Dawson's Creek: Dark Waters

By S.A.M

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Dawson's Creek. They belong to Kevin Williamson and the WB. I also do not own the character shark Jaws. Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Richard Zanuck, and David Brown. Screenplay by Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb. I guess they're the ones who own the mean bastard.

Readers Note: Ok, this story is going to be a little different. First of all, it's an Alternate Universe that takes place at the beginning of the 4th season. The only difference is that Joey decided to stay in Capeside instead of sailing with Pacey on True Love. Also, Jaws is in this story so the DC characters that we've grown to love may sorta kinda die. If you're favorite character dies, I'm sorry, I really am. But I hope you still decide to read the fic despite the untimely death of a main DC character. Second, the love relationships will be a little more intense. I toned it down in Winds of Change but I plan to spice things up in this one. The questions on everyone's mind are, "Who will be eaten and who will end up with whom?"


The East Coast Ocean was extremely dark and numbingly cold. No one could have seen the fish that swam through it. The bright stars above lacked the luminance to reveal the terror within the water. Schools of fish scattered in fear as the large creature continued toward it's destination. The terror in the ocean was in fact a shark. But not just any shark, a great white shark.

The shark was hungry and searching for food. This shark was different from the others. It was driven by an unexplainable force. It's hunger was deeper than mere desire and instinct. The shark's hunger was a passion. It derived enjoyment from killing its prey. The odd thing was that the great white's prey wasn't seals or even fish. The shark's hunger was for human flesh and blood. The taste was intense for the great white and it's desire forced it to kill without mercy.

The shark swam through the black ocean, heading for a new destination. The great white's new place to hunt was close and the smell of human blood was invigorating to it. The demented fish continued it's journey toward Capeside Mass, and the great white's plan was to crush it's human food with it's massive JAWS.


Chapter 1

Pacey Witter stirred in his sleep as he dreamed. Painful images and memories flooded into his mind like a massive tidal wave. He tossed and turned trying to force the nightmare out of his consciousness, but with no success.

Pacey was dreaming a very painful dream and it was the same dream he had every night, for the past 3 months. The dream was about a girl and this girl was very special to Pacey. She meant everything to him but sadly his feelings for here weren't reciprocated. The girl broke Pacey's heart and haunted his dreams.

"I expected you to say good-bye." said Joey Potter, walking with Pacey, who was holding supplies for his summer trip.

"Right. The good-bye scene. I've played that a thousand times in my head. I come to you, heart in hand, and announce my plans. You stare at me, pained. But then the Potter sarcasm kicks in. And I walk off, never getting what I came for." replied Pacey, with hurt in his eyes.

"And what's that Pacey?" asked Joey, in frustration.

"You never ask me to stay."

And Joey hadn't asked Pacey to stay. She had let him go. Pacey left Capeside to sail his boat down to the Florida Keys. For Pacey, the trip was an escape; an escape from Joey, school, and life in general. Without Joey, Pacey slugged through his days miserable and melancholy. Pacey's dream went deeper and he rustled in his sleep.

Pacey dreamed about his last day in Capeside before he set sail. His older brother, Doug Witter, tried to stop him from going.

"You know, what you think you're leaving behind is only going to be that much bigger when you're out there all alone. Every time you look up at the stars, your gonna see her face. You can't run from her Pacey." stated Doug.

Pacey frowned as he loaded supplies onto his sailboat, True Love.

"Well, I can try." he sighed.

Pacey had believed that Joey wanted to be him but her ties with her closest friend Dawson Leery, were too strong and too important to her to just throw away. Joey couldn't find it in herself to choose Pacey. The truth was, Joey had chosen her soul mate, Dawson.

Pacey's dream suddenly turned into a fierce nightmare. Pacey watched as Dawson and Joey kissed passionately, and the sight was unbearable. Pacey's heart shattered from the sight. He felt sick and dizzy. Suddenly, Joey pulled from the kiss and turned to Pacey.

"You didn't seriously think I would choose you, did you? You're nothing to me Pacey. I can't stand you." informed Joey, with fire in her eyes.

Dawson started to laugh mockingly. He took Joey's hand and smiled devilishly at Pacey. Pacey's heart was racing and sweat dripped down his brow. Meanwhile, Dawson glared powerfully at Pacey.

"She's mine Pacey. She chose me. You have nothing to live for. In fact, you're probably better off dead." growled Dawson, as he lifted a pistol and pointed at Pacey's chest.

