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*** character change, time lapse, you get the picture

Chapter Thirteen

Katsuya stretched his legs out as far as they would go to keep up with Seto's angry stride. He eventually gave in and settled for the slightly embarrassing walk of taking two steps for each of Seto's lengthy ones. The two were on the first floor of the TV station that had aired the video tape. Seto had gone there to complain about airing something that was 'so obviously a complete invasion on our private lives'. Katsuya had insisted that Seto let him tag along.

"Mr. Kaiba!" A middle aged woman from the desk exclaimed. Her eyes darted side to side, searching for someone to save her from Seto's inevitable wrath. No one came.

"Tell me where the president is." Seto demanded. Katsuya crossed his arms and nodded sharply, trying to look mad as well.

"Erm...they--um, they are in a meeting right now...but, but if you could just wait a moment--" The woman stuttered.

"I'm not going to wait." He stated and stepped closer to her. She gave a frightened little squeak. "Tell them I'm here."

"Right! Of course, sir!" She fumbled with the buttons on her phone and spoke into the speaker. "Sirs?"

There was some mild grumbling on the other line accompanied by some hurried apologies in regards to the interruption. Then a strained voice said, "We are in the middle of a meeting. I'm sure this can wait till later."

"And I am sure it cannot." Seto replied, cutting the woman off before she had a chance to speak.

There was silence. "Who is this?"

"This would be Kaiba Seto."

Katsuya could hear a few angry curses in the room, not to mention a couple muffled chuckles. The man on the phone was not one of the people who found it humorous. "K-Kaiba Seto? Please, come up. We had hoped to be speaking with you."

Seto snorted. "For some reason I doubt that." And he hit a button on the phone, effectively ending the call. His attention turned back onto the woman. "Well? Where are we to go?"

She shrunk back. "Um, floor 56, office 118, Kaiba sir."

Seto didn't reply to her and took right off to the elevator. Katsuya followed behind him, but spared a moment to thank the woman and flash her a smile. Seto really could scare the hell out of people.

'Of course,' Jou thought languidly as he watched Seto walk. 'That's one of the things I find so hot about him.'

The elevator was empty and rather large, but Katsuya still huddled close to Seto. He looked up at his boyfriend; Seto didn't really appear angry, not even to him, and he had gotten pretty good at reading his moods. No...he looked more irritated than actually angry.

The doors parted and Seto's long strides began again. Katsuya groaned, he had been practically jogging all morning to keep up with his boyfriend. His arm snapped out and caught Seto's sleeve. "Would you slow down a little? This isn't a race, you know."

Seto slowed and looked down on him. "Sorry." And he started walking at Jou's pace.

"Why are you so upset?" Katsuya blurted out. All day his mind had been bursting with this question. "You're not that embarrassed that everyone knows...are you?"

The other boy stopped and stared hard at Katsuya. "I'm not embarrassed at all that people know about us, puppy. I'm glad they know."

"Then why are you so upset?!" He reiterated.

Seto ran his hand through hair. "This wasn't how I wanted people to find out. Especially not your friends. Mokuba was the only person I would have to worry about, but he knew about us before I did. I just figured you would have wanted to tell them yourself. Besides, this station ruined my plans."

Katsuya opened his mouth to say that it didn't matter that his friends found out that way, but he hesitated. "Plans? What plans?"

"I was planning on coming out and introducing you in a press conference." He answered, his cheeks holding a little bit of color. "I wanted everyone to hear from me. I didn't want them to think that I was trying to hide this."

Katsuya blinked at him a few times before smiling widely and kissing Seto. "You're sweet."

"And that!" Seto hissed. "They showed how I act around you."

"And that's a bad thing because...?"

"It's not the image I hold in business. I worked for years to create that image."

Katsuya pursed his lips thoughtfully then grinned. "Don't be stupid. Everyone still thinks you're an evil genius in business. Just because I happen to be your weakness doesn't mean anything; I don't have anything to do with Kaiba Corp."

Seto arched an eyebrow. "Weakness?"

"Yeah, weakness." Katsuya stepped closer and dragged his finger down Seto's chest, silently thanking the fact that the hall was entirely empty. He smirked up at Seto and barely managed to stop himself from laughing. "Admit it. I make you go all weak and fuzzy inside."

Seto smiled and rested his forehead on Jou's. "Come on, puppy. They're waiting." He gave Katsuya another light kiss, grabbed onto his hand and led him to the office. Seto didn't even knock once before the door swung open.

Inside there were four people; a business woman with black mid-length hair, a balding man in an expensive blue suit, some young casually dressed man (probably around 25) with long light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and Yakkaimono Mina, the woman who did Public Eye. The eyes of the first two held a glimmer of apprehension, but their numerous years in the business world did not permit them to show that. Yakkaimono was fighting a grin as her eyes fell on Katsuya's hand which was still being held by Seto. The young man, however, was so scared he was shaking.

"Mr. Kaiba and...Mr. Jounouchi. I'm pleased we can meet and sort this whole grievous matter out." The woman said a bit uncomfortably. "I am Mochinusha Ayako, you may call me Ayako. I am the president of this station. This," She gestured to the well dressed, bald man. "Is Mochinusha Hirosho, my brother. He is the vice president."

