Ryo Bakura stared levelly at the head of the CSI department in Tokyo, one Seto Kaiba.

And gods above, did the brunette not look happy.

"I have a problem," Kaiba began.

"So I gathered," Ryo replied, keeping his arms crossed as he starred at the investigator. Kaiba looked just about ready to rip somebody's head off, and Doctor Bakura was going to make damned sure that it wasn't going to be his. He narrowed his eyes, waiting for another reply.

"I was called on a highly unusual case this morning, and I was left with nothing of the victims killed but blood and skulls."

Ryo tilted his head to the side. Blood and skulls? How old was the blood? Skulls were generally from bodies that had been decaying for years, unless there were insectoids that were helping the process along. "How old do you think the skulls are?"

"Those people were alive and kicking last night. This morning, there is not a scrap of flesh left on their heads, and their bodies are all but unrecoverable."

Ouch. This was a sick killer. "Sounds barbaric."

"Sounds like Satan himself decided to paint the town in his favorite red. Now, I need you to reconstruct these heads and show me what they looked like. If we can at least get that far, perhaps we can ask around if anyone recognizes them, knows their names, where they came from, etc."

The white haired man nodded. "Right." He cocked his head to the side again. Seto hated when he did that. He had known the doctor long enough to recognize when he was up to no good. "So," Ryo started. "It's been a long time since I've seen you. How's Jou?"

Kaiba snarled very loudly. "Peachy, but I'm not in the mood to be messed with at the moment. Fix the damn heads, and get back to me as soon as possible. I have to go over to the police station and see what they can get out of the witnesses that are still in shock."

"Witnesses? How many?"

Seto gave Bakura a sidelong glance. "I'm not at liberty to say." And with that, he turned around abruptly and headed down the hall towards the exit.

"Seto, you bastard!" Ryo called down the corridor. "What a bunch of shit!"

Kaiba laughed for the first time that day as he rounded the corner. And who said he never got the upper hand with his old accomplice from college?

Granted, Ryo would probably tell his identical lover who's first name just so happened to be Ryo's last name all about it, who would in turn take all too much joy making his life a living hell, but at the moment, it was well worth it.


The chief of police was sitting quite calmly, looking with a harsh scrutiny at one of the witnesses at the scene from that morning. The head of the CSI department, Seto Kaiba, was sitting next to him, also looking intently at the man across the table from them.

"So," the chief began, absent mindedly brushing a finger by his die earing. It had, strangely enough, become his trade mark over the years. "What can you tell me about what happened on Friday, July seventh," he asked.

The man shifted a little uncomfortably, keeping his eyes lowered. "I don't remember what happened."

"Really," the chief asked, not really believing. It was amazing what someone would spill with the right incentive. "Why don't you start at the beginning. How did the day start? What did you eat for breakfast? Did you work that day?"

The man closed his large purple eyes, running his hands through his hair. "I-it...it was quite normal. I got up like I always do, made breakfast for me and my lover, opened up my game shop at seven o'clock sharp like I always do..."

"Why at seven," Seto asked suddenly.

"Kids like to buy trading cards just before they go to school. My shop is placed in the middle of most of their routes to school if they walk. It's one of my best times to sell."

"Go on," the chief pressed. "What happened during work? And then after?"

"I...Yami came home from the University, just like he always does-"

"The University," Kaiba spoke up again. "Which one? What does he do there?"

"Tokyo University, of course," Yuugi replied. "He teaches there. Art History, Prehistoric to Neo-Classical. He had a lecture that he gave yesterday on Hellenism and idealistic paintings."

Otogi did not miss the slight perk in Kaiba's demeanor.

"What happened when he came home," the chief prompted.

"He...he..." the man clenched his eyes closed, allowing his head to softly hit the table. "I don't remember. I don't!!"

"Easy, sir, we're not saying that you did anything. If someone tried to hurt you, we want to find them and put them behind bars."

