The Secret

It's short. It's pointless. Oh yeah, and Hotohori and Miaka are a couple I guess. Loosely (and I mean VERY loosely) inspired by Wings of the Moth by Yumiko Kaze. Of course, when I mean inspired, I mean my friend was inspired by that fic and she inspired me with this vignette. And as these author's notes are becoming nearly as long as the fic itself, I'll shut up now.

There are some things you keep from those you love. Even the ones you hold closest to your heart. The news will come to light. I know it will. I wonder what Miaka's reaction will be when she discovers…I'm pregnant.

            The funny thing is…it was just one bet with Taiitsukun that started the whole thing. On a brag I carried a little too far…and hopelessly lost. Upon asking who was the fairest in the land; I had forgotten to take into account that Taiitsukun had another form besides the old crone. That…and her mirrors are biased. I wanted to complain…but one does not argue with the creator of the universe if one wants to keep ones vital parts on ones person.

            So I must bear this burden. Ah ha. What a wonderful pun. Even though I am going to swell up like a balloon, I will still have my wonderful, charming sense of humor. There is really only one problem. I have a strange craving for pickles and ice cream. Perhaps if I knew what they were, things would be easier.

            Let us just hope that Miaka is in a good mood when she finds out. Preferably drunk… Now where did I put that vodka?


Disclaimer: If I have to tell you I don't own them…you need more help then I do.