"Do feel free to call Hiro." He offered.

"I'm sure you're both familiar with Mina," Her otherwise pleasant voice tensed a bit as she addressed the smiling woman.

"Pleasure to meet you both!" She said and stretched out her hand. Katsuya shook instantly, Seto however just scowled at it. She chuckled at the response.

"And this," Ayako said glaring. "Is Unga Sota."

"Hello." The man said in a wavering voice.

The woman and man seemed angry that the younger one had said even that. "Now, if you wish we can contact our attorneys right now--I presume yours are already on their way here so-"

"Wait." Seto interrupted. "Attorneys?"

"Well, yes." The bald one said. "You are suing us for airing that segment, aren't you?"

"No. I'm not angry, just irritated."

Katsuya's eyes flashed with triumph. He knew it!

"Oh." The woman said quietly, but it was apparent she was relieved, if one looked her in the eyes that is. The young man looked as if he had died and gone to heaven.

"I came here to tell you that putting that on the air without my consent was a tremendous violation of mine and Katsuya's privacy. And that I want you to do a follow up on that segment."

"Of course, of course. We'll explain that the entire thing was a huge misundersta-"

"No." Seto again interrupted. "It wasn't a misunderstanding at all. I simply want her," he pointed at Yakkaimono, "To state that we have confirmed our relationship. We can do the confirmation on air, if necessary. I would also like this to be done as quickly as possible."

Seto, the two older people, and Yakkaimono, talked about various ways to implement it. Katsuya was watching the young man, who still looked exceptionally nervous, with confusion.

"Hey Sota?" He said to him.

The man jumped. "Y-yes?"

The man's apprehension was starting to make Katsuya nervous, too. "Um, I can see those two being here, and I can see Yakkaimono being here, but I don't understand why you're here."

He fidgeted. "Oh...well, you see I was the one that shot the video."

"How did you know we'd be there?"

"I didn't. I was at the park doing some video of the plants for a garden segment next week. I saw you two and, well, I recognized Kaiba so..."

"Yeah, I get it." Katsuya said. Then flushed a little as he continued, "Can I have a copy of the tape?"

The other four people abruptly stopped talking and looked at Katsuya.

"You want a copy?" Seto repeated, staring at the blonde incredulously. "That's why you pestered me all morning about coming with me?!"

Katsuya tilted his head to the side. "Yeah. Why else would I?"

Seto rolled his eyes. "Why don't you just ask Shindou? I'm sure she taped it."

"I did. She said she couldn't find a blank tape in time. Kinda lucky you got all indigent and decided to come down here!" Katsuya finished with a cheerful grin.

Seto blinked at his boyfriend, but remained silent. The two older people were unsure as to how to respond, Yakkaimono was giggling, and Sota was just happy he wasn't in trouble.

"I'm sure there's one in the back. I'll get it if you want." The young man smiled, his nerves finally set to ease.

Katsuya and Seto soon left the TV station, video tape in hand. It had been decided that the follow up would be on some time that week. Seto had given the people at the station more information about their relationship so it wouldn't appear as if he was simply admitting to something. Yakkaimono had been in charge of getting the information, so there were numerous questions unanswered. ("So why don't you tell the people about your sex life?" She had asked to which Seto promptly replied, "Why don't you tell the people about your unemployed life?" "Heh heh, moving right along...")

"I can't believe you actually asked for a copy."

"I wanted one. I didn't get to see it, you know." Katsuya told him, looking fondly at the video.

"You know, when Yakkaimono said that they had video feed of us, I sort of thought they were talking about a ...less appropriate video." Seto muttered to him.

"Is that what you're planning on doing tonight?" Katsuya asked, remembering his promise to Seto.

Seto shook his head, his face lighting up at just the thought of what he had planned. "No, it isn't. You'll see what it is when we get back to my house."


Seto led Katsuya up the stairs, his blue eyes held a mischievous glint and the corners of his mouth were curled up in excitement.

"So, what am I going to do?" Katsuya asked almost as quietly as a whisper. Seto frowned. The puppy shouldn't be nervous. By the time he was done, Katsuya would be begging to play his little game every night.

He tilted his head to kiss Katsuya's hair. "You'll see, puppy. You need to be more patient."

Katsuya nodded automatically and entered the bedroom. He turned around and gazed at Seto, expecting his orders. Seto smiled and wrapping his arm around Katsuya's waist he pulled the boy into a kiss. A soft sigh escaped the blonde's lips as he was released and guided to the bed.

Seto motioned for him to sit on the mattress and once he did he was promptly straddled by the brunette. Seto licked at his neck and sucked gently, drawing out a moan from the boy below him. His steady hands lifted the puppy's and his shirt over their heads--unfortunately requiring breaking the neck kiss for a moment-- and tossed them somewhere in the room. He then lowered his lips to Katsuya's stomach so he could work on getting rid of the jeans and still taste his lover's skin. Jou had kicked off his shoes and managed to get his socks off as well by the time Seto was ready to take the pants off.

Seto inwardly chuckled at how eager Katsuya was. 'If he thinks this is good...'

The pants soon joined the shirt, leaving Jou clad only in his boxers.

'Wait a second...' Seto stopped kissing his boyfriend's stomach and was met with pleading yet angry eyes.

