Jack whistled as he made his way along the corridors of the base towards the briefing room for his 0800 briefing the next morning. He greeted everyone he passed with a cheery good morning, which some of the younger members of the SGC found quite scary.

After sitting through the briefing with relatively good cheer and asking reasonable questions and agreeing that the mission would go ahead later that day, he whistled as he walked into Hammond's office and continued as he read through some paperwork which needed to be attended to.

"I wouldn't have believed the rumours if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." Daniel commented as he leant against the doorjamb.

"Danny-boy come in." Jack encouraged cheerily. "Believed what?"

"Okay what did you do with the grumpy Colonel we all know?" Daniel asked. "I mean I think we should have Janet runs some tests, make sure some alien hasn't beamed you up and replaced you with an impostor."

"What are you prattling on about Daniel?" Jack asked.

"You being a surprisingly chipper mood this morning."

"Did you just use the word chipper?" Jack questioned.

"You've been scaring airmen by whistling and then I ran into Lieutenant Delancy he said you'd actually listened in the briefing and were asking logical questions. So either you've been replaced by an impostor or something happened and for the sanity of the base I'm here to inquire what it is."

Jack leant back against the chair and studied his friend before smiling.

"When I got home last I found someone had been in the house."

"You're happy because you got burgled?" Daniel questioned.

"This person didn't steal anything, they actually left something behind."

"What?" Daniel asked intrigued.

"A trail of rose petals."

"A trail of rose petals." Daniel repeated.

"Yes, they led all the way to the ladder to the roof. At the top was a very hot blonde."

"You're not cheating on Sam are you because if you are..."

"Daniel it was Sam." Jack interrupted.

"I thought Sam was in Minnesota until tonight." Daniel said after a pause.

"So did I until I got home."

"Why'd she come back early?" Daniel asked. "I mean she could have done with the time off."

"A late night talk show on the radio would you believe."

"She came home because of a radio talk show?" Daniel questioned.

"Yeah sure you betcha."

"What kind of talk show was it?"

"One of those phone-in ones." Jack replied.

"What were they discussing?"

"Where a person felt safest. Sam as it turns out feels safest when she is with me, so she hopped on the first flight home."

"So you're happy because Sam came back?" Daniel concluded.

"Yes." Jack confirmed.

"Did she come in to work today? Because I should go and..."

"No she's still on leave until tomorrow."

"Then I'll give her a call at home."

"She probably won't be there; she was planning on going shopping."

"For what?"

"She said something about needing to upgrade her computer. She wanted do something with the hard drive and get a new I want to say zed drive."

"Zip drive." Daniel corrected.

"Anyway she needed a new one because I dropped the one she had on the floor after I accidentally spilt coffee on it. Apparently circuits don't take well to that."

"I wouldn't think they would."

"Knowing Sam she'll be there all day. If you absolutely need to get a hold of her try her cell phone." Jack replied.

"It can wait until tomorrow. By the way if you want to see Jake, Teal'c is trying to teach him to meditate."

"The kid is four months old." Jack reminded Daniel.

"I know that, but Teal'c thinks that it will help him find inner peace and something I forgotten. If anything Jake likes the flickering candles."

"It would be just my luck for him to turn into a pyromaniac. Can't Teal'c just watch the Simpson's with him or something?"

"Jack he's four months old." Daniel echoed Jack's previous argument. "He's a little young for the subtleties of the Simpson's."

"You're never too young for the Simpson's. But I'll let that slide for now. I'll go up and see him as soon as I get a chance. I've got a team due back in ten minutes then one due to go out half an hour after that."

"Okay. I'll go and tell everyone you're in a good mood because Sam is back. It may make everyone less tense."

"You do that. I've got a bill from the commissary here that is in excess of what its allotted spending budget was, which needs my attention."

"I'll leave you to it then." Daniel got up and left.