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Chapter8: Ryuuta's house

It was around 3p.m. and the gang was walking down the road still in search for old Ryuuta's house. According to Kaede, his house was on top of the highest mountain they were able to see in the horizon and now that they had walked all day their search was about to end. Luckily they hadnt come across any demon so far, and they had had a rather 'nice' morning since Inuyasha was back to being a hanyou and his cranky mood was... not so cranky.

"Mmm... it seems we're getting closer..." stated Miroku while staring at the mountains in front of them. Then he turned towards Kasha, who had Shippo on his shoulders. "If we don't come across any problem then I think you'll have your bracelet by tomorrow... that of course, if Ryuuta agrees to make one for you..."

"Why? You think he wont?..." asked a serious looking Kasha.

"Well, Kaede-sama did say he only made jewelry for demons..."

"Feh! That old man better give us that damn bracelet!..." Inuyasha stated carelessly.

"Inuyasha!..." Kagome snapped at him with an angry look, then she turned towards Kasha with a smile. " Don't worry, I'm sure he'll agree to make you one..."


"We're getting closer... the village is right behind these mountains..." stated Sango with a serious look on her face. " I think it'll be better to get ready to fight... in case demons are around..."

"Why would people want to live next to forests full of demons?..." asked a puzzeled Shippo.

"Who knows... we'll find out once we get there..." stated Inuyasha as he narrowed his eyes and they continued their way.

After an hour or so, every one of them stood with surprised and widened eyes at the scene that was in front of them.

"This is..." Miroku started saying in surprise.

"Something... unexpected..." finished Sango as she blinked her eyes.

"BUNNIES!!!??" snapped a funny looking Kasha while pointing at the people in the village.

They had finally reached it, but it wasn't quite what they expected to find. Sure there was people around, but they had long fuzzy ears on the top of their heads and a funny cotton like tail behind them.

"Kasha!! Don't be... rude..." stated a surprised Kagome while staring at the people.

"Feh!! Kaede didn't tell us they were half... bunnies!! What the..."

"Inuyasha! Don't be disrespectful!"

"What?? How am I supposed to call them? I'd never seen half bunnies half humans before!!"

"Inuyasha's right... I'd never seen them before either..." stated Miroku.

"Do you think they're dangerous??" asked Shippo while crawling to Kasha's head.

"Feh!! No they're not!! Geez Shippo! these are bunnies!!"

As soon as he finished saying that he narrowed his eyes as he sensed something coming towards them.

"What?? Who's there!!..." he yelled as he unsheathed Tessaiga and stepped forward. Miroku stood next to him with a serious expression on his face.

"Be careful Inuyasha we don't know if... eh??" he quickly changed his expression into a funny confused one as everyone got sweat drops on their heads.

Inuyasha blinked acouple of times before putting Tessaiga back on its sheath with an annoyed expression. In front of them, a huge carrot with little fuzzy ears on the top had appeared out of nowhere.

"BEWARE STRANGERS!!" a deep and scary tone of voice said. "YOU SHOULD GET BACK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO..."

"Feh!! What are you gonna do! Kill us with vegetables!!?" stated a smirking Inuyasha while walking towards the talking carrot.

"EH??... WHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!..." the carrot started chuckling as Inuyasha started tickling its side with his claws.Sweat drops fell once again from everyone's heads as they saw the shaking vegetable.

"STOP IT!! STOP... IT!!..."

"What is this?..." stated a funny looking Kasha while crossing his arms in front of his chest.


Lots of orange dust surrounded the little bunny girl as she chuckled to death laying on the ground. She was about Shippo's size and age. Inuyasha stared at her with an intrigued expression as Miroku walked up to him. Now they were both staring at the girl who kept laughing for some reason.

"Well done Inuyasha... you've defeated the... huge carrot...thing..."

"Feh!!" Inuyasha stated as he crossed his arms and gave her a funny look. "Oi!! You know I've stopped tickling you a while ago, don't you!?"

The little bunny girl got a sweat drop on her head and quickly jumped back, now holding a serious look on her face. "Waha!! What are you strangers doing here!!" she stated with a high pitched tone of voice.


