Author: Amarra

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine.. you know what I mean.

Summary: She always feared the day her heart would die.

Notes: it is a sad little story about Arwen and Aragorn, and how her last time
walking on earth must have been.


It was the day that she had always feared, feared since the day she had seen
this young mortal, with his gray eyes and the messed up hair, the first time.

She remembered this very first moment of her love with him as living liquid
memory before her inner eye, his eyes were so knowing, so old as If the
soul of a Immortal was reborn in a mortal body. He had been not more
than a boy in those times but already radiated the noble and old aura that
would make him a good king for men, leading them through the darkest
of all hours into the light.

Yes, he truly had been a great King.

She always was afraid of the moment that she was facing now, the moment
in which this noble high King would close his eyes for all eternity.

He was holding her hand, looking at her with the same eyes and the same
look like the first time they had meet, the only difference was his face that
held the scars of a long life in happiness, friendship and love. He had a sad
smile on his lips, not sad about the life he had lived but about the immortality
he had made her give up. She rose his hand to her cheek and kissed it before
she pressed it to her still youthful face.

He had closed his eyes and went to sleep forever in this moment.

Leaving her, and his Kingdom to them who came after them. He had died surrounded
by his friends, the men he had fought with in the great war, saying goodbye to his six
daughters, their husbands and children as well as to his only son Eldarion who took
over the crown of the Kingdom of men.

She did not need to see the pain in the others eyes, she could feel it in their hearts.

And so she saw her husband laid to a eternal sleep in the graveyards of the Kings of
Gondor. His sword on his side and his crown on his white hair. The white tree on his
tunic shining as it did on the first day he whore this royal sing. Many friends and fellows
walking by, crying and whispering prayers for his soul and his way to the grounds
of men spirits.

She saw how her son took the crown, how his wife turned to the Queen of Gondor as
fair and beautiful as she had been on her wedding day.

She saw the departure of her good friends Gimli Gloins son and Legolas Greenleaf to
the white harbors and over the sea in the undying lands. She knew that she could have
taken the same ship, leaving middle-earth and finally seeing her parents and siblings again.

But she didn't.

She took her horse and rode alone into the old and lonely golden woods of Lorien.

And now she was laying here.

Her heart was with Aragorn and she knew that his spirit was waiting for her, as young as
she had meet him the first time and full of love for her.

And she was ready to take his hand and follow him as she always followed him.

She Closed her eyes, and could see him waiting there for her. Standing there with his
smile and the gray eyes full of life and love.

She had always feared this day in her life, in his life and now, that the final hour was
here all fear had vanished and the only thing that remained in her heart was love.

It went quite in the golden wood and the light vanished along with the light of the Evenstar.