"Why did you stop?!"

"You stole my boxers." Seto pouted lightly. "First my shirt and now them. They're my favorite pair t--mmph!"

Katsuya cut him off by a greedy kiss. Not that Seto minded. The puppy pulling him farther up on his body was actually perfect for his plan. He smoothly pulled Katsuya's hands off his shoulders and laid them on the bed. He crept up Katsuya and began kissing up the arms he had coaxed in to straightening. As he moved up, Katsuya kissed his chest and by the time Seto had reached his wrists the blonde had taken a nipple in his mouth.

The moan released didn't completely drown out the sound of clinking metal.

Honey eyes snapped open. Seto smirked, sat back on Katsuya's legs, and watched the puppy's facial expressions change rapidly. The pretty brown eyes darted up to his wrists only to see them restrained to the headboard of the bed.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He jerked his wrists and nothing happened. So he did it again. And again. And then one more time for good measure. Each time a little more frantic than the time before. "HANDCUFFS?!?!"

"That's right, puppy. Handcuffs. Stainless steal ones, too."


Seto shook his head. "No. This is what I wanted."

Katsuya arched a brow. "You want me tied to your bed?"

A small smile spread across Seto's face.

"You have serious control issues, Seto." He glowered. "Now let me go!"

"I didn't just want you tied to my bed, puppy." Seto assured him, ignoring Jou's demand for release.

"I swear, Seto, if you do anything...sadistic, I will so-"

"I'm not going to. I just want you to feel what I feel when I'm with you." Katsuya blinked at him, clearly confused by what Seto could possibly mean so he continued on. "You drive me insane, Katsuya. The little sounds you make, the ways you move your body...I just can't think my mind is so full of you."

"That's what happens to me, too." Katsuya told him.

"Yes, but you found a way to stifle it."

He received a doubtful look from the bound boy. "I did?"

"Yes. You touch me. Don't think I haven't noticed. Every time your body is being hit with pleasure, you'll run your hands over my sides or through my hair or where ever so the pleasure doesn't overwhelm you. Well," Seto's grin widened. "Not tonight. Tonight I'm going to make you crazy with want."

Katsuya gulped. His eyes looked torn between fear and arousal. Other parts of him, however, were much more decisive.

Taking the other boy's silence as permission to begin, Seto relieved him of his remaining article of clothing. His eyes scanned over Katsuya's lithe body stretched out, naked, and absolutely vulnerable. Seto unconsciously licked his lips and found himself with a problem. He had no idea where to begin. Sure, he knew what he wanted to do, but there were so many places he could start! He reminded himself that this was about his puppy, but Seto would have been lying if he said the sight of Katsuya absolutely helpless and at his mercy didn't turn him on. Katsuya's breath had picked up considerably. His cheeks were flushed and he was nervously nibbling on his bottom lip.

Just like he was their first time together.

Seto finally decided to start on Katsuya's legs, or inner thigh, to be precise. He licked the soft skin and left a few marks from gentle biting. He smiled to himself as he saw Katsuya's body responding to the treatment.

"Mmm...Seto..." Katsuya breathed contentedly as he moved to the other thigh and repeated his actions. He forced himself to not smirk.

He traced his tongue over the hipbone and delved it a few times into the navel before resuming his path up Jou's chest. His hands were busy stroking Katsuya's sides and shoulders and he was pointedly ignoring the erection Jou now had. He would get to that later.

Katsuya gasped as Seto flicked his tongue over his hardened nipple, his brown eyes clenched and mouth parted slightly to expel his rapidly increasing breaths. His back was arching off the bed as he sought more of the torturous sensation. Gentle kisses were placed on Katsuya's chest as Seto explored each part of it. Every expanse of skin was moist from his licking and the taste of Katsuya's skin lingered on Seto's tongue.

"Se-Seto...please..." Katsuya panted.

Seto moved farther up and sucked on the lobe of Katsuya's ear. "Hm? What do you want?"

"It hurts!" Came the urgent reply. "Please, just...just do it, please..."

He paused, appearing to think for a moment, before answering. "I don't think so. You don't want it nearly bad enough yet."

A groan of frustration reached Seto's ears. He back down onto Katsuya's stomach while his fingers played with his nipples.

His blue eyes watched Katsuya carefully. Timing was everything in this and he wasn't about to jeopardize his fantasy of giving his boyfriend the best sex of his life just because he was too hasty. For the sake of success, he had to push aside his own arousal. Not to mention the nerves that had embedded their way into his stomach. He couldn't help his apprehension. He had never done something like that before, and if he messed up in anyway the entire endeavor could be fouled. He focused on Katsuya again. 'He's still not looking at me...heh, this is perfect.'

Taking in a deep (and not too calming) breath, Seto squashed his worries and flicked his tongue over the head of Katsuya's erection. Jou's eyelids flew open with a mixture of shock and lust in their depths. Seto smirked at the attention and leisurely ran his tongue across again, never breaking eye contact. Katsuya's entire body shuddered.

Seto crawled up on his boyfriend and kissed his throat. He didn't even need to look at his face to know Katsuya was glaring murderously at him. He smiled sweetly at his face. "What's wrong, puppy? You look upset."

"You stopped." Katsuya's teeth were clenched.

