Well another crazy fic has come to an end! Hope you enjoyed the madness! And now to end it on a fun note…

Another Memorable Meal Ends and More Lawsuits Begin

"Mr. Sefton I am so sorry about this evening," Kurt apologized. "Maybe this dinner wasn't such a good idea."

"No, ya think?" Mr. Sefton asked sarcastically.

"Mr. Sefton what happened tonight wasn't Kurt's fault," Rogue defended.

"Of course it's not his fault," Mr. Sefton snapped. "Just like the last time we met wasn't his fault! You mutants really do bring chaos wherever you go don't you? It just follows you around and bam!"

"Dad!" Amanda pleaded.

"Do you know what the worst part about this entire evening is?" Mr. Sefton glared at Kurt. "As much as I hate you for ruining my life…I can't forbid my daughter to see you any more! I mean considering who I ended up with it would be pretty hypocritical to for me to forbid her to date a mutant!"

"Well it's not that bad," Kurt gulped.

"What has happened to my freaking life?" Mr. Sefton shouted. "I was never a bad kid. I did well in school. I work hard to provide a normal decent life for my family and to achieve the American dream and this is what I get? THIS IS WHAT I GET? I wanted to be like Cliff on the Cosbys and instead I ended up as one of the Darrens on Bewitched!"

"Um why don't all of you let me talk to Mr. Sefton and see if I can get him to calm down?" Xavier asked the kids.

They all walked over to another corner of the restaurant. Some of the SHEILD officers were still singing and there was food and destruction everywhere. "Wild night huh?" Todd asked.

Kurt glared at Todd then comforted his girlfriend. "Amanda I am so sorry."

"Kurt I am not blaming you," Amanda told him. "Your weird family and friends yes but not you."

"Yeah well…What do you mean my weird family?" Kurt asked.

"She means your old lady and your dad's messed up yo," Todd remarked.

"You have to admit she has a point," Althea said.

"Oh yeah and you guys are so stable!" Rogue snapped. "This is all your fault!"

"Our fault?" Wanda asked.

"Yeah you ruined everything!" Amanda sobbed.

"So it's our fault your mom lied to you all these years?" Althea asked.

"I HAVE HAD IT WITH THE BOTH OF YOU!" Ororo screamed. Apparently both Shipwreck and Burke had been hitting on her at the bar and now she was hitting them repeatedly.

"STOP EATING ALL MY FOOD!" An angry chef screamed at Fred and Xi who were happily eating cake.

"Well you yahoos have ruined another evening!" Rogue snapped. "I hope you're happy!" Then she was hit in the face with a cake.

"Now we are," Fred grinned.

"DIE!" Rogue grabbed another cake and started to throw things.

Xavier looked around. The kids were having another food fight. Ororo was beating the stuffing out of Shipwreck and Burke. Nick Fury was now drinking at the bar with Spirit and the Blind Master. There were SHIELD Agents singing on tables and getting drunk. Several other agents were having an argument with a few waiters. There were several holes in the walls and Mr. Sefton was a sobbing mess. "Next time we'll get take out," He grumbled to himself.


A few hours later back at the mansion, the other X-Men were relaxing in the living room. "Gee it's been quite a while," Scott remarked. "I wonder how things are going with Kurt?"

"Uh something tells me it didn't go that well," Kitty pointed.

Kurt and Rogue walked in covered in food. "Well we're back," Rogue grumbled.

"How was dinner?" Bobby asked. Kurt gave him an evil glare. "That bad huh?"

"What happened?" Kitty asked.

"Turn on the news and you'll get the whole story!" Rogue snapped as she stormed up to her room.

"Kurt what went on over there?" Scott asked.

"Well let me put it to you this way Scott," Kurt said. "Do you remember when we watched the Rocky Horror picture show? And that one scene where everyone was at dinner and it turned out that they were eating the delivery boy? And then Dr. Frankenfurter and Janet got into a slap fight and it ended up with a bizarre floorshow and nearly everybody dead? That was a little better than what happened tonight."


"Charles why are you covered in cake and meatball sauce?" Logan blinked as Xavier wheeled in to the kitchen.

"Just give me a beer and I will answer that," Xavier moaned.

"Come again?" Logan blinked. "You want a beer? Since when? Wine's more your style."

"Shut up Logan and give me the beer!" Xavier snapped. "I have more than earned a beer tonight!"

"What happened?" Hank asked.

"Shipwreck…" Xavier growled.

"Oh boy…" Logan got out the beer.

"The Misfits…" Xavier said. "Burke…"

"Kurt's dad was there too as well as the Misfits?" Logan blinked. "You're gonna need another beer." Logan got another one out.

"What was he doing there?" Hank asked.

"Tracking down Zartan," Xavier said. Logan got out a third beer. "And Mystique." Logan got out a fourth beer. "And of course SHEILD eventually showed up with guns drawn! And then after the first food fight Dr. Strange had to show up!"

"Forget the beer Charles what we need is bar full of vodka," Logan said.

"Oh dear…" Hank blanched. "Let me guess…Another place we're banned from?"

"Not to mention another possible lawsuit," Xavier moaned.

"Just what we needed," Hank sighed. "So much for a peaceful evening mending mutant-human relations."

"And the worst part is Shipwreck ran off before he paid the bill so guess who's pocket it came out of?" Xavier moaned. "I just don't understand it. I just don't understand it! What does this say about us if we can't get through one dinner with a small group of humans without something going wrong?"

"Well technically it was the Misfits' fault as well as Burke, Mystique and Zartan," Ororo grumbled as she walked in. "So don't beat yourself up too much. Even though I'd love to do that right now for what you put me through."

"What?" Logan asked. "What did he do?"

"He made me…be nice to Shipwreck," She growled.

"Oh dear…" Hank sighed.

"Drink?" Logan held out a glass for her.

"I thought you'd never ask," Ororo took it and drank.

"Yes, it's the Misfits' fault! I see their plan now," Xavier grumbled. "They're plotting to turn us all into alcoholics!"

"It's working," Logan sighed as he picked up a glass.