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Set you Free

Kagome layed on her bed with a thoughtful expression. She had returned a couple of days ago, basically because she needed a break from all the fights and battles with all the demons from the feudal era. But that wasn't the only thing. She also needed a break from Inuyasha. This wasn't common of her, she usually felt the need to be with him, or just to see he was ok; after all, she had promised herself she'd do anything to help him. But this time, as she layed on her bed just staring at the ceiling, she started thinking about all the reasons she had to return to them.

" 'Why am I feeling like this all of the sudden... They are my friends and that should be enough reason for me to go back... I need to know they're ok...'" she thought to herself as she turned her body to one side. " 'Baka...'" she continued and drew a sad smile on her face. " 'Why cant you just admit you're tired of this situation... it's not about gathering the Shikon shards anymore... I just... I just cant take it anymore... I know I said I would always be there for you, and I mean to keep my promise... but it just hurts too much to see your heart being ripped apart everytime you run into her... I wonder how much time will I be able to keep this up...'"

As she stayed on that position for several minutes thinking about all these doubts and concerns, she didn't notice Souta had come into her room.

"Nechan?" Souta asked a little confused.

"Eh? Souta?..." she asked as she sat on her bed, a little annoyed that he didn't knock on the door first. "How many times do I have to tell you to knock first?..."

"Ah! Gomen!... Jiichan wants to know if you're going back to the feudal era today, he told me to tell you he already called your school and said you had a back injury and that you werent going back until you got better... Oh, and I think he also said you had some kind of contagious fever..."

Kagome got a funny look on her face while a huge red vein popped out on her forehead. "What?? I cant believe he did that!... Mou! I'm only 15 and I already suffer from so many illnesses??... hn, I'm surprised he's not killed me yet!" she snapped as she got up, staring at Souta's smiling face. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing... I'm just glad to see that your cranky mood is back! We were staring to get worried when you didn't snap at me or grandpa!..." Kagome stared daggers at him as he continued. " ...You really had us worried nechan, but I'm glad to see you're not sad anymore!"

Kagome widened her eyes in surprise to hear her little brother's comments. Had she been so obvious? Though she was a little upset with him for telling her that her cranky mood was her normal behaviour, she felt happy to know that they were all always paying attention to her. Sure they didn't seem to because they never asked her why she was down, but she knew then it was because they didn't want her to feel even more uncomfortable by asking what had happened. She smiled and then let out a small sigh.

"Hai... I'm going back today in the afternoon..."

"Really?? Then I'll go tell ojiichan he doesn't need to get a hospital's certificate!!"


Kagome was now on the floor with a funny face as she watched Souta leaving her room.

"Hospital's Certificate?? How in the world could he think of something like that!!"

As she got up and gathered her things, her upset expression changed quickly into a sad one as she picked up the small bottle where she kept the Shikon shards and stayed there staring at them.

" For how long..."

The hours passed and Kagome was ready to go to the feudal era. She was putting on her shoes, her huge yellow bag resting next to her.


Kagome turned around when she heard her mom's voice calling for her. "Hai!"

"Here take these..." her mom handed her a small lunch pack. "I made some cookies, I thought maybe you could share them with your friends..."

"Sure! Arigatou okaasan!" she replied with a smile.

Her mom smiled back at her and then waved as she saw her daugther leaving towards the door.

"Ja! Ittekimasu!"


Kagome walked towards the well of her house with her head lowered.

" 'I wonder how this whole thing will end up... I know it's selfish but sometimes I wish for us never to stop searching for the shards...'" As this thought rushed into her mind, she shook her head several times. " 'No! Stop this nonsense Kagome! Let's just go!... hn...'"

She stopped as she reached the edge of the well and stared at the dark bottom. Because of this well she was able to go to the feudal era; because of this well she was able to meet Miroku, Sango and Shippo; because of this well she was able to meet Inuyasha. She smiled sweetly at the thought of him as many flashbacks appeared on her mind. The fun moments, the dangerous moments; the sad moments. Maybe it was because of these last ones that she felt sad sometimes, but she couldn't help it. Thanks to this well she was able to meet her first love, but it was also because of this well that she had felt her heart break for the first time.

