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Okay, any text that takes place between these { } is spoken in German. For exaample. . .

{This story sucks}

. . .is in German. I'd write the actual German out, but it would take me so long to write this story that I'm cheating.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Tabitha sat in class, chewing bubble gun and doodling pictures on her notebook. The teacher was handing out a final assignment, but Tabby didn't care. It was the last day of school, and the assignment was more of a puzzle. She didn't remember the last time that she did an assignment in this class. It was so easy! She'd never had a problem from day one understanding the language, no matter what her German teacher said. So after she had been handed the homework, she just took out her Walkman and began to listen to music instead of getting an early start on the assignment.

She closed her eyes and began to drift off to sleep. The scraping of chairs and the zipping of book bags awakened her. She opened her eyes and figured that the class was over, and so was school for the day. She threw her Walkman and her German book into her bag, and began to walk out of class. As she passed by Mr. Williams, her teacher, he reached out and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Tabitha, if you don't mind, can I have a word with you?"

"Yeah, but make it fast, Teach. I gotta get goin." She said, popping her gum.

"Well, Tabitha, I'm afraid that you haven't made any progress since the beginning to class."

"What?" Tabitha asked.

"You haven't made any progress. And seeing as how we're at the end of the year, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to fail you." Mr. Williams said.

"Fail me? You can't! I understand everything that we've learned, it's just that the projects are so beneath me!" Tabby said, beginning to get excited.

"You understand the German language?" Mr. Williams asked.

"Totally!" Tabby answered.

"{Tabitha, can you understand what I'm saying to you now?}"

"{Book tree crayon glass banana monkey bubble bag!}" Tabby said proudly.

Mr. Williams let his head fall to the side and gave her a confused look.

"Book tree crayon glass banana monkey bubble bag?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" Tabby asked, her turn to be confused.

"I could ask you the same question. Listen, I want you to come up with an extra credit project to do over the summer. It's a possibility that you may be able to slide on a D, maybe even a low C, but it's going to have to be a great project."

Tabitha left the classroom, feeling decidedly depressed. She didn't know what she was going to do.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Kurt was lying on his bed, humming happily to himself in his room. He had found out today that he was going to pass every class with an A. He couldn't have been happier. He couldn't wait to tell his mother. He knew how proud she would be. Kurt rolled over to look at his clock. 4:32. He would be leaving in less than 12 hours. He couldn't wait. He hadn't been home in over a year. It was going to be exciting to go home and see all of his family, and his old friends from the circus.

Kurt got off of his bed and made his way down to the kitchen. When he got there, he found Kitty sitting at the table, eating vegetable soup and reading a book.

"Hello, Katzchen!" he said excitedly.

"Kurt! I'm, like, trying to read here!" Kitty whined.

"You know, Kitty, whining does nozzing for your complexion." Kurt said, opening the refrigerator. "Are you going to miss me?"

"Oh, yeah." Kitty said sarcastically. "Like the desert misses the rain."

"Sarcasm is also very unbecoming on you." Kurt said, throwing a bemused look at her.

"Well, anyhow, yeah. I'll miss you. Now why don't you let me finish reading this book?" Kitty asked.

Kurt watched her read for a moment. Picking an apple out of a bowl on the counter with his tail, Kurt began to toss it into the air and catch it with that same appendage.

"So vhat are you reading?" Kurt asked loudly.

Kitty had finally had enough, and she threw her book down on the table. Giggling like mad, Kurt ran to the opposite side of the table as Kitty stood up.

"Oh yeah! Keep laughing Fuzz Butt! You're about to die!" Kitty yelled. She suddenly felt like giggling herself.

They began to walk in a circle around the table, Kurt being careful to stay exactly opposite of her.

"Oh jah? Vhy don't you come get me?" Kurt asked. "Vhat's ze matter? Am I a bit beyond your reach?"

"Oh, what? You think this table will protect you?" Kitty asked, phasing and running straight through the table at him. As she was about to close her hands around him, Kurt suddenly disappeared. Kitty pulled herself through the last bit of the table and turned around to find Kurt hanging from the ceiling, laughing at her.

