Chapter 2: Important Notice

*lights are dimmed and depressing Neil Diamond music is played in the background*

Author: First of all, i would like to extend my apologies, i haven't been updating. Because truth be told i am awful with Sequels, and have never been able to write a sucessful one, i prefer epilouges. Therefore i will probably not be writing anymore in this (if you couldn't have already guessed) Pehraps if the urge strikes up again i will.

Draco: You know. . .fanfiction.net doesnt really approve of this whole long author's note thingie now.

Author: This is not an authors note. See, i have prepared a short story as this chapter, therefore it is certainly not an authors note.

-*-Chapter 2-Remus Lupin Watches POTC-*-

Remus Lupin settled himself comfortably in the shrieking shack with his buddies Sirius and James and sat around the DVD player with a bowl of popcorn.

James looked up from his popcorn "So Moony, what are we up to with all these muggle devices?" He ate a handful of Blockbuster Extra Buttered popcorn and plopped down on the couch

"Well" Remus responded "We are going to watch Pirates of the Carribean"

"Cool." Replied Sirius.

And so it was settled. They watched Pirates of The Carribean.

The End. (for now!)