't coming with us you would have made a great pirate."

"Sorry Capitan Luffy, but I have my own treasures to find."

"Well, I'll see you on the high seas." Said Luffy as the Going Merry began to sail and leave the harbor.

"I guess we better be going too, Jiro, I mean, like you, I have my treasures to find."

"I'm sure you do, Lupin, Good bye and stay out of trouble."

"You know we will." Said Lupin and Gang as the drove away.

"Hey, Jiro, it's been nice knowing you, but remember this, this world is made of Love and Peace!!!" said Vash as he left waving the love and peace sign in the air.

"Well, I'll be heading out too, Jiro, I'll see you around you android stud." Said Haruko as she drove off in her vespa. Leaving only Jiro and The Eva crew.

"Well, Jiro, it's time for me to go too."

"I know and I'll miss you, Asuka."

"I'll miss you too, Jiro, My friend."

"Hey, Shinji, Misato, take care of yourselves."

"We will, Jiro, come on Asuka it's time to go back."

"I'm coming, Misato-san."

"I suppose I may never see you again."

"Don't you even think that Jiro, we will meet again." Said Asuka as she came up to Jiro and then kissed him quickly on the lips. Jiro stood surprised and dumbfounded....

"Something to remember me by, Jiro."

"I see, good bye, Asuka."

"Good bye, Jiro. Hey, let me tell you one more thing Jiro and remember this too. Good byes are not forever, Jiro. Until, we meet again, Jiro."

"Until we meet again." Said Jiro as Misato's blue car sped away. Jiro took one last look at the convention center and looked back to the events from these past two days. From the start of his Journey with soothing music to meeting Asuka, to the Jewelry heist, to the tournament, and finally the battles with Hakaider and the friendship he had created with his friends. Then Jiro called upon his bike and he began to ride it through the city and when he got to the outskirts of the city Jiro stopped and looked back at Charm City, USA, the place that has changed Jiro's life forever, and as he takes his final look at the city, the words of Asuka, are heard in his mind......

'Good byes are not forever..........'

Jiro smiles and revves up his cycle and leaves Baltimore, a bit wiser, with new friends, and a new hope in his life.............................


Hey everyone, Jiro here, I'm sure your wondering if anything happened after that, well, wonder no more because I'm here to tell the tale of what happened afterwards, and epilogue as it were.......

Well, here we go........

(Quick note: the epilogue will be told from Jiro's POV) ................................................................

The Epilogue: Good Byes are not Forever

Well, it has been three weeks from the gathering had ended and things in my life had perked up. I went back to the Komioji residence to find Mitsko and family had returned, I was so happy to see them again after all this time, Masaru has grown much since I last saw him. Mitsko was as happy and beautiful as ever, and even the doctor was happy to see me again. I have been living with Mitsko and family ever since I found them. Masaru had taken up some guitar lessons, and Dr. Komiyoji is still working on his inventions to help improve the world. One day, I was sitting in the front room, with Masaru, when Mitsko came in with a small handful of letters.

"Jiro, these came in the mail for you."

"Mail, for me but who could be sending me mail???" I said. Then I took the letters from Mitsko as she and Masaru looked over my shoulder. After seeing the name on the first letter, I knew where these letters came from.......

The first was from Roger Smith,

"Roger Smith, isn't he the top negotiator of Paradigm City???" Asked Mitsko.

"Yes, he is." I said.

I then opened it and read the letter........

Dear Jiro,

I'm writing this letter to you at Dorothy's request. Dorothy seems very interested in meeting you and discussing this Gemini you talked about. I too would not mind having you and your friends over.


Roger Smith

The letter was in a form I would expect of Roger, Formal and Straight to the point. Well, I think I may want to visit my friend in paradigm one day.......

Then I opened the next letter, it had skull and crossbones with a straw hat on the skull, I knew exactly where this is from........

Dear Jiro,

Hi, Capitan Monkey D. Luffy here, I still have a spot on my ship if you want it, your my friend and always welcome on the Going Merry. We are finding more and more clues to lead us to the One Piece. Come see us, and become a pirate on my ship......


Monkey D. Luffy

I honestly didn't expect a letter that short from someone like Luffy, well, I wonder what Mitsko and Masaru are thinking, well I think I'll open the next letter, it's from some annonomis place......

Dear Jiro,

Hey, how are you and your friends. I wonder have you found your treasures yet because I'm still collecting mine. Don't worry Jiro I won't come and rob you guys I have too much respect for you. Well, until we meet again......


Lupin the Third

Lupin, still up to his old tricks I see. Well, I wonder if this last letter will be just as strange..... Whoa, I guess not it's from Asuka.......

Dear Jiro,

How are you, my friend? I hope you haven't forgotten about me. Well, were back in Tokyo 3 and me, Shinji, and Wondergirl are still fighting in are Evas and Misato is being a better guardian to me and Shinji. I hope you haven't forgotten what I said to you about good byes not being forever. I hope to see you again soon, Jiro. So if you're ever in Tokyo 3 don't hesitate to look me up Jiro. Well, I hope you're doing well and see you soon hopefully.

Yours Truly

Asuka Langley Souryu

I'm glad Asuka is doing okay; I hope to see her again soon as well.

"Hey, Jiro, who are all these people?" asked Mitsko.

"There friends of mine from the Gathering in Baltimore."

"You were there????" asked Masaru.

"Yes, I was there Masaru."

"Wow, cool." said Masaru.

"Why don't you tell us about it, Jiro?"

"Okay, I will Mitsko."

Then I told them of the tale of my adventures in Baltimore and they both were amazed by the stories. Then Masaru was tucked into bed and Mitsko had said good night to me, I sat alone and thought back to the Gathering, it was a truly inspiring time of my life... Perhaps I am finally leaving the path of tragedy that I have been on for so long. I know I will see my friends again, because goodbyes are not forever...............



I would like to thank all of my readers for sticking with me all this time. I will be writing a sequel to this so be on the look out. I hope you've all enjoyed my story and please read and review, Well, Until Next time, See Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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