Reader's note: Alright, it's been a very long time since I wrote in this story but I plan to have it finished within a few months. This chapter is a Sunday's flashback. I thought it important so I added it. Sunday is over, but this little tid bit needed to be put in. Enjoy.

The Sunday Before School

Helen Danbury entered the Capeside Police Department with a duffle bag strapped over her shoulder. Helen was a lovely young woman in her late twenties. She had long dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes that were covered with semi-thick black framed glasses. However, the glasses only seemed to enhance her beauty. Helen was truly an attractive lady.

It was just before noon and the station was quiet. Only two police officers were actually in the station. One of the officers was doing a crossword puzzle, while the other slept in a chair. Helen raised an eyebrow and got the awake officer's attention.

"Excuse me, is Sheriff Witter here?" asked Helen.

The officer looked up from his crossword puzzle and the sleeping officer suddenly came into awake. Helen eyed the two officers suspiciously. They seemed a little "dumb".

"No, he's usually doesn't come in on Sundays, unless it's important. Who are you?" asked the crossword puzzle officer.

"My name is Helen Danbury. I'm the marine biologist from Boston and I'm here to help with the shark attack investigation.

The two officers looked at one another with confusion in their eyes. It was obvious to Helen that they had no idea what she was talking about. Suddenly, Sheriff Witter entered the station. He was in fishing gear and had a fishing poll in hand.

"You must be Dr. Danbury." stated John, as he set his fishing poll on a desk.

"Yes, and who are you may I ask?"

"I'm Sheriff John Witter. You'll have to excuse Dave and Murray. I try to keep them out of the loop most of the time. They're not the guys you go to when you need information. They know about the shark but not about the marine biologist."

Helen nodded but couldn't take the disgust off her face. She could tell that the Capeside Police Department was a little unorthodox. John examined Helen for a moment and smiled.

"Don't worry, Doctor. We live in a small town and it's a Sunday. We're usually laid back on Sundays. We're still a good department. I make sure of it." informed John.

Helen nodded again but John could tell she didn't believe him.

"Follow me into my office." ordered Sheriff Witter.


John took a seat at his desk and motioned for Helen to sit, which she did.

"So tell me doctor, what do we need to do about our little fish problem?" asked John.

"Well, first we need to find out what kind of shark it is. I'll need to see what forensics has managed to find." informed Helen.

"That's all fine and dandy doctor, but I need to know what we're supposed to do about getting rid of the problem. We can't exactly go an arrest the damn thing, can we?"

Helen shook her head.

"Well, I had my equipment shipped here and it should be in tomorrow. I have a large cage, and I plan on luring the shark in it with pig's blood. After we capture it, I'll take it back to my lab in Boston, to study. However, I'll need a boat." she said.

"I think we can work something out. However, I want you to know that you'll have an officer with you at all times, and you have to inform me of every move you make. Do you understand? I don't want any more dead people in my town, doctor."

"I understand Sheriff. I promise to keep you informed." stated Helen.


Dawson read the Sunday paper in awe. He couldn't believe it. There had been an actual shark attack in Capeside. In fact, one of the Capeside teachers had been the victim. Mr. Hackamore was dead. Dawson turned the newspaper page and continued to read. The town was under red alert and unauthorized boats or recreation was strictly forbidden. No one was allowed in the water. My God, thought Dawson, this is just like the movie Jaws.

To Be Continued......