The AfterMath - Chapter 1: Chatrooms Can Be Fun

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Two girls turned around and saw Kagome. "Hey! Are you new?" one of the girls asked. Kagome stopped walking and turned to face them. "Yeah...."

The girl smiled. "My name is Melony. I'm in charge of the Inuyasha Fan Club!" The other girl pushed Melony. "And I'm Lily. I'm in charge of the Sesshoumaru Fan Club!"

"Hey! Don't push me!" Melony pushed Lily. "She's joining MY club!" Lily glared at her. "No way! She's joining MY club!" The two argued as Kagome snuck her way around them.

Kagome tried to get to her class as fast as she could. But she bumped into someone. She looked up at a guy with gold eyes, silver hair, and - were those dog ears?!


I sat in the limo staring mindlessly out the window. Mom and Dad were busy fighting over who knows what. My mom's a miko and my Dad's a hanyou. He has a little Inu Youkai in him. I sighed, getting my mom's attention.

"What's wrong Mayu-chan?" Mom asked. Dad growled. "Hello!! Kagome, we were in the middle of somethin! As I was saying, the servents' ramen sucks, man! You should cook the ramen!!!"

I swear my dad can be sooo childish! Mom says he'll never grow up. And from the looks of it he'll never grow out of his love for ramen. I remember once my mom would say,"Sometimes I wonder.. does Inuyasha love ramen more than me?"

But that time was only as a joke. I dunno about the rest. Oh and my Dad has the tendency to curse infront of me. Mom says I got my stubborness and my lil cursing sprees from Dad.

Usually Mom smacks Dad whenever he says a bad word infront of me. What's wrong with saying fuck, or damn, or shit, or crap, or anything else I've missed?!







T_T in case you're wondering, my Dad calls Mom bitch all the time but he doesn't really mean it. Well at least I don't think he does.

My Dad loves my Mom a lot. He'd never let her down.


¬¬ its best to ignore them. Anyways, there's also my Uncle Souta. He's plain old human like my mom. He's pretty fun but he's often busy with collage. He *does* bring me a lot of video games but I don't really like video games.

Mom says Uncle Souta loved video games when he was younger. I think he's trying to get me to like it to. He still goes to those corny video game conventions. I don't say anything about it though.

My other uncle is from my Dad's side of the family: Uncle Sesshou. Speaking of Uncle Sesshou.. we're on our way to his mansion. He's a full blown Inu Youkai. I think he's my favorite uncle aside from Uncle Souta and Uncle Miro (Uncle Miro isn't really my uncle but he likes it when I call him that ^^;;).

Uncle Sesshou is shit ass rich. Richer than us! My uncle's real name is Sesshoumaru but I prefer Uncle Sesshou. He doesn't seem to mind but when my Dad makes fun of him for that Uncle Sesshou beats him to a bloody pulp.

That's what my Mom and Uncle Sesshou have in common. They enjoy injuring Dad. But Mom told me that when they were in high school Uncle Sesshou and my Dad fought over her.

I think that's pretty sweet! In the end my mom chose my dad and Uncle Sesshou decided to go out with my Aunt Kikyou.

Aunt Kikyou is my mom's twin sister. She's a miko too. A real experienced one I might add. Mom says that in high school Aunt Kikyou was a popular show off who was also really mean. Dad says she was his ex-girlfriend. She also went out with my Uncle Sesshou but they broke up. Uncle Sessho won't tell me why though. Must've been a really bad experience.

Aunt Kikyou and Uncle Sesshou got back together after collage and now they're married and they have a daughter, Karen.

Karen is really pretty. She has gold eyes with long shiny black hair that go up to her ankles. She's a hanyou just like me so I think that's why we get along.

I only hate Cousin Karen for one reason and that's because Kunimori has a crush on her. Who's Kunimori you may ask? Well first off I like calling him Kuni-chan cuz it bugs the living shit outta him.

Kuni-chan is my best *male* friend. He's a friend of the family and he's all human. You see my Mom's best friend is Auntie Sango (she ain't my aunt either but she prefers being called that).

They've been best buds since high school. Auntie Sango is married to Uncle Miro, who is my Dad's best friend.

Uncle Miro is also a pervert. Well at least that's what everybody says. Karen and I haven't seen him do anything perverted actually but Kuni-chan says he does a lot of perverted stuff to Auntie Sango.

Auntie Sango has a fire cat named Kilala. Kilala gave birth to kittens a while back and Auntie Sango gave us one named Kira.

Auntie Sango is the coolest aunt ever!! She has this huge ass boomerang called Hiraikotsu. She hits people with it whenever they annoy her, especially Uncle Miro.

Hiraikotsu is a really old boomerang and she doesn't use it much cuz she's afraid it'll break in half. Auntie Sango's been using it since high school! Mom tells me she even bonked Dad on the head with it a couple times or so! ^^

Now Auntie Sango's son is Kuni-chan. Get how we know eachother? Okay great! Other family friends of ours are Shippo-chan and Rin-chan.

Shippo-chan's a fox youkai and Rin-chan's a human. We went to their baby shower last week. The baby's coming soon! Rin-chan used to be Uncle Sesshou's girlfriend before my mom came to their school.

Uncle Sesshou and Rin-chan won't tell me why they broke up either. ¬¬ What was so bad about it?!?! For instance, Aunt Kikyo! It's not as if she called Uncle Sesshou gay or somethin, jeeze! (A/N: XD)

Well, Dad was about to tell me how they broke up but Uncle Sesshou shut him up before he got the chance.

I'm used to seeing my Dad get beaten to a bloody pulp. A lot of people use him as Uncle Sesshou says,"A stress reliever."