Seto nodded. "Of course I stopped. Twice is more than enough, don't you think?"

A primal groan of yearning erupted from the blonde's throat. Seto frowned. "You...don't think it's enough, puppy?"

"NO!!" He shouted.

Seto's voice dropped to a breathy whisper. "Then what would be enough, Katsuya? Me licking and sucking at you till climax? Keeping you inside my mouth while your entire being builds up, shatters in a moment of indescribable bliss, and then puts it self back again? Or would enough be me pounding you into the mattress? Forcing you to moan and scream my name in delight as I hit you in that spot deep inside you over, and over, and over, and ov-"

"DAMN IT! JUST DO IT!!" Katsuya was close to tears.

Seto smirked. "Do what? You haven't told me which one."

Katsuya flung his head back into the pillow and Seto could see a few tears sliding down his cheeks. He wasted no time in licking the salty water off. He worked his way over to Katsuya's ear once more.

"Do you want me?" He asked.

Katsuya nodded his head frantically. "Please..."

"I will...but you have to watch. No closing your eyes, puppy. All right?"

Katsuya opened his eyes and stared into Seto's. In a choked voice he repeated, "Please."

Seto positioned himself in front of Jou's erection. The brown eyes were fixated unwaveringly on him. He licked at the head and the eyes widened and glazed, and Katsuya's jaw dropped with a soft, begging moan.

Seto ran his tongue across the underside of Katsuya's erection, reveling in the sounds and shivers he causing from him. He took part of it inside his mouth, holding Jou's hips down with his hands to stop the boy from bucking and gagging him. He sucked on the length a few times before drawing back a little to swirl his tongue around the tip, and then sucking again.

Katsuya had kept to his word and had his eyes still on Seto, however they were so clouded over Seto doubted the boy could see him clearly anymore.

A hand left Katsuya's hip, but the boy still couldn't move properly due to the other hand (Seto was sure it would leave a bruise). Seto's hand fumbled for a bottle of lotion he had stored beneath the bed. He coated his fingers liberally.

Katsuya was too preoccupied with Seto's mouth to notice anything else.

Seto continued to suck, his eyes dancing. Everything was going perfectly. He the length deeper into his mouth as he slowly pushed his finger into Katsuya's entrance. Seto indulged in the gasp that had escaped from the Katsuya's mouth. He soon pressed in the other two and was met with little resistance. The fingertips began to feel around, looking for that one spot.

Seto couldn't stop his snicker at the jolt Katsuya's body gave when he did manage to find it.

Katsuya's eyes were no longer on his but rather clamped shut, but that was okay. Seto didn't mind given the way the puppy was reacting. His entire body was trembling and flushed and sweaty, and his head was thrashing side to side. He had clenched his hands into fists so tightly his knuckles turned white. He was screaming louder than Seto had ever heard him. The scene set Seto off, and he began sucking and thrusting with more determination.

Suddenly, Katsuya's body tensed and stilled for just a moment, before he let loud scream and climaxed. Even though he had been expecting for that to happen, it still surprised Seto. He swallowed every drop he could, silently musing just how good Katsuya's come tasted. It was like Katsuya only...more intense. He instantly liked it.

He pulled his fingers out and licked at Katsuya gently to clean him.

Seto made his way up the bed and tenderly undid the handcuffs. His head dropped on Katsuya's shoulder and he lightly kissed him once before he pulled the boy into his arms. Jou's breath was ragged and his hair was sticking to the side of his sweaty face.

"Is...is that really how I make you feel?" Katsuya's voice was hoarse.

'Probably from all the screaming.' Seto reflected, then answered. "Yes, it is, puppy."

Katsuya broke out into a huge grin, his eyes still dazed and unfocused. "Wow. I must be a sex god!"

Seto chuckled and clutched onto him tighter.

"Hey--wait a minute," Katsuya frowned. "You're still in your pants."

"Yes, I am."

Katsuya's eyes narrowed to a leer. "Want me to repay the favor, Seto?"


From the second Katsuya and Seto stepped onto the school yard everyone fell silent. Their eyes followed the two boys expectantly. Eventually, the sound came back, only it was now a mass of hushed 'There they are.', 'It was on the news!', '...Yeah, together in that way...', 'Notice how they both came in together? Do you think last night they...'

As they got about half way up the walk (AKA the middle of the whispers) Katsuya whirled around and snapped, "What the hell are you all staring at?!"

No one answered. They all looked shocked that he had noticed their "subtle" looks.

Seto placed his hand on Katsuya's shoulder and steered him back towards the trees by the building. This innocent touch sparked the whispering to come back in full enthusiasm.

Katsuya shoved his hands angrily into his pockets and grumbled beneath his breath. He snuck a glimpse at Seto and glowered. The other boy was almost smiling. Had it been just him and Katsuya, Seto would have been laughing, of that Jou was certain.

"What's so funny?"

"You." Seto replied. "You're cute when you're angry."

"Doesn't that make you just a tiny bit upset?"

"Are you kidding?" Seto looked at him incredulously. "That was the first time in three years I was able to walk into the school yard without being accosted by girls who wanted to date me."

"But...but they were all whispering and staring at us!" Katsuya threw a glare back in the direction of the people, many didn't even have the courtesy to stop staring just for the second when he looked at them.