"I've changed my mind. I won't miss you." Kitty said, grinning. She thought this would be the perfect moment to have her talk with him, but the moment passed, and he left the kitchen.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Tabby walked into the house late. She had just returned from the library. No matter what book she looked at or how much research she had done in the past three hours, she couldn't think of anything that would seem a suitable project to keep her from being failed. She wouldn't really have cared about failing if she hadn't been at the Institute. If she had still been home or with relatives, she could have cared less. However, she was at the Institute, and she didn't want to let Professor Xavier down. She knew he'd be disappointed, and he had done so much to take care of her. And then there were the other students. She didn't want to be left behind as he friends progressed.

"I don't even know why he'd fail me. I understand German completely. {I can speak perfect, fluent German.}" She said.

Kurt had just walked into the room and was about to walk past her when he heard her attempt at his native language. He paused for a moment, and then turned around toward Tabby.

"Vhat did you just say?" Kurt asked.

"{I can speak perfect, fluent German.}" She said.

"Vhat is zat supposed to mean?" Kurt asked.

"It means that I can speak perfect, fluent German, boyo! What's wrong with you? Can't you tell what I'm saying? It is your native language you know!" Tabby said.

"Jawohl. It is. Now I'll ask again, vhat is zat supposed to mean?" Kurt asked her, cocking his head.

"Well. . .what did you think I said?"

"It sounded like you said that the baby is roasting over the fire, and beach balls were invading Germany. Only vizout any case endings." Kurt said.

Tabby moaned.

"Oh, Blue! I'm totally going to fail German. I'm going to have to repeat the class next year, and I'll still be a junior!" Tabby complained.

"Vhat about summer school?" Kurt asked.

"They're not offering it over summer school. I won't have the credits to be advanced. I'll have to make it up every summer, including the summer after I graduate!" Tabby said.

"Vhy didn't you ask me for help?" Kurt wondered aloud. "I taught both Kitty and Evan how to speak fluent German. Zey vere better zan ze teacher."

"Danke." Kitty said, passing through the room and smiling at Kurt as she hit the back of his head.

"'And zat's ze only vord she remembers." Kurt said, shaking his head as he watched her leave.

"Well. . .anyway. . .I have to do some type of project over the summer, and he says he'll pass me. But it has to be a big one. I can't just cook him some German food for the project. It has to be a huge project." Tabby said.

"I'm sorry, Tabby. I'll tell you vhat. If I see anyzing zis summer, I'll send it over to you or call you if I come up viz a good idea." Kurt said, turning to leave.

"What are you talking about?" Tabby asked, sitting down on the couch in the rec room.

"Oh! I haff not told you? I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go home! I'm going to Germany for a few veeks."

"You are?" Tabby asked.

"Yup. Anyhow, I'm sorry to hear about your grade. Like I said, if I zink of anyzing vhile I'm over zhere, I'll call you, okay? If I can help you in any vay, I vill." Kurt said. "But I haff to go finish packing. I vant to get to bed early tonight. See ya."

And with that, Kurt teleported up to his room.

Tabby continued to sit on the couch, lost in thought.

"Kurt's going to Germany. I'm failing German. I need to get a good grade, and in order to do that, I'm going to need a killer project." Tabby said to herself out loud.

Tabby smiled to herself.

"Professor!" she thought joyously.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

"Kurt, may I see you in my office, please?" Kurt heard the Professor say in his head.

"Jawohl, Herr Professor." Kurt said out loud, disappearing from his room and appearing before the Professor's desk. "Yes, sir?"

"Kurt, please sit down, I would like to speak to you for a moment." Xavier said.

Kurt sat down in the chair opposite of Xavier.

"Am I in trouble?" Kurt asked.

"No. Rather, someone else is." Xavier said. "Kurt, I need you to help me with another mutant."

"Jah, Professor. Anyzing." Kurt said. "As long as it doesn't make me miss my plane."

"No. Of course not. As a matter of fact, that would be part of it." Xavier said.

"Vas?" Kurt asked, confused.

"Tabitha told me that she spoke to you earlier tonight about her failing grade in English." Xavier said.

"Jah. Vhat about it?" Kurt asked.

"Well, she spoke with her teacher, and he gave her very explicit instructions. She must turn a rather detailed, in depth project in to him in a little over a month."

"Mhm. She told me." Kurt said.

"Well, I'm going to be sending her to Germany with you." Xavier said.

Kurt sat there, not quite certain that he had heard what the Professor had said.

"Excuse me?" Kurt asked.

"I will be sending Tabitha with you to Germany. There she will learn more of the language and culture. Upon returning to the States, she will make a detail, oral report to her teacher on her experiences."