Why did things have to turn out this way? She didn't know. Destiny can be cruel sometimes, but it had given her the chance to meet some great people. She felt relieved after this was clear to her. After all, she was the one to make her own destiny, and she had already chosen the path she was going to follow. Yeah, she was going to stay with Inuyasha until the end; not because it was her fate, but because that was what her heart told her to do.

Kagome drew a smile of satisfaction after she realized it. But just as quick as she did, her expression turned into a concerned one as she watched the Shikon shards were glowing through her clothes.

"What??.. What's going on??" She quickly took the shards on her hands only to find them glowing.She changed her gaze towards the well now, but right in that moment, the earth started to shake violently. "Nani??!!... Ahh!"

Kagome fell on her back, and after a few moments, an explosion was heard coming from the well; something had came out of there in such a violent way that had wrecked half of the well and broken some of the wooden beams.

"What in the world...?" Kagome opened her eyes slowly, only to find half of the well destroyed and lots of dust around her. "Eh?? What happened here??"

As she got back on her feet, still not being able to see clearly, she noticed a small person's silhouette standing in front of her. Kagome narrowed her eyes and stepped back.

"Who's there??!..."

She could notice the person was not tall, therefore, she didn't dare to call Inuyasha's name. As the dust faded away, her eyes got serious. She quickly took her bow and arrow and pointed towards the person.

"I said who's there! I swear if you're a thief hiding on the well I'll shoot!" Kagome yelled thinking that this might scare him or her. But she was wrong; as the dust filling the air vanished, she got a confused look on her face, in front of her was a child. A child about Souta's age, wearing a green kimono giving his back to her. "Eh?" was all that came out of her mouth.

The boy slowly turned around to face Kagome. His hair was long and grey colored, his eyes were chocolaty brown and reflected his confusion.

"A thief?..." The boy asked. " I'm no thief! Who are you??!"

Kagome stood frozen with a funny face and blinking eyes. Why had this boy came out of the well like that?How? She stood there staring at him for a few seconds with nothing to say. Was he a demon? Was he after the shards? But how could he come through the well?

All these questions popped constantly on her mind. The boy started to get uncomfortable because of all the staring and turned completely towards her with a cute upset face, pointing with his index finger at the speechless girl.

"OI!!! What are you doing staring at me like that! Who are you!!"

Kagome aslo got an angry face as she heard his tone of voice.

"What!!? I should ask you that question!! What are you doing here!!"

"Hn! I don't have to answer that! I don't know you!" the boy replied as he turned his face away from her.

"Nani??! What kind of manners are those!! You come out of the well of MY house, you wreck it and then you..." Kagome was interrupted as the boy jumped towards the edge of the well to catch a better look of her face.

"Hmm... you look familiar to me..." he said with a thoughful expression as he examined Kagome's face, which now reflected awkwardness and confusion, then he smirked and stood in front of her. "I know!! You're that thief from the other day!! You stole my kimono!!"

Kagome got a sweat drop on the side of her head. "What!! What are you talking about!!?"

"Feh! And you thought I wouldn't recognize you!! You are the thief not me!! Now give me back my clothes thief!!" the boy snapped at her, only to make Kagome's face to get even an angrier look.

" I didn't steal your clothes! Besides, what would I do with them! I'm a girl!!"

"Hn... an weird looking one that is..." he muttered with silly look on his face as he watched her from the corner of his eye.

"What did you say!!? You little..." Kagome was cut off when she heard her mom and Souta calling for her.

" Are you ok!?" asked her mom from outside.

"Did you feel that earthquake nechan??!" asked Souta.

Kagome gulped at the thought of her mom and her little brother watching the wrecked well and what was worst, meeting this little brat that had caused all of it. She hurried towards the gates and stucked her head out. "Daijoubu!! I'm ok!!! You can go back to the house I'm going to the feudal era now!!" The boy had stucked his head out also and Kagome quickly pushed him inside." He he!...Ja ne!" she said faking a smile and then quickly getting back on the temple.