"True. It is rather stupid, isn't it? We haven't even done anything yet to really warrant their attention."


Seto cut him off by sweeping him into a bruising kiss. Katsuya looked at his peers once Seto let him go. Some were crying, some were gaping, some were blinking, some were smiling triumphantly at their friends who were gaping and blinking, and some were grinning madly.

"Hmm," Jou said softly. "That was nice."

"Just forget all about them, okay puppy?" Seto turned his back on the large group. "All that matters is that we're together."

"I know that. So..." Katsuya blushed a little. "Want to find a more private place and keep kissing?"

"I suppose we cou-"

"JOU!!" A voice screeched behind him. "IS IT TRUE?! IT ISN'T TRUE, IS IT?!"

Katsuya turned to see Honda running up to him breathlessly. "It's true. Me and Se-"

"NO!!" Honda interrupted with a despairing voice. "You can't be gay!"

Katsuya glared at his friend and tried not to show how his words had hurt him. "What the hell is your problem? You didn't act this way when Yuugi and Ryou came out."

"Huh?" Honda looked a little confused, then his eyes widened in understanding and he waved his hand to dismiss what Jou had said. "Oh, I don't care about that. But who am I supposed to pick up girls with now?!"

"...I never picked up girls with you."

"But at least before there was the possibility!"

"No there wa-"

"Well, there was in my mind!" He snapped. A low sigh came out of him. "Now what am I gonna do?"

Katsuya shrugged. "Ask Otogi to go with you. He likes guys and girls."

Honda scowled. "I can't go picking up girls with Otogi, he's too pretty! They'll all want to go with him! At least with you I stood a chance."

"Aw gee thanks. My self esteem is just soaring now."

Honda shook his head sadly. "I had plans for us, you know. You and I were going to marry twins! But you," He rounded on Seto. "You had to go and...and seduce him!"

"If you want to be angry at someone for seducing, be angry with him." Seto jutted his thumb in Jou's direction.

"Wait...Jou managed to seduce you? You?! All the girls and some of the guys in school are after you and you fall for him?!"

"Oh that's it, Honda." Katsuya said blandly. "Just keep cutting me down."


"Chop, chop, chop, chop." Katsuya murmured bitterly.

"You know, since all those girls now have to get over the fact that they will never have me no matter what they do, I bet they're pretty vulnerable." He gave Honda a pointed look. "And more susceptible to agreeing to a date..."

Honda's eyes lit up with hope. He slapped Jou on the arm and quickly said good-bye to the two boys and scampered off to find the girls.

"Do you think any will say yes?" Jou looked up at Seto.

"Not really."

"So then why did you tell him that!?" Katsuya frowned. "You got his hopes up for nothing."

"He said Otogi was prettier than you." Seto seethed.

"And that's bad because...?" Katsuya teased lightly, enjoying how upset Seto had become over such a little thing.

"No one's as pretty as you puppy." Seto whispered. A faint blush graced his cheeks.

Katsuya was preparing to respond with another teasing remark, when Yuugi and Ryou appeared.

"Hi, Jou!" Yuugi greeted happily. Only Yuugi could be so happy Monday morning. Ryou gave a short wave. "How are you two doing? I mean, with everyone knowing and all that."

"Okay, I suppose. I could without all the staring and pointing and whispers, but I don't really--uh, Yuugi?" He asked slowly. His friend had been staring at him oddly.

"Did you get hurt, Jou?"

"No...why would you ask that?"

"Your wrists..." Yuugi pointed to the red marks around them. The impressions from where the handcuffs had been had not faded.

Ryou leaned in to inspect what Yuugi was talking about. "Hey, those marks look like the ones on my wrists after Bakura ti--" He stopped talking abruptly and looked between Seto and Jou in amusement. "I thought you weren't into that sort of thing, Jou."

"What sort of thing?" Yuugi asked.

"It wasn't my idea..."

"I figured that."

"What wasn't your idea? What are those marks?"

Seto coughed into his hand to cover up a snicker.

Katsuya flushed darkly and smiled nervously at Yuugi. "Ah, nothing! Nothing at all!"

Ryou flashed Jou a quick smile before addressing Yuugi. "Come on, Yuugi, we should get going to class. Wanna get a good seat after all."

Seto and Katsuya watched as Ryou lead a still very confused Yuugi to class.

"Well," Seto spoke finally. "I guess we solved the mystery as to why Ryou wears long sleeved shirts so much."



The day revered in the minds of young people everywhere. Friday was the day beginning their freedom, as temporary as that freedom may be. They would spend all week anxiously waiting for that day and then jump up happily when it came.

This was not the case for Seto.

This day, in his mind, was in no way a gateway to freedom.

If anything, it was the gateway to hell.

Assuming hell had mandatory dinners.

He ran his hand through his unusually stubborn hair and scowled at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. It had to be today that his hair decided to revolt against him. Seto flipped his head down and shook, hoping when he came back up his hair would just sort fall into place.

It didn't work. And it ended up looking even worse than before.


He brought up a plastic comb and carefully began combing. It looked a tiny bit better. Maybe if he scheduled an appointment with some hairstylist...there had to be one willing to see him on such short notice.

