Jealousy is a bliss

When the girls began to calm down, after hours of screeching and squealing, they decided that they should create a plan as a source of reference, as they proceeded in 'waking' the boys up

Hermione, the most organized of the girls, stood before them, conjuring a small black board next to her, for the other girls to see. Smiling mischievously she proceeded to explain what they would be doing

"Ladies, we have succeeded in gathering the boy's permission, although unbeknownst to them of course, in using any means possible to win them over" she smirked, almost identically with the rest of the girls in the room

"Here" she pointed to the black board, "is where we shall write every step we have to make through this…"she paused for dramatic effect as her smirk grew even more, "mission"

"But wont anyone be able to read it if they come in?" Ginny asked suspiciously, yet knowing that her brilliant friend would have an answer for that as well

"The writing will be in code, that can be broken by the person who has the password. Which only will be us. The password will be Amore" she smiled and the girls giggled

"In case you wont be able to come up here and read the steps to this, I suggest we all have" she waved her wand expertly, and little black books appeared in the girls hands, "these" Hermione finished with a glint in her eyes

The girls looked through the little books, which turned out to be small notebooks with instructions inside them

"The board will only consist of the steps, but the books will serve as a notebook for each of us. Is that clear?"

"What do you mean by that Mione?" Lavender questioned

"In these little books, we'll be noting down our progress throughout the days" Hermione explained

"Right" Parvati whispered looking at the book in her hands

"So lets proceed to the following step, already!" Ginny exclaimed, running out of patience

They all looked towards Hermione, who had turned to the blackboard with her wand raised. She flicked it as she muttered something and words began appearing across the surface

"Divide and Conquer"

Was the first thing written on the top of the board, just above

"Planting the seed"

The girls glanced between them, evil and mischievous sparkles reflected in all of their eyes and they moved on to discuss what will happen the following day

By the time they went to bed, they had agreed that Hermione would be talking to Seamus, in order to make Ron jealous, Parvati will be talking to Harry, due to the fact that they had gone to the Yule ball together in 4th year and make Seamus jealous, Ginny would be talking to Dean to make her brother mad and Harry jealous. Lavender had no one else to talk to than Ron, which will no doubt make Dean a bit upset

During breakfast the following morning, strange things were happening at the Gryffindor table. The girls would usually sit at one end of the table and occasionally look towards the boys, sometimes smiling and giggling, sometimes frowning. The boys on the other hand would sit on the other end of the table oblivious of the girls' stares and talked about Quidditch

But this was no ordinary day. This was the second day in which the girls had decided to take their own. The Gryffindor girls sat next to the Gryffindor boys.

Professor Dumbledore smiled, glad for the new source of entertainment

The boys were mildly surprised but went back to talking about Quidditch

The girls were happy with their progress but were mildly annoyed about the fact that the boys were ignoring them, but moved on with their plan

Harry sat on one end, next to Ron who was opposite from Seamus that was sitting next to Dean.

Ginny smiled at the irony of it all, and decided to have some fun. She sat next to Dean, but looking straight at Harry, who stared right back, unable to break the spell. Slowly she turned to Dean, but keeping her eyes on Harry, and taking his hand she whispered to him, loud enough for Harry to hear

"Dean, could we go somewhere and talk. Privately?" Dean, surprised, looked at the rest of the boys as of begging for their help, but as he wasn't receiving any, he nodded nervously.

They got up slowly and walked out of the Hall Ginny linking her arm with hers. Harry subconsciously clenched his fist as he watched them leave. Suddenly he felt something warm wrap around his balled hand and looking up, he saw Parvati looking at him sympathetically

"Harry, we need to talk" was all she said. It was all she had to say in order to make him fear for his life. Without even waiting for his answer she grabbed his hand and almost dragged him out of the Hall, leaving behind a stunned Seamus and nervous Ron

The two remaining girls seemed to be unaware of the disappearing of two of their friends as they continued to chat animatedly between themselves. A few moments after, Hermione raised her head in the boys direction and flashing a dazzling smile at Ron, who felt himself burn up inside, and dragged a panicky Seamus out the Hall