The huge carrot with little fuzzy ears appeared in front of them once again. "BEWARE!!!" Inuyasha walked towards it with a funny careless expression and started tickling its side once again. Little sweat drops begun to form on the carrot as it started to shake nervously.


The little girl was once again laying on the ground and chuckling to death. Inuyasha started getting annoyed and took a step closer with a menacing look on his face.

"OI!! What the hell are you tryinng to..."



Kagome made her way towards the little girl with Kasha, Sango and Shippo, leaving Inuyasha behind with his face literally burried in the ground.

Kagome kneeled in front of the little girl with an awkward smile on her face. "Um... little girl?..."

The girl quickly stopped laughing and jumped back. "I told you to leave strangers!!"

"Keh!... No bunny girl is gonna tell me to leave!!" snapped an angry Kasha as he stared at her with angry eyes.


"What??... we didn't come here to stay anyway!! We've got to find that old Ryuuta remember??"

The girls ears twitched as she heard Ryuuta's name. "Eh?... do you know Ryuuta-jiichan?"

"Ryuuta... jii-chan?..." asked Sango in surprise.

"AH!!! You must be chasing after him!!!" the bunny girl snapped and jumped backwards once again. "Well you wont get any further!!!" she yelled while taking out a bunch of small marbles.

"Calm down little one... we're not here to hurt him if that's what you're worried about..." stated Miroku as he walked up to her and kneeled next to Kagome.

"Y-you're not?? Then why are you looking for him..."

"Keh! That's non of your business!!"


Kasha gave his back to them while rubbing the bu,mp on his head. Man that Kagome gave him a headache!

"Look, we're just here because we need him to see him and ask him for a favor..."


"Feh!!" snapped Inuyasha from behind them. He stood behind Kagome with his arms crossed and an angry face. " Well is he here or not??"

"Inuyasha stop being so rude!..."

"What?! we don't have time to socialize! We're here on a mission!"

"Mission??" the girls eyes got big and sparkly as she gave a step forward towards them. "Are you here on a mission? Are you gonna kill all the demons that live in the surroundings?? Can I join???!!"

Everyone was taken back by her sudden change of attitude. Also because she seemed to speak at the speed of light.

"Eh??..." asked a puzzeled Inuyasha.

"Erm... well, I don't think we're here to..." Kagome was suddenly interrupted by the girl, who had grabbed her hand and was now leading her towards the village.

"Come on!!..."

"H-hai!... wait!..."

The rest of the bunch followed them. What was going to happen now? Oh well, at least this buny girl seemed to know Ryuuta.

Now everyone was inside a hut. Sango sat next to Kagome and Miroku as they waited for the girl to come back. She said something about bringing the head of the village with her before she stormed out of the place with a happy expression on her face. Shippo sat on Kagome's lap eating a lollypop while Kasha sat next to them, also with a lollypop on his mouth as he stared at the hut, and Inuyasha as usual leaned on one of the walls behind them.

"Feh... what are we doing here, we should get going to that man's house instead of being here..."

"We've got to wait for the head of the village to come here Inuyasha, don't get so desperate... your impatience is not gonna get us there any faster..." replied a calmed monk while closing his eyes.


"Houshi-sama... this girl seemed excited about the idea of us killing the demons that live around here..." stated a serious looking Sango.

"Hai... those youkai seem to give these people a hard time..."

"And still, they live here... I wonder why that is though..."

"Home..." an old female voice interrutped their chat and they all turned towards the door of the hut to find an old lady with bunny ears standing next to the little girl.

"You must be the head of the village... I'm sorry if we've caused you problems, but we're here to find Ryuuta the jewel maker..." stated Miroku with calmed expression.

"Ah yes..." replied the old lady as she sat in front of them. " Aibon told me you were looking for him..."

"Aibon?..." asked a confused Shippo while tilting his head a little.

"Hai!!" replied a cheerful voice. From behind the old lady a pair of fuzzy long bunny like ears popped out. "Aibon here!"