His eye sight drifted to the clock and he released a frustrated sigh. He had to be at Katsuya's in twenty minutes. There was no time for a stylist.

Seto had been getting ready for dinner as soon as he had come home from school that day...and it still wasn't enough time. His shower had taken him twice as long as normal (he had decided to stand under the warm spray to ease his tense shoulder muscles), he couldn't for the life of him find anything half way presentable to wear, and, now, his hair had risen up in mutiny.

Had this been a normal date with Katsuya, he would have been fine. A little thought would have gone into finding a snug shirt, but other than that he'd be ready in a moment. But tonight was different. Tonight he was not only having dinner with his boyfriend, but also his boyfriend's father. The man who had only last week discovered his son was gay and dating a billionaire. All of which he found out by watching the news.

Already the odds of the man liking him were staked against him. If it was under different circumstances, Seto wouldn't have cared if the man liked him or not. But these circumstances were Katsuya. And Seto knew how much his boyfriend loved his father and if the man decided that he hated Seto, and believed that he wasn't good enough for his son, Seto couldn't help but worry about what Katsuya would think. What if he agreed with his father? What if Katsuya left him?

'No.' Seto thought. 'I'll make him like me. Or...at least I'll make him not not like me.' He hesitated in his thoughts. 'Not not like me...?'

He pushed away all thoughts of bad grammar and headed down stairs. He looked good, or as good as he was going to look that night.

"Good luck, Seto!" Mokuba called from his spot on the couch, not bothering to look up from his video game. "Try not to tick Jou's father off too much!"


Seto let out a long, calming breath and rapped on the apartment door three times. The door flung open and he was relieved to see it was Katsuya who had answered. "You came!"

"Why do you sound so surprised?" Seto asked. "I told you I would."

"I know. But I sorta thought you'd duck out of the whole thing from the looks you were sending me at school today." He smiled and pulled Seto inside. His blue eyes immediately fixed on a man standing just a couple feet away.

"Dad, this is Kaiba Seto. Seto, my dad." Katsuya introduced both of them. His smile hadn't faded at all and Seto instantly knew what that meant: Katsuya was just as nervous as he was.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Seto said, holding his hand out. "Katsuya has told me so much about you."

The man took his hand and shook it. "Really? Because he's told me next to nothing about you."

Seto recoiled slightly. He had just met the man and already he made him mad. And his hand stung. He was certain Mr. Jounouchi squeezed him so tightly on purpose.

"Katsuya," the man said, his eyes not leaving Seto. "Why don't you set the table?"

Katsuya glanced at Seto, "Okay..." He replied slowly and sent him an apologetic look.

Seto watched his boyfriend's retreating figure morosely. He was all alone with...him.

"Well have a seat, Seto!" The man said in a friendly manner.

"Of course." He said back just as friendly. 'I'm not falling for it.' Seto thought as he sat. 'This friendliness is just a tactic to get me to drop my guard.'

The two then proceeded in initiating a staring contest of sorts. Seto wasn't going to look away, and it appeared that the man wasn't about to either.

Out of nowhere, Mr. Jounouchi blurted out, "Are you sleeping with my son?"

Seto blinked. "Wh-what?" He mentally cursed himself for the stutter.

"You heard me. I want to know just how serious this relationship is."

"Then why don't you ask Katsuya?" Seto asked with astounding calm. Well, on the outside at least. Inside he was having a meltdown.

"I don't know if he'd tell the truth about this. It is a very personal matter after all."

"I realize how personal it is." Seto ground out.

"Besides, you wouldn't lie." He took a careful sip of a drink that had been on the coffee table and watched Seto over the rim of the glass. "It wouldn't be a good idea."

Seto arched a perfect eyebrow. "Is that a threat?"

"Could be. Are you sleeping with my son?"

"I...shouldn't Katsuya be done by now?" Seto spun his head around and peered at the kitchen's swinging door. "He's been taking an awfully long time."

The man chuckled. "Look, I know that you're nervous. And I don't mean to scare you--well, actually, I do mean to scare you, but that's besides the point right now--I just want to know what's going on with my son."

"I'm not scared of you." Seto said before he could stop himself. Years of practicing not letting anyone think they were above him in any way brought the words forth.

Figures that would be his downfall.

"Yeah, sure you aren't." He frowned. "Quit changing the subject! Are you sleeping with Katsuya or not?"

He sighed. He wanted Jou's father to like him, and being honest -- even though it was painfully obvious that he didn't want to be -- may make the man respect him.

Or kill him. Either way the subject would be dropped.

"I am."

"And that's why he was gone all last Sunday?"

Seto nodded.

The man's eyes narrowed. "And what were those marks I saw around his wrists?"

"Uh..." Seto was saved from answering by Katsuya announcing the table was set.

"Sorry it took so long, but someone decided to hide all the dishes." He glared pointedly at his father.

The man shrugged and sat down. "It's okay. We had an interesting conversations while you were in here."

"Yeah, I kinda guessed that was what you had planned when I found the plates stashed behind the Christmas decorations in the hall closet." Katsuya hesitated. "Do I want to know what you two talked about?"

"No." Seto replied before Katsuya's father could answer. Seto felt like screaming, or breaking something, or just running frantically out the apartment from embarrassment. Seto never felt like that! As a personal rule he never felt that way! Why had he ever agreed to go there?!