"Tabitha vill be coming viz me?" Kurt asked incredulously. "But. . .Professor! No offense. . .I like Tabby and all. . .but. . .Professor! Zis is supposed to be a vacation for me. I vas hoping to spend alone time viz mein family!"

"And you still will." Xavier said. "Kurt, I'm hoping that this new interest in her classes and her grades is a sign of her growing maturity, Kurt."

"I'm just. . .I'm not certain zat it's a good idea. She'll be traveling viz a Romany circus!" Kurt said.

"Exactly. She'll have a fine tour of Germany. And while she is touring with you, I would like you to help her with her German, and introduce her to the customs of your native country." Xavier said.

"Professor, I can't help but zink zat zis is a bad idea." Kurt said. "I mean. . .she can be a lot to handle!"

"She'll be fine. Don't worry, Kurt." Xavier said.

Kurt nodded his head and, standing up, turned to exit the room.

"Oh! And Kurt?" Professor Xavier asked.

"Yes, sir?" Kurt asked.

"Thank you. You may close the door when you leave." Xavier said, returning to some paper work.

Kurt closed the door and walked down the hallway. The excitement that he had felt about going home was somewhat lessened now. He really did like Tabby, and he really didn't have a problem helping her out. He just wished that it hadn't been like this. He had been looking forward to this vacation for the simple fact that it was a change of pace from his normal "Institute" routine. He'd be far from those who he saw every day. Now it was almost as if the Institute was tagging along.

"Oh, Kurt. Would you feel the same way if Kitty were going instead of Tabby?" A female voice said in his head. "Or are you worried that she may, um. . .reawaken your old feelings for her?"

"Hello, Jean." Kurt said, walking up to the tall redhead in the hall.

"Hey, Kurt. I heard that you'll be having a new travel partner." Jean teasaed.

"Jah, jah, jah." Kurt said. "Make fun."

"So tell me Kurt, what is it that you're afraid of? Afraid that she'll trade places with Kitty. . .?"

"Zat is none of your concern, Jean. And I'll zank you to stay out of my head." Kurt said as he passed by Jean on his way back to his room. "Vhy am I valking?"

That said, Kurt suddenly disappeared from the hallway and ended up back in his room. He began to pack again when the phone rang. He hopped over his bed and answered it.

"Hello?" he said into the phone.

"Well, you said that if there was anything that you could do to help me that you would." Tabby said on the other end of the phone. "Did the Professor talk to you?"

Kurt actually grinned.

"Jah. He did. So you're coming viz me." Kurt said.

"I hope you don't mind, Blue." Tabby said.

"Nein, nein. It's cool. It vas a surprise, jah. I just never zought zat anyone here vould see me at my home or performing in ze circus. It's a bit. . .I don't know. Strange." Kurt said.

Tabby was quite for a moment before responding.

"If you feel weird about it, I'll tell the Professor that I won't. . ."

"Nein, nein! Seriously, it's cool." Kurt said.

"Awesome. So, I'm packing. What time do we leave tomorrow?" she asked.

"Ve leave ze mansion at five in ze morning." Kurt said.

"Okay. Hey! Look at it this way! You and I will be alone with each other all summer. No teachers, no Professor. . ." Tabby teased.

"Oh, jah?" Kurt said, suddenly nervous.

"Yup. Maybe I can even get your mind off of Cat." Kitty Tabby said in a fake, heavy seductive voice.

Kurt swallowed out of nervousness, his throat clicking. That just made Tabby laugh.

"See you tomorrow, Blue." Tabby said and hung up.

Kurt sat there with the phone receiver in his hand, looking at the walls of his room.

"Ach. Mein Gott." Kurt said. "She is crazy."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Jean walked back down to the kitchen after her meeting with Xavier. When she walked into the kitchen, she ran into Kitty there. Kitty was sitting reading a book, and looked up quickly when Jean walked in. Jean thought that the look on her face was disappointment, and Jean thought that it was perhaps because she wasn't a certain fuzzy, blue male. Walking to the refrigerator, Jean opened it and began to search for something to eat.

"Hey, Kitty. What's up?" Jean asked.

"Nothing. Reading my book." Kitty said, motioning to the book by lifting it.

Jean nodded and Kitty went silent again.

"I wonder if she knows how much Kurt likes her." Jean wondered. "I wonder how she feels about Kurt."

