Author's Note: Wow! Now that it's finished, I kind of miss thinking up things to write it in! I hope