A gentle hand rested on his leg and gave his knee a quick, reassuring squeeze.

Oh, right. That.

Jou's father passed out pieces of...meat. Seto didn't have the vaguest idea what it was and he didn't dare ask. Especially when he realized it tasted spongy. Meat was not supposed to taste that way. But he imagined it was some kind of chicken. Some chicken who had suffered a horrible, horrible mutation accident.

"So, how did you two end up together?" Mr. Jounouchi asked. "As far as I always knew, you were always at each other's throats. I can't even remember all the times I had to talk to the principal about Katsuya getting into a fight with you."

"I think it started when I got snowed in at Kaiba Corp with him." Seto answered. 'Honesty.' A little voice whispered to him. 'Be honest and he'll at least have to respect you.'

"I remember that. I sent him out to get a job for that ridiculously high clothing bill." His eyes darted at Seto. "You did hire him, didn't you? It was all your fault anyway."

"My fault? How is his inability to manage money my fau-"

"Dad!" Katsuya cut in nervously. "I've been working at the pizza place. Remember?"

The man faltered for a minute and then beamed at his son. "Of course I remember. By the way, you got a phone call from some girl there."

"I did?"

"Yeah...I deleted the message, though. It was just like some twenty others she sent. Something about you being a traitor and a thief, then she said something about pointy objects but I couldn't catch that part; she was laughing pretty hard by then." He hesitated. "It was actually kinda scary."

Katsuya had paled a little at the mention of 'pointy objects' and Seto had a sudden, irrational desire to hire someone to dispose of all 'pointy objects' at Jou's place of employment. "I wouldn't have had to worry about these things if you had just hired me, Seto."

"I couldn't do that." He replied.

"Why not? You never really gave me a reason."

"You...you distracted me. A lot. I would have been a wreck if you worked with me. And if you worked with me now that we're together, then I would always be thinking about fu-" He cut himself off and glanced warily in the direction of older man at the table.

He was watching Seto with a strained smile. "Don't stop because of me. Carry on." His father said in a low tone that drastically implied for him not to.

And then, in some sad attempt at a peace offering for the snatching of the man's only son's virginity, Seto gathered all his courage and bit into the meat-thing, smiled blindingly, and as confidently as he could said, "This chicken is delicious."

Katsuya flinched and his father sent Seto a slightly annoyed look. "It's ham."

"Oh." He said uncomfortably. "Um, this ham is delicious."

Katsuya's father simply gave him a blank stare.

The rest of dinner went on just as smoothly. Jou's father asking questions and Seto answering them while having his leg rubbed soothingly by Katsuya. In reality, it was doing anything but soothing him. He had to keep reminding himself that Mr. Jounouchi probably wouldn't take too kindly to Seto sweeping everything off the table and having his dirty little way with Katsuya.

Once dinner and dessert (they had--to Seto's horror--banana cream pie) were over, Jou's father had begun putting some of the food away in plastic containers. While he busied himself, Seto and Jou had gone about washing the dishes and whispering to one another.

"What did the two of you talk about?" Katsuya murmured.

"He asked where you got those marks on your wrists, puppy."

Katsuya gaped at him. "What did you say?!"

"Nothing. You interrupted." He glanced at the man to see his back towards the two boys, so he leaned in and kissed Katsuya's cheek quickly. "Thank you. I didn't want to explain that to him."

"Hn. Lucky you." He said a little bitterly. "I wasn't able to get away from the question."

"What? But why would he get the explanation from you and then ask for it from me?" Seto asked, but figured he already knew the answer: Katsuya's father was just a nutty sadist who enjoyed Seto stumbling over his words. Plain and simple.

The blonde shook his head. "No. Not him. Mrs. Shindou."

Seto stared at him. "...You're kidding me."

Katsuya rinsed off another dish. "Nope. The worst thing is she knew immediately what it was from. She was just asking to see what I would say."

"So what did you say?"

"The truth, what else could I tell her? She would have known if I lied. She was a little surprised that you handcuffed me, though. She got it in her mind that I'm the dominate one in the relationship." Katsuya paused and turned a leering eye on his boyfriend. "We should give that a go one of these nights."

"Not going to happen."

"Why not? We did your whole bondage thing."

"And I didn't hear you complaining much during that."

"Let me assure you that being on bottom feels very nice." Katsuya replied, drawing out the word 'very' while wearing a lecherous smirk.

"Well then, why mess with a good thing?" Seto asked.

"It'll be fun!" When it was obvious that Seto wasn't in the least convinced, Katsuya made puppy eyes at him. "Please? I'll do something that you want again." He chuckled a little. "Especially if it's as good as the last thing you wanted me to do."

Seto looked thoughtfully at the soapy water. "Do you remember that picture I have of you?"

"The one by your bed? Yeah, I remember it, you sap." He grinned cheekily at him. "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"I've been thinking of getting some more pictures of you."

"And what? If you get them you'll consider the whole 'role reversal' thing?" Katsuya's tone was hopeful.

"I will possibly think about it. Possibly." He repeated.

"Okay then! I got loads of pictures of me! I can give you school pictures, this one picture of me cooking, one where I'm creaming Honda at basketball, one where I-"

"As nice as those pictures sound, puppy, they're not the kind I'm talking about."