The limo stopped right infront of Uncle Sesshou's mansion. His mansion is twice the size of ours. Dad doesn't usually like coming here because he's jealous.

"Lets get this over with," Dad grumbled. Mom just smiled gently at him and she took my hand. Hello I'm in high school!!!

We walked to the front gate and it swung open for us. "We have fuckin front gates too," I heard Dat mumble behind us.

My mom shot him one of her freaky death glares she learned from Auntie Sango. A butler met us at the door.

"WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLL????!!!" my Dad exploded. The butler cowered in fear. My mom shook her head.


Someone cleared their throat at the doorway before my Mom could beat up Dad. Uncle Sesshou stared at my dad with a raised eyebrow, Aunt Kikyou smiling next to him.

Dad muttered somethin about gay ass older siblings with issues before coming inside with us.

I hugged Uncle Sesshou and he gave me a pat on the head. I hugged Aunt Kikyou next who just gave me a small smile in return.

"Mayu-chan!" I looked up and grinned as I saw Karen coming down the staircase. "Hey!" I called, running up to her.

"You haven't been here for almost two months," she said after hugging me. "What happened?" she asked.

"We were just taking a short vacation," my Mom answered. She exchanged lookes with Aunt Kikyou before the two of them left to have tea.

My Dad crossed his arms over his chest and looked away like he always does when he's not happy.

Karen took my hand and dragged me up to her room. In her room she has two flat screen computers.

One for me and one for her. Same goes for my room. We like to log on and chat with my friends. My screen name is SpiritChild54 because I'm way into ghosts and phantoms and stuff.

I signed on and decided to find someone who was on. Automatically I was invited into a chatroom.

Inside the chatroom were the screen names: Miko2U, M00nPrinc3ss, CetraLord, MakoEyez, FlowerGirl, and SageofDarkness.

Miko2U is my best friend, Midoriko. Her family owns a lot of shrines and she already knows alot of Miko junk, unlike me. I know nothing, nada, zip! about Miko stuff ^^;;.

M00nPrinc3ss is this popular snob at school named Serena. She's your typical blonde with blue eyes. She has the strangest hair style... She's probably in the chatroom because she has a huge crush on SageofDarkness, like me ¬¬

SageofDarkness is Kuni-chan. Weird screen name, I know! Kunimori is just so cute and so nice and.. well.. perfect!! He has black hair and blue eyes. He looks nothing like his mother.

CetraLord is this one guy from school. He's a really cool guy but he doesn't actually talk much. His name is Sephiroth (A/N: XD). He has pretty green eyes and silver hair. Rumor has it that he bleached his hair.

MakoEyez is this incredibly cute guy named Cloud (A/N: XD). He has spiky blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Almost every girl has a crush on him and Sephiroth. But Cloud and Sephiroth don't really get along because they both have a crush on this one girl named Aeris (A/N: XD)

FlowerGirl is Aeris, Serena's best friend. Aeris is actually really nice. And I mean *really* nice. She likes to help out and arrange flowers at the local church. She's only popular because she's super pretty and Serena likes her. Aeris has green eyes and chestnut colored long hair that she always twists up in a braid behind her head.

SpiritChild54 has entered the room

SpiritChild54: Hey! ^^

Miko2U: Mayu! Thank god you came!

M00nPrinc3ss: omg she's saying we're boring!! Listen brat, you're lucky enough to be in a chatroom with moi!

FlowerGirl: Serena that's not nice

M00nPrinc3ss: ¬¬ whatever

SpiritChild54: so... wutcha guys talkin about?

MakoEyez: nuttin really

CetraLord: moonprincess over there is boring us to death with all her beauty tips crap

SpiritChild54: LOL

M00nPrinc3ss: : (

SageofDarkness: hey Mayu how come you weren't home when I called?

M00nPrinc3ss: You guys call eachother?

Haha she's jealous!

Miko2U: can it, god damn it!!

FlowerChild: this is getting no where...

SageofDarkness: go Midori!

Look at that he even has a nickname for her! You can't make up any nicknames at all for me! Why did Kuni-chan have to have a crush on my best friend of all people?!

M00nPrinc3ss: wuteverrrr

CetraLord: stressing on the r... how original

SpiritChild54: haha

FlowerGirl has left the room

M00nPrinc3ss: heyy!! I'm supposed to leave and *then* she goes after me! ooh we are gonna have a serious talk about this!!

M00nPrinc3ss has left the room

CetraLord: Aeris!

MakoEyez: Aeris!

CetraLord has left the room

MakoEyez has left the room

SageofDarkness: what the hell was that?

SpiritChild54: *shrugs* whateverrrr

SpiritChild54: loll jk jk jk!

Miko2U: omg LOLLLL!!

SageofDarkness: hahahahahahahahaha!! XD

He's so cute...

Miko2U: hey guys there's this dance comin up! Who you guyz goin with?

Oh she just had to ask that question! You know what? I don't even wanna know what Kuni's answer is!!

SpiritChild54 has left the room


"Gosh. You've gotten louder," the boy said to her. Kagome glared. "I am not Kikyou! My name is Kagome! KA-GO-ME!" Everyone started whispering. Kagome turned to the people surrounding them. "BEAT IT! STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!" Everyone continued their normal day as if nothing had happened.

Kagome calmed down. "What's your name, boy?" the boy growled at her. "My name is Inuyasha." He smirked. "I-NU-YA-SHA!" Kagome's face reddened. "Forget it! I'm not wasting my time on you, dog boy!" Everyone gasped. Kagome turned around. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO BEAT IT!" The students ran inside their classes, leaving the hall practically empty.



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