Loosely based off the hit TV Show, Crime Scene Investigation. In this story, Seto Kaiba is a well known crime scene investigator who has been called on a baffling case. The only two who were at the scene are too troubled to talk, and it seems that any and all evidence that could help track down a killer has been somehow erased. Seto Kaiba doesn't realize that by unraveling this mystery, he's going to uncover a world of cults, ancient magick, betrayal, and the deadliest source of destruction to have ever walked the earth. And even if he gets to the bottom of the chaos, how will he control it?

And now, I give you Unbidden


The car door shut with a resolute snap as Seto Kaiba straitened his collar. Well. This certainly was an interesting sight.

Investigators were bustling about everywhere, yellow caution tape wrapped around every scrap of evidence. Equipment was spread out across the ground, cameras flashed frequently, and in all respects, it was quite noisy.

"Seto Kaiba?" A man with sunglasses asked.

"Hai," was his curt response.

"Kazuki Takahachi, PD," he flashed an identification card and a gold badge.

"What do we have here?"

The man looked towards the heart of the commotion, looking slightly pale under his dark shades. "I sure hope you boys in CSI can figure this out. In all my years, I've never seen anything like this."

"Well?" he probed.

"Double homicide."

"Sounds pretty average, if you ask me." Seto Kaiba did not like to take any case different from any other. As far as he was concerned, there were no special differences between cases. Every killer, every thief, they all left behind evidence, and he thrived in the hunt of what was left behind.

The cop frowned. "You'd better follow me." Without waiting for a response, he turned sharply and walked towards the commotion.

Everyone was, currently, either in the Sweet Nights Motel parking lot, or traipsing though room 2C.

Outside of the door, two young men were sitting on the pavement, one clutching the other as if in an attempt to protect him against something. Neither was looking up, wondering about the huge commotion around them. Their eyes were completely shut, holding on to one another for dear life. Both were surrounded by cops who seemed to be trying to question them, coming up with no answers. Kaiba frowned looking at them.

"What's with those two?"

The cop turned around and looked at them. "We're not sure if we should classify them as troubled witnesses or as the prime suspects. They were found at the heart of the crime scene this morning. One of the tenets had noticed that the door to the room was missing, and took a look inside. A scream and a few phone calls later, I was one of the first on the scene. I'm telling you, Mr. Kaiba, it wasn't a pretty sight. The two of them were just like they are now, holding each other and not responding to any kind of stimulus."

"Have you tried separating them, seeing if then they'll talk?"

The cop shook his head. "That bigger guy, the one that has the wilder hair? Iron grip, I'm telling you. We couldn't wrench him away with a crowbar."

If cops even carried crowbars, Kaiba thought to himself.

"What about the two dead?"

The cop hesitated a moment. "I hope you have a strong stomach, Mr. Kaiba." He stepped out of the door way in which he had been standing.

The first thing that Seto Kaiba noticed was red. Lots and lots of red. Was it a paint? He stepped over the yellow caution tape and looked around, then noticed that the room was permeating a massive odor. His nose upturned in disgust. Some of the red was turning brown, flaking off the walls. It was everywhere. There wasn't a surface in that tiny little motel room that wasn't covered in red.


In front of the double bed sat two piles of nothing but flesh and bones. Blood was still oozing out of the marrow, many blood veins still attached to the flesh.

Chairs were overturned. The bed was torn and strewn. The head board was missing. A mirror was cracked, fragments splayed across the floor.

This was worse than a horror movie.

Seto Kaiba swallowed, stepped out of the room and walked back out into the fresh air. "Are you sure that it was just two dead?"

Damn, that was a lot of blood for just two people.

The cop nodded. "Surprisingly enough, two broken skulls were found. After all of the pictures were taken, the skulls were packaged and are already on their way to the lab for dental checks."

Kaiba shook his head. Looking over at the two young men huddled on the ground, he seriously doubted that the trembling masses were capable of such slaughter. Besides, there wasn't a spot of blood on the either of them.

He raised an eyebrow. "Are they brothers?" Just now noticing, the two looked starkly similar. Both donned a massive amount of spiky black hair, tipped in a vibrant ruby. Blonde bangs fell like lightning bolts, framing their faces. One had soft white skin, while the other appeared to have seen a few days in the sun, dusky bronze teeming with gold.

"Well, we managed to confiscate a wallet from the smaller one, and we've been running checks on him. No siblings, no extended relatives, clean record, runs the local game shop actually," Kazuki Takahachi ticked off his fingers.

"So they're not related."

"No sir."

"And the other one?"

The cop scratched at his chin. "Significant other, we believe. But we have yet to find a name. The smaller one is Yuugi Motou."

"Hmm." He mused to himself. "Any murder weapons found?"

"A knife and a .22 pistol."

How the hell can one do that much carnage and slaughter in one night with only a gun and a blade?

Seto Kaiba ran a hand through his brown tresses. "This is going to be tough to crack."

"I'll leave you to do your job, Mr. Kaiba." Mr. Takahachi bowed, then walked away. The cop's job was over for the moment. Now it was his job to find the evidence to convict a killer.

Maybe there are two killers? That would explain how all of that could be done in one evening.

In the mean time, though, he had some tests to run on those murder weapons and those skulls. Maybe the cops would have better luck questioning those two supposed witnesses.



Would you like more? You'll never guess what triggered all of this.