Pacey cried out as Dawson pulled the trigger. The gun cracked and a bullet pierced Pacey's heart. He cried in pain and slowly fell backwards. Joey and Dawson laughed as Pacey hit the ground. Blood poured from the wound and Pacey screamed.


Pacey shot up in his hammock. He was in a cold sweat and screaming in fear. He felt his chest instinctively to make sure he wasn't actually shot. When Pacey realized he was alright, he blew air through his lips. I'm fine, he thought, I'm safe and sound on True Love.

Pacey panted in exhaustion and wiped the sweat from his forehead. The person lying next to him rustled in her sleep, and sat up. She quickly realized that Pacey had had a nightmare so she comforted him. The girl quickly put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

"Sshhh, everything's alright Pace. It was just a dream." said Ainslee Lindale, soothingly.

Ainslee pulled Pacey close to her body and stroked his face. Pacey continued to breath heavy but nodded in confirmation. The nightmare had long since shattered and was now resided in the back of his mind. Pacey slowly regained his composer and turned to Ainslee. She smiled and kissed his lips.

"Feel better?" she asked, cupping her hand on his face.

"I'm fine, thanks." replied Pace, with a smile.

"Good, then let's go back to sleep." she said, lying Pacey back down on the hammock.

Ainslee rested her head on Pacey's shoulder and placed her hand on his bare chest. She snuggled against Pacey and closed her eyes. Pacey stroked Ainslee's long blonde hair as she quickly fell back into slumber. Pacey sighed and put his other hand behind his head. He couldn't go back to sleep. He had too much on his mind. Why do you haunt me Joey Potter, he thought in aggravation.


Summer was almost over and every student in Capeside was getting ready for school to start. Dawson Leery went through Capeside's department store, putting school supplies in his cart. He wasn't too excited about classes starting back up despite the fact it was his senior year. His parents seemed more upbeat about his school year then he did. They had already talked with family friends about Dawson's plans to enroll in a Film School.

Dawson sighed as he dropped a couple of note books in his cart. He couldn't help but wish that summer had just started. Dawson had actually enjoyed his three months of vacation. He and Joey had spent every day together and it was excellent. However, their relationship had remained strictly platonic despite Dawson's desire for things to be more romantic.

Joey had engaged in a "minor" fling with Pacey at the close of their junior year. Dawson used the word "minor" lightly because it had been the most detrimental event in his life. However, "minor" was the best word to describe the relationship because it hadn't led up to anything serious. Joey broke things off with Pacey just before the summer and saved her friendship with Dawson.

Dawson felt betrayed by Pacey and wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Their friendship was over and Dawson had no regrets. He couldn't understand why his best friend would move in on the girl of his dreams. Dawson wasn't even sure that Pacey was ever his friend. Now, Pacey was nothing to him.

Dawson sighed as he moved his cart toward the check out isle. He knew that Pacey was on his way back from his summer trip and wasn't looking forward to their inevitable next encounter.


John Hackamore steered his small motor boat toward the Capeside's boat lodge. He was drunk and had just finished his excursion of salt water fishing. John had managed to catch a few minuet fish but nothing big.

Mr. Hackamore was a history teacher at Capeside High and was enjoying his last few days of freedom before classes started back up. John hiccupped as his boat continued toward the dock. He was buzzing from the several cans of beer he consumed earlier that day and was extremely content. Hackamore smiled giddily as he drove his boat inches from the dock. The sun was setting and the stars were beginning to come out. John stopped his boat and stared up at the sky.

"Wow, what a pretty sun set." said John, to no one in particular.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump and Hackamore's small boat began to rock fiercely in the sea water. John lost his balance and fell backwards in the boat. He hit his head the edge of the rail and cut himself.

"Dammit!" cried John, as he felt the side of his head.

John clumsily stood back up in the boat and dabbed at his wound. The motor boat continued to sway in the water and waves splashed into it. John's drunken haze clouded his mind and he didn't know what to think.

"What the hell was that?" he said drunkenly, walking closer to the edge of his boat.

John looked over his boat rail and stared down into the dark water. Drops of blood from his head wound dripped into the sea. Must have hit a rock, thought John stupidly.

Suddenly, a massive shark exploded from the water and bit down on Hackamore's neck, pulling the defenseless teacher into the sea. John Hackamore had no chance to scream. The shark's razor sharp teeth chopped John in half and silenced him forever.

The shark devoured it's victim and the water surrounding Capeside's boat dock, was mixed with the blood of John Hackamore.

To Be Continued...