Jean had always had a bit of a sneaking suspicion about Kitty's feelings toward Kurt. For the first few weeks, Kitty had been deathly afraid of Kurt. She had run from him and hid from him whenever he had approached, bearing a white flag as a joke to make Kitty laugh. Finally, she had stopped running, and started talking. Over time, their friendship grew into something that Jean considered almost beautiful. They were the best of friends, and trusted each other implicitly.

"Did you say goodbye to Kurt?" Jean asked.

Kitty put her book down.

"I was going to wake him up and annoy him later on. He has a long flight tomorrow, so he can sleep on the plane." Kitty said with a wicked smile.

"Have you thanked him yet?" Jean asked, turning serious.

Kitty turned serious just as well.

"No. Not yet. I haven't found the moment. I just. . .it meant a lot to me. I want the moment to be right." Kitty said.

"Oh." Jean said, and then raised her eyebrow. "Did you say goodbye to Tabby?"

"What?" Kitty asked. "Where is she going?"

"She's going with Kurt." Jean said, taking an apple out of the refrigerator.

"What?" Kitty asked softly.

"She's going with Kurt." Jean said.

"Why?" Kitty asked, standing up.

"She's failing German and she needs to do a big project. So she asked the Professor if she could go with Kurt to Germany and learn the language and culture over there." Jean said.

"But. . .she can't do that. She makes him feel uncomfortable. He's told me so!" Kitty whined.

"Well, he better get used to it. They'll be over there together for a little over a month." Jean said.

Kitty got up and walked out of the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Jean called with a smile. She didn't mean to cause trouble, but she loved giving people a push in the right direction.

"I have to talk to someone." Kitty called back.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Xavier was still sitting at his desk when there was a knock on his office door.

"Come in, Kitty." He said, already knowing who was there.

Kitty walked in slowly.

"Um. . .Professor, can I ask you a huge favor?" Kitty asked.

"Yes, Kitty." Xavier said with a small smile.

"This will be Jean's doing." Xavier thought as he listened to Kitty.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Kurt had just taken his clothes off for bed when Kitty came phasing through his door. He didn't blush. At this point in his and Kitty's friendship, he was used to her seeing him in a T-shirt and boxers. She ran in looking happy and gave him a great big hug.

"Kurt! Guess what?" Kitty squealed.

"Vas?" He asked, smiling at her.

"I'm going with you, too!" Kitty said happily.

Kurt's grin fell somewhat, but, luckily, Kitty didn't notice.

"You're. . .going to Germany?" Kurt asked slowly.

"Yup!" Kitty said.

"Why?" Kurt asked, putting on a happier face for her benefit.

"I have no school this summer, my parents are traveling, there will be almost no one here, and the Professor thinks that it would be a good for me to travel. Especially with my best friend!" Kitty said, hugging Kurt.

"Yay." Kurt said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh well." He thought. "At least I'll be with her this summer."

"Hey, at least we'll be together this summer, right? And this way, Tabby can't bug you too much, you know?" Kitty said.

Kurt smiled a genuine smile.

"Jah. I guess not."

Kitty stood there, hugging him. After a moment that could have been awkward, but wasn't, she let go.

"Hey, can I tell you something?" Kitty asked.

"Jah. Vhat is it?" Kurt asked.

"Well. . .I just wanted to. . .to, um, thank you." Kitty said.

"For vhat?" Kurt asked, confused.

"For coming back for me. For staying with me on that train." Kitty said.

"Oh. Zat. Vell, it vas no problem, Kitty." Kurt said.

"I know. For you, it wouldn't be. I think it would have been for some others, though." Kitty said. "Anyhow, it mean a lot to me."

And with that, she bent over and pecked him on the lips. Kurt was suddenly thankful for the blue fur. Otherwise, she would have seen that he had turned as red as a fire hydrant.

"Oh. . .um. . .it vas. . .you know. . .it vas nozzing." Kurt stammered.

"No. It was something. To me." Kitty said.

"You're velcome." He replied softly.

She smiled at him, and Kurt suddenly coughed.

"Vell, um, ve should go to bed. . .I mean. . .ve. . .um. . .ve should get some sleep. In our own beds. Jah." Kurt stammered and stuttered, making Kitty smile. "Early flight and all."

"Good night, Fuzzy." Kitty said, phasing through the floor into her room.

"Good night." Kurt said, falling back into his bed with a huge smile on his face.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

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