The man didn't answer.

"Motou, Yuugi," Kaiba tried.

He started to cry. "I don't remember! All I can see is red! Leave me alone!! I can't remember!!!"

They sat there for a moment, watching as the man broke down. He didn't look like he was going to let up anytime soon. This was not, by any means, just for show. Something had frightened the life out of him, and now he couldn't remember what it was.

Kaiba got up, just as the chief did. They weren't going to get any more out of him at the moment. They left Mr. Motou in there to cry until he stopped. In the mean time, there was another witness in the process of being questioned.

They left the small room, seemingly un-noticed by the game shop owner.

The chief of police let out a wearied breath. "This doesn't surprise me, you know. I saw that motel room. I'm not surprised that his brain wiped out the memory. It was to protect him from becoming mentally damaged. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen."

Kaiba nodded. "Soldiers from bloody wars such as Korea and Vietnam say they don't remember parts of battles they were in. Some don't even remember carrying wounded comrades back to camp, even though they were decorated for it later. It's a common defense mechanism, but a very bad sign of the damage done." They walked into an even smaller room with a one-way mirror and a tape recorder going. They watched as the officer in the main room questioned the other witness.

"And what happened when you got done with the lecture, sir?"

Angry crimson eyes glared at the cop. Pure defiance that could not be fulfilled without the rise of suspicion. "A couple of the students came up to talk with me. It's something I usually encourage; it drives their ambition to learn when they talk one-on-one with professors and instructors."

"And what did they ask you?"

"They wanted to know what my personal thoughts were on the Hellenic period. I told them that it was one of my favorites. As it turned out, they said they were painters, and they believed that I would make a good subject for some of their paintings."

Kaiba turned his head at this. Again with the painting. And that easel he found in the motel room...

"What did you tell them," the cop asked.

"That I would have to go home and tell my partner about it. That's when they asked if he wanted to come along as well. When I got home, I told him about it, and he said it sounded like a good idea. The students said their studio was set up momentarily at a motel, because they were visiting to hear my lecture."

"He is rather renowned for his knowledge," Otogi conceded, glad that the room they were in was sound proof. "But still..."

"Something's off," Kaiba finished.

"So, we went over to their motel room, leaving our home right around six thirty at night. I don't remember any more of what happened."

"No," the police man asked, also not very believing.

"No, now where is Yuugi? I want to see him."

Seto was surprised at how straight of a face Jou was keeping as he questioned the witness. This man was being nauseatingly difficult.

"Yuugi is fine. Look, if someone hurt you, we want to know so we can find them."

"There is no one! Now where is Yuugi? Tell me!" This Yami's temper was growing.

The chief turned to one of the other police in the room with them. "Go get him," he replied. "There's no more we're going to get out of him, either, but it certainly was a lot more than what we got out of Mr. Motou."

A minute later, just as it seemed that the witness was going to throw something the game shop owner rushed in, throwing his arms around his lover. He sobbed miserably. Yami seemed to calm down immediately, attempting to soothe the incessant tears.

"I've seen enough," Kaiba declared. "This is making me even more aggravated."

Otogi watched as Kaiba left the room.

Out in the hall, Jou even met up with him, smiling sadly. "You."

"You," Kaiba replied. He gave his own lover a chaste kiss. "See if you can find a list of all of the people that attended that lecture. That's out of my jurisdiction."

"Seto," Jou chastised. "You know better than to get your love and work life mixed together."

Kaiba scowled. "Not easy to do when they're one in the same." He looked at Jou pointedly. "You'll get those names."

The officer gave a lazy salute. "I'm on it." He watched as Seto left. "Don't forget those finger prints you guys found!"

Right...finger prints. And murder weapons to investigate, too. So much fun in just one day. Kaiba sighed. To himself. I wonder just how damned long I'm going to be working on this case. "I'm on it," he yelled back. He missed the smile on the blonde man's face.


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