"Kawaii!!" stated Kagome and Sango at the same time.

"Now, what was that you were saying... about not leaving this place..." stated a serious looking Inuyasha.

"Yes... this is home to us... we've lived on this place for several years... even before demons came and stayed in the surroundings..."

"You mean there werent demons before?..."

"Hai... we lived peacefully here until he arrived... and that's when the problems started..."

"He?..." asked a serious Kagome. "You mean Ryuuta?..."

They all watched as the old lady nodded in response. " He came twenty years ago and settled on the mountains... after that, demons started to show up and started having battles... that's when everything got complicated..."

"So these demons showed up when he came to live here... but he makes his jewels out of demon bones, if what they came here for was to get him, then I don't understand why they're attcking you and not him..." stated Miroku.

"Well, the reason is because his jewels are rare...Ryuuta's work is both beautiful and resistant... some even say they have powers..."

"Powers?..." Sango asked. Inuyasha stared at his wrist and at the bracelt around it.

"Yes... since he makes his work out of youkai bones, it is logical these have hidden powers or so they say... he doesn't make it out of ordinary youkais... he uses only the most powerful youkai bones..."

"I don't get it... then why are so many demons in the surroundings..."

"Because they want his work... most of the youkai hidden in the surroundings of his place are servants of other demons... powerful demons... they are guarding the place... so he cant escape..."

"Then that means he works for them..." Kaome asked.

"In a way... he cant go anywhere he's a prisoner in his own house... and it's not only because of his jewelry... he makes all kinds of weapons with the youkai bones... he's a slave..." the old lady sighed. "For many years he's tried to escape... but it was useless... they always found him and brought him back..."

"Why's that?..." asked Kasha with a serious face.

"I don't know... but we've always been attacked after he tried to escape... that's why he stopped trying after the last attack... lots of people were killed and I suppose he felt guilty about it and hasn't tried it since... we dont like having him around, but we've got no choice..."

"Feh! Getting rid of those demons is no big deal..." Inuyasha stated as he walked towards the old lady. "Show me the way to his house, I'll get rid of the demons later..."

"I appreciate your help young man... but right now I cant show you the way, he's not home... a couple of days ago he was taken by one of the youkai... I suppose he went to deliver his work..."

"Great..." Inuyasha mumbled.

Kagome smiled and then turned towards the lady with a smile. "Don't worry Inuyasha will help you get rid of the youkai..."


"Miyako-sama! We ned your help!" a man's voice called from outside the hut.

"I'm sorry, but I've got work to do... you're welcome to stay here until Ryuuta comes back... if you need anything, just ask Aibon and she'll help you out..." Miyako baba said to them as she made her way out of the hut.

"Feh! This is great! Now we're stucked here until that jiji comes back!"

"Calm down Inuyasha, is not like he's not gonna return..." stated Miroku.

"Aibon-chan?..." Kagome called for the little bunny girl when she noticed she was kinda sad. "Is something wrong?..."

"Hm... no... I just hope Ryuuta jii-chan is ok..."

"Is he a relative of yours??..." asked an intrigued Shippo.

"No! but Ryuuta jii-chan is a good person... he comes to the village sometimes when he runs out of food... the people here don't like him but I do! He's teaching me how to make jewels! Well, not with youkai bones... but with normal beads... he's good!!" stated a smiling Aibon.

"Keh... now what... eh?..." Kasha found himself stepping back as Aibon leaned towards him with a cute intrigued face as she stared at the lollypop he was eating and then at Shippo.

"What is that??" she asked while pointing at him.

"What is what??..." he asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

Kagome smiled as she reached for another lollypop to give to her. "Here... it's called candy... try it! you'll like it!..."

"Candy..." Aibon whispered with widened and sparkling eyes as she stared at the colorful sphere between her hands. She sniffed it a couple of times before she tried it. "Waaa!!! Sweet!!" she said in a cheerful tone of voice as she begun eating the candy.

"Well, there's nothing else to do here but wait..." stated Miroku as he stood up.

"Where are you going Houshi-sama?..." asked a suspicious looking Sango.

