The AfterMath - Chapter 2: Costumes and Utter Humiliation

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Kagome looked down at the man on the floor. "Who's that, Sango?" Sango's face was burning red. "That is the school houshi. Stay away from him. He gropes." Kagome's eyes widened and her face froze. "Then what are we standing around here for?! Lets go!" Kagome took her tray and grabbed Sango. Then sat down at the farthest table, away from the houshi.

Kagome looked nervously at Sango. "He groped you?" she whispered. Sango's face grew redder. Then she nodded. "Hello there!" Miroku was standing right by their table. Sango and Kagome gave out a shriek. Miroku looked at them curiously, then took a seat next to Kagome. Kagome scooted away nervously.


I sighed as I continued reading 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' for english class. This book was absolutely boring me to death! I really didn't get the point of this story...

Suddenly Dad swung open the door to my room. Doesn't anyone know how to knock??? I gave my Dad a look saying tell-me-what-you-want-then-get-out-of- my-room.

How do you give your father a look that says all that, you may ask? I'll never tell ^_~

My Dad returned the stare with a raised eyebrow. "Mayu, aren't you supposed to be at that... that thing.... oh shit what's the thing called?"

"The dance?" I offered. My Dad snapped his fingers. "Yeah yeah! The dance! Aren't you supposed to be there?"

T_T;; I shook my head and tried to ignore my Dad by reading some more. "Hey!" he complained.

"I was just curious!" I kept ignoring him. My black, furry ears twitched at the top of my head. I looked up to check on my Dad.

He wasn't there. I blinked and looked at my book. Instead I was looking at a mirror. Okay it wasn't a mirror it was my Dad's eyes staring back at mine.

He was sitting at the edge of the bed like a curious little dog giving me 'The Look.'

"DaaaaaaaAAAAAAdd!!!" I whined. I hated that look of his.. he got whatever he wanted with it!

Of course I use it on my Mom sometimes.... ^^

"What are you reading?" he asked, then he grabbed my book and stood up to look at it. He flipped it around his hands.

After a while of examining it he threw it back to me. I caught it clumsily then I glared at him. He made his way to the door.

As I heard him going down the staircase he yelled: "IF YOU WANTED TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS ASK ME!!"


Later on in the evening Midoriko called. "How come you weren't at the dance, Mayu-chan?" she asked me.

I groaned. "Dances are stupid," I said. I heard her snort at the other end. "Yeah right! You love dances! Heck, you love dancing! So what's the problem? Oh my gosh you should've been there! Oh yeah and can you believe Kunimori asked me to slow dance with him?! Is that crazy or what?"

My claws were practically ripping the comforter. HE ASKED HER TO SLOW DANCE WITH HIM?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

"Hello? Mayu? You there?"

I tried to speak as calmly as possible. Midoriko didn't know I liked Kunimori. "Well what did you say?" I asked her through clenched teeth.

"I said yes of course! I didn't wanna be rude or anything! Besides, we only danced for about fifteen minutes or so."

Oh yeah sure fifteen minutes! Fifteen minutes my ass!! How can you say fifteen minutes?! It must have felt like an eternity to dance with Kunimori! I mean HE'S SO FRIGGIN HOT!!!

I swear, Midoriko has no sense in boys....

"He was looking for you," I heard her say. My eyes widened. Then I felt like an idiot. Of course he was looking for me! I mean duh! I'm his best friend... best friends are always there when their best friends are at a dance... okay that didn't make sense.

A beep noise came from the phone. "Hold up Mi, 'nother line," and without waiting for her reply I pressed FLASH.

"Moshi moshi!" I said as cheerfully as I could into the reciever.


It was Kunimori ¬¬ I knew what he was gonna say.

"I need your help."

Okay nevermind... ^^;;

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Is it anything serious?"

"Yeah," was his answer. I sat up. "What's wrong, Kuni-chan?" I asked worriedly. Was he in danger? In trouble? What?!

"Well you see...." he started. I listened closely. Kunimori needed my help!




The following morning was Halloween. The dance last night was the Halloween dance. Today we could dress up in costumes at school.

My Mom forced me to dress up as Madam Butterfly. I think the name gives away the details of my costume... ¬¬

I sheepishly walked to school, not looking anyone in the eye. Last night I was so mad at Kunimori that I played a practical joke on him.

Instantly I smiled. Today was gonna be hilarious.


I couldn't help but giggle when Kunimori walked inside the classroom. Last night he had asked me what kind of costume he should wear to impress Midoriko.

I told him to dress up as Spongebob Squarepants because Midoriko was a total Spongebob fan.

In real life she isn't. She called him QUOTE a possesed gay ass sponge UNQUOTE.

Kunimori's seat was right beside me. You see, our chairs are connected to our desks so what happened was really funny.

First off, Kunimori was dressed as a huge square. And I mean HUGE! Then there was the face, the clothes, etc.

So Kunimori tried to sit in his desk but his square ass wouldn't fit!

"Dude!" he yelled. "I can't fit!!!!!" The whole class burst into neverending laughter. We were still laughing when Midoriko walked in, wearing an old age miko garb.

"Oh. My. Gosh," she gasped out. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING KUNIMORI?!?!?!?!" she screamed.

I laughed harder. This was utterly precious!! That is, until Midoriko fixed her gaze on me and screamed as well.

"AND WHAT DO *YOU* THINK YOU'RE WEARING, MAYU?!?!?!" After that the whole class turned their attention to me and finally noticed my costume.

I was wearing huge ass butterfly wings on my back and a little pink dress that went up to my knees. My hair was in a bun and a few strands were left hanging down in little curles.

The whole class bellowed at me, even Midoriko and Kunimori.

I guess that's what the bad guys deserve, huh?


Sango just nodded. "He does that to all the girls so don't worry. It's just a sick, perverted question." Kagome got up and walked over the unconscious pervert. "Lunch will be ending earlier than I thought," Sango said, as Kagome grabbed her again. When they left, Inuyasha came in. "MIROKU!!!!!!" he yelled. Miroku woke up and saw a vicious Inuyasha coming towards him. Miroku let out a doggy yelp and ran as fast as he could.

"GET BACK HERE, BAKA!" Miroku ran faster and out the doors of the building. "I'M COMIN' AFTER YOU, MIROKU! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!"



Oh my gosh! School takes up so much of my time its hard to update! Before I updated like every single friggin day! But now I can't do that... too much homework.... and you know.. school stuff.

As for Midoriko's costume, it's exactly what Kikyo wears in the anime series. Mayu's dress is like Tinkerbell's. It's like... ripped kinda at the bottom. Oh yeah I didn't mention Serena! She's wearing the Sailor Moon costume ^^;;

As for Aeris, Sephiroth, and Cloud they're wearing exactly what they wore in the video games.