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chapter six~ Unwanted Guests


"So, did she explain everything to you?" Draco asked as Angel came to join him for supper. "Thanks to that we missed my chance for actually getting a job.." he muttered.

"She told me I period and that guys didn't like hearing about periods and that's why you went berserk on me."


"She also explained to me about sex because she knew that SHE would have to sooner or later."

Draco spat up his drink.

"I think it's disgusting. She ALSO told me that's why she broke up with you--" Inhaling and exhaling slowly, Draco tried not to get angry. "Because you and my mother MADE me."

"UUH, shut up." What a bitch he thought bitterly. That was the LAST thing he wanted his daughter to hear, that she was a drunken, love affair mistake.

"She's cool. I like her. She said she'd be coming around more often because you couldn't raise me on your own."

"Oh...goody." Draco said in an unamused tone.


Draco folded his arms leant against the bathroom door. He was expecting to have a nice warm bath in the biggest bathroom in the house but this just HAD to be the day that Angel picked this bathroom to occupy. "How much longer?"

"Uuuh-- Could you get Hermione here?"

"No. Live with whatever it is."

"But I--"

"AND I don't want to know what it is."



"I'll get the wizarding social services here so fast--"

"WHAT? No!"


"Fine." Draco retorted and left to get a house elf to fetch her. Why didn't he just let her get social services? He wasn't to happy with the fact that Hermione had put some weird charm on his daughter that made her think that she was cool. WHO would think that Granger was cool? He also didn't like that fact that it made him have to call on her again when she knew that she would have to help him out again. And most importantly he didn't like the things Hermione was telling his kid.


It wasn't long after Hermione was asked to come here that she arrived at his door step. Bloomy greeted her just like she greeted all the guests with her friendly welcoming smile. Draco hurried to the entrance the moment he heard Bloomy greet her and someone else.

When he approached the door he noticed that there was a small boy accompanying her. "Oh for fucks sakes, don't tell me--" Draco paused noticing Hermione's stern look. The boy was undoubtedly a Potter, he resembled his arch enemy he knew so well, same jet black hair, green eyes, glasses and knoby knees. "It's a miniature Potter without the fucking ugly scar." he spat narrowing his eyes at the small boy who flashed him an annoyed look and inched closer to Hermione. "So, Potter's got himself a kid."

Hermione gave him a no shit smile and took the young boys hand and inivited herself in. "You said it was an emergency...I was babysitting at the moment...I really had no choice but to bring him."

"Merlin, Potter gets a boy, how unfair."

"So, where's that sweet little girl of yours?" Hermione asked giving him a small smile.

"Third door, second floor to your left. BUT, I DO know what you told her the other day...please do try hard not say anything ELSE." Draco hissed through clenched teeth as Hermione hurried up the stairs. "Bloomy, get this boy something to eat...I dunno...anything."

"Can do, Master." Bloomy said bowing to the young boy and leading him to the kitchen.

Hermione was slowly taking her sweet time down the stairs on a matter of minutes later. She noticed Draco watched her and frowned at him slightly. "...Uuuh...false alarm."

Draco folded his arms stubbornly and plopped down into a near by arm chair feeling greatly annoyed. "I wouldn't have called you over here if my daughter wouldn't have threatened to call social services.

"You haven't changed one bit you know that." Hermione told him coldly, narrowing her eyes. She sat herself down across from him in a cushioned chair. Draco rolled his eyes and looking down at his feet not wanting to look at her.

The awkward silence was broke when Angel came zipping down the stairs and into the kitchen with a huge goofy grin on her face. Hermione smiled in amusement after the young girl. "You know, Angel is a sweet child. Your lucky to have shouldn't take that for granted." Draco didn't answer her, though knowing she had no right to him this. "I've always wanted a kid like her."

"Aren't you still with Weasley." Draco asked boredly trying to change the subject.

Her smile faded lightly and she shook her head, "No."

"Any tea, Miss Granger?" a small house elf asked poiltely with a bow.

"Yes." Hermione answered. The door bell rang. "And make that for two please."

"I'm not in the mood for tea." Draco answered rudely glaring her direction.

Hermione gave him a mischievous smile, "It's not for you."

Flashing her a suspicious look, Draco stood up and made his way for the door and answered it. "Mafloy?" the framilier person on the other side of the door way spat with distaste.



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