Katsuya gave him a puzzled look. "Then what kind are you talking about?"

Seto chose his words carefully. "More...personal pictures."

"Personal pictures?" Katsuya cocked his head to the side. "Like when I little?"

"No...though I would like those, too. What I mean is private ones." He gave Jou a pointed look hoping he'd catch on. He didn't. Seto sighed. "Provocative pictures, Katsuya."

A red tinge appeared on Katsuya's cheeks and the bridge of his nose. "Oh. Those kind of pictures." His embarrassment seemed to vanish as rapidly as it had come as he stepped closer to Seto, bringing their bodies into contact. He lowered his head and looked through his eyelashes alluringly. "I guess I wouldn't mind having you take a fe-"

"Katsuya! Quit flirting and move on to the next dish!" His father called out behind him. "You've been rinsing that glass for the past five minutes!"

Katsuya's face turned an impossible red and he numbly took the still soapy bowl from Seto and started to rinse. The taller boy snickered at him, but in a low voice said into his ear, "I'll take you up on the offer sometime."

"There." Katsuya said when he rinsed the last dish. "Done."

His father looked up. "Funny how quick it goes when you're not hitting on your boyfriend."

Seto watched as the puppy flushed yet again. It was absolutely adorable.

"Well, Seto," Mr. Jounouchi said. "It was nice meeting you. I'd like to get to know you better in the future. You're not half bad. I suppose my son could do worse." The comment caused Seto to inwardly swell with pride. He hadn't come right out and said it, but the man had implied that he liked him. That he liked him for Katsuya. Seto glanced down at the blonde who looked pleased, too.

"I'd like to get to know you better, as well." Seto replied. "I suppose we should be going."

Mr. Jounouchi's smile faltered. "We?" He repeated.

"Yes, we. Katsuya's staying at my house tonight." Seto answered. 'HONESTY!!!' He thought in a mentally frantic voice.

The man looked at his son, then Seto, then at his son again. "You're going...home with him?"

"Well...yeah." Katsuya said quietly, shuffling his feet and refusing to meet his father's eyes.

Mr. Jounouchi refocused his attention on Seto. "He's going home with you?"

Seto frowned a little. Why had he even said anything?! The man was finally starting to not not like him! "Unless, you would rather he stay here."

"And if he stayed here, am I right to assume he'd just sneak down the fire escape?"

"Knowing him, he'd probably just jump." Seto responded promptly.

The man sighed. "I suppose I can't stop you, and it's not like this is a new thing with the two of you. But from now on, Katsuya, I want you to leave a note or something when you're staying at Seto's to...er, when you're staying at Seto's. All right?"

Katsuya nodded enthusiastically. "Yep! I'll see you some time tomorrow, Dad. Good night!"

Seto and Mr. Jounouchi both gave a short wave and Seto couldn't help noticing the small threatening glare the man had shot in his direction just as he was shutting the door. Oh well. What did he expect? Of course he wouldn't be elated about the thought of his son leaving to go to some boy's house to sleep with him.

"That was great!" Katsuya exclaimed giddily as they made their way to the car. "He liked you! He actually liked you!"

"Is it that shocking, puppy?"

"Well...you do kind of give off this whole keep-the-hell-away-from-me vibe to most people." His voice dropped a little and he huddled closer to Seto. "So, about those pictures..."


The large bedroom was dark, save the small amount of moonlight spilling through the crack between the two curtains on Seto's window. The light grazed over Katsuya's features, giving the boy an unearthly glow. His blonde hair was splayed on the pillow and his eyelashes created black crescents on his cheeks. His mouth was opened just a little, his breath soft and controlled, and he was beautiful.

Seto had propped himself up on his elbow and was watching his puppy sleep peacefully and totally unaware of the scrutiny of the other boy. He brought his fingers up to play with strands of blonde hair. He twirled it around his finger and then released it, watching with amazed fascination at the lock uncoiled its self. Then he would repeat the process all over. He couldn't help but still be at awe at how soft his puppy's hair was. His hand drifted from Katsuya's hair to his smooth cheek. A finger rubbed against it, careful not to wake him.

He leaned his face in, breathing in Katsuya's sweet scent as he did so, and pressed his lips against Katsuya's cheek in a chaste kiss. "I love you, Katsuya." He whispered almost inaudibly into his ear.

"I knew you did." Came a cheeky response.

Seto jumped back, dragging a couple sheets with him. "You're awake?!"

Katsuya turned around to face Seto. His mouth was curved into a mischievous grin. "Uh huh. I started staying awake a little longer once I realized you spend a good hour watching me."

Seto glared at him and hoped silently it was too dark for Katsuya to see the awful blush that had set into his cheeks. He crossed his arms defiantly and flipped around so his back was toward Katsuya.

He heard Katsuya chuckle and his glare at nothing narrowed. Seto could feel the shift in the bed as Katsuya moved closer to him. Gentle lips kissed his shoulder, but he did not respond and continued to ignore the other boy.

Katsuya draped an arm around Seto's stomach and whispered softly, "I love you."

Seto didn't say anything back. Instead, he reached down and clasped Katsuya's hand in his, intertwining their fingers.




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