"Eh?... oh don't worry, don't worry... I'm just going to take a walk... you know... to check out the surroundings..." the monk stated with an innocent smile on his face.

Everyone stared at him suspiciously now. "Feh!... yeah right... you know there are no human girls around here don't ya?..."

"Inuyasha your comment is offensive... I would never..."

"Feh!! I'll go with you then... I want to check this place..." stated Inyasha as he walked towards the door, followed by Miroku.

"Pervert..." Sango muttered while looking at the monk's back.

"WAAA!!!!" everyone jumped back, startled by the loud scream. "Aibon wants more!!! Candy, candy, candy... CANDY!!!!"

Sweat drops fell from everyone's heads as they stared at the hyper girl run around the room.

"Hehe... too much sugar for you there Aibon-chan..." stated Kagome with an awkward smile on her face.

The hours passed and everything seemed ok. Shippo was outside playing with Kirara and Aibon, she was teaching him how to make bracelets out of seeds and he was just having lots of fun making them. Sango had gone with Miroku in search for some food and to ask the villagers for more information about this place. Inuyasha was resting on a tree branch above Aibon and Shippo.

Outside the hut, Kagome sat watching the children play. Her gaze turned towards Inuyasha's sleeping form and drew a slight smile on her face. He looked so cute and innocent when he was sleeping. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice Kasha was now standing behind her and staring at her as she stared at the sleeping hanyou.

"You like him or something?..." he asked in a mocking tone of voice. Kagome turned towards him slightly blushed and with an angry expression.


"You're staring at him like he was a piece of meat..."


Kagome held her shaky fist up as Kasha held a teary expression.

"What'd you do that for witch!! It's true!! You're staring at him like he was the last piece of meat on the table!! Geez!!"

"Well you get that for being noisy!!..."

"So you don't like him then?..." Kasha's eyes showed a little surprise when he noticed Kagome's softened expression. They stayed silent for a while before Kagome spoke again.

"Have you heard the saying 'If you love someone... you've got to set him free'...?" asked Kagome as she smiled sweetly while staring at Inuyasha.

Kasha blinked at her a couple of times and then turned his gaze towards Shippo and Aibon."Keh!"

Kagome turned towards him in surprise. "Have you ever heard the saying 'if you let the one you like leave you're stupid'??..."


Kasha glared at her from the corner of his eyes and found himself blushing at her sweet smile. "Eh??...what are you smiling for?? Keh! I don't even know why I said that you grown ups are stupid with your love problems! you suck!" he stated finnaly before he got to his feet and started to walk towards Shippo and the little bunny girl.

Kagome smiled as she watched Shippo runnig up to him and jumping to his shoulders, then Aibon doing the same and jumping to his head. Kasha's funny angry look and movements as he tried to get rid of the two annoying youngsters made Kagome smile sweetly.

" Leave the one you like and you're stupid..." she giggled softly as she remembered his funny words. " I think that's a better saying..."

Inuyasha jumped down of his tree with an annoyed look on his face.

"Oi!! Stop making so much noise!! Cant you see I'm trying to sleep here!!"

"Waa!! Inu-chan is upset..."Aibon stated with a mocking tone of voice and expression.


"Whahahahahaha... Inu-chan!!" Shippo started making fun of his new nickname, but oh was he going to be sorry.


Shippo started crying while running away from Inuyasha, a huge bump placed on his little kitsune head.

"Waaaa!!! Inuyasha!!!!"

"Come here you little brat!!" snapped an angry looking Inuyasha.

"Keh!!..." stated Kasha with a grin on his face and with aibon on top of his head.

Inuyasha turned to him with his annoyed expression. "What?? Don't you 'keh' me you weasel!!"

"Who are you calling weasel INU-CHAN!!!" Kasha mocked him.

"Kagomeeee!!! Help us!!!" yelled Shippo as he and Kasha ran away from Inuyasha.

Kagome smiled and then sighed before getting up with a smirk on her face. "Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha turned to her with a puzzeled look on his face. "Osuwari!!"

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