Ron stared after them with malice playing in his eyes as he clutched his fork and stabbed his food repeatedly, muttering obscenities. Lavender tried her hardest not to burst out laughing, but failed, letting out a snort. Ron rounded on her

"And what are you laughing about, Lavender?" he snarled unintentionally, yet Lavender was unfazed and stared right back at him

"You like her a lot don't you?" she asked him with a smile. Ron seemed to be taken aback by her question and became quiet, saving his food from murder

"Who? What the hell are you talking about?" he stammered, looking wildly around for an escape. There was none and he sighed

"Right. Well if you wont it that way" she huffed impatiently. Why do boys have to be so emotionally inaccessible? Why cant they just admit what they feel for once in their life? She wondered, shaking her head lightly, at the stupidity of the opposite sex, and got up to leave. As she got up, she bent to Ron's ear

"She likes you too, you know" she whispered slowly. Ron looked at her in amazement as she left.

Once out the door, Lavender allowed herself to smirk openly as she leaned against the wall and counted to three. As she reached three, Ron appeared next to her, slightly out of breath and slightly blushing

"Erm Lav, can I walk you to class?" he muttered shyly.

Lavender, smiled. The first class of the day was charms, and was one of the few classes, which 6th years can join as well. She nodded and linked his arm with hers. They walked in silence until they reached the charm corridor

"Did you mean what you said back there?" he blurted out without looking at her. Lavender smiled broadly

"Of course I did, Ron. Would I lie to you about something like this?" she told him honestly, to which he evaded the question

"And how do you know? Did she tell you?" he asked her curious, making their way to the Charm's class in a slower pace as they saw all their friend waiting for them in silence

"You mean except the fact that it's obvious? Yes, she did" she answered as they came closer to their friends

"Why don't you ask her to sit with you during Charms?" she whispered and he blushed a bit

As they met up with their friends, they noticed the change in the atmosphere, as no one was talking and the boys kept staring at their shoes, sometimes shooting the girls glances. The 6th year charm's class students were slowly arriving as well. Ron took in a large gulp of breath and walked to Hermione

"Hermione, will you sit with me in Charms? I'm not doing really good lately and I could sure use your help" he mumbled at her. She smiled at him, placing a hand on his shoulder

"I'm sorry Ron, but I'm sitting with Parvati. And don't you sit with Harry?" she tried not to smile at his dejected expression

"I'm sure I can find somewhere else to sit, Mione" Parvati voiced, staring fixedly at Seamus

"See? And Harry can sit with…Ginny!" he exclaimed, receiving a glare form Harry himself. After what Parvati had told him, Harry was getting very edgy around Ginny

"See? Settled" he whispered, "Now will you sit with me, please?" he begged her. The boys were now staring at him in amazement

"Fine, if you insist" she said exasperatedly and turning to the girls, she smiled broadly and winked, as they marveled at her acting skills

Parvati ended up sitting next to Seamus, and Lavender next to Dean. The boys found that they couldn't perform any spell in the girls' presence, perhaps due to the fact that they were better at them and they were embarrassed, or perhaps due to the fact that they were plain embarrassed

Either way, by the end of the lesson, the boys had made complete fools of themselves, and the girls had enjoyed the show

"You were right Ron, you aren't doing great at all in class. We should sit together more often" she told him as the group of girls passed them after class

"Err ok then" Ron spoke to her back. The others burst out laughing

That night the girls gathered in the 7th year dormitories, giggling at the events of the morning

"Seriously Gin, you should have seen his face. It was hilarious! He looked ready to kill Dean. Then he found out that you liked him, he went bright red and started mumbling" Parvati squealed happily as Ginny herself went red

"Well ladies, second part is finished" Hermione stated as she crossed out the second line on the little board, "tomorrow, is where all the fun begins" she grinned evilly

They all went to bed that night, content with what they had achieved

"Jealously is a bliss girls, don't you agree?" Hermione asked them that morning before they had gone to breakfast. They had all agreed, and they still did

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