"Sure..." Kagome's mom said, a little confused because of her daughter's odd behaviour. Then she turned towards Souta with a smiling face. "Ok Souta, let's go..."

"But mom there was a..."

"Souta, let's go now before those cookies get burned..." she stated calmly and with a smile. Souta nodded and then followed his mom back into the house.

Inside the well's temple, Kagome stood in front of the boy with an upset face.

"What were you trying to do??!"


Kagome sighed in frustration as she started to think of a way to fix this problem. "What am I going to do now? I cant possibly take you with me to the feudal era... I cant let you stay here... Ah! This is so..." she was interrupted once again.

"Did you say Feudal Era? See!! You are that thief! That's were I live!!"

Kagome turned to him in shock. This little brat came from there? She started examinating his face, his clothes, and she could see he was right. His clothes were ceirtanly not from her time. But he didn't lok like a demon, or a half demon either. He was just a simple, rude little brat.

"Give me back my clothes!!"

"I said I don't have them!!"

"Yes you do!"

"I said I don't!!..." She finally sighed and decided to leave things that way. Arguing with that little boy was not going to get her anywhere, and it reminded her of all the useless fights she'd had with Inuyasha. "Listen... I am not the thief you are looking for, look around you, we're not on the feudal era anymore, and look at my clothes, I don't wear that type of clothes either..."

The boy started to look at her in a funny way, not trusting her statement.

"Hn... I guess you're right... you wouldn't fit on them anyways..."

Kagome had to control herslef from whacking the poor child. "Fine... just one question... how did you get here?..." She followed the boy with her eyes as she saw him sitting on the edge of the well.

"I don't know... I was chasing you..." he glanced at her from the corner of his eyes with a silly look on his face. "Hm... I was chasing that thief through the woods and then I fell... next thing I was standing here in this strange hut... where are we anyway?" he asked as he looked around.

"We're on... let's just say we're on a different time period..."


"This is where I live, it's still Japan... only there are no demons around..."

"No demons? Really?" he asked with a cute confused face.

"Hai... Well at least we know that you're from the feudal era... I don't know how you were able to get here, but if you did then I suppose you'll be able to get back too... Good thing I was here, I'll take you back with me, I'm going overe there right now..." she said, giving him a sweet smile that made him blush.

"Hm... are you a witch?" Kagome turned into a stone.

"A witch??! How can you say I'm a witch!!!"

"Well... you said you'd take me with you, if you're not a witch then how can you travel through time?" he asked innocently. Kagome calmed herself down and then stared daggers at him.

"Let's just leave that out..." She picked up her bag and walked towards the well, standing next to the boy, who looked at her with blinking eyes. Kagome caught him from the corner of her eyes. "Nani?..."

"Eh?? Nothing, nothing!!..." replied the boy, turning his face quickly away from hers a little blushed. This made Kagome smile sweetly.

" 'Hn... he's so cute, if it wasn't for that mouth of his...'" She thought to himself. "Ok... eh?.. that's right... I didn't get your name..."

"I'm not telling!"

"Eh? Why not?!"

"Because you're a strange witch!! I'm not supposed to talk to strangers!"

*whack* The boy had now a small bump on his head and held an upset face as he sat arm crossed next to Kagome, who had her fist up as a signal she was the one who had caused it.

"Stop calling me witch you little bratt..."

"Then you stop calling me bratt! My name's Kasha! Get it! Ka-Sha!!"

Kagome stod next to him with blinking eyes. "Kasha?..."

"Hai! And it's a pretty name so don't make fun of it!"

Kagome smiled at the frowning boy. "Fine... I wont, Kasha-kun..."

"Nechan!! Who was that boy!! Is he another demon like Inu-niichan!?"

Kagome turned towards the gate and could hear Souta's voice getting closer. Then she turned towards Kasha and smiled at him while taking his hand.


"Eh? Waaaa!!!"

And with that, they went into the well just in time, before Souta opened the gates to find nothing but a wrecked temple.


"Souta!" His mom called from the house.

"Hai! Hai!" Souta ran out of there and went with his mom, not before taking one last look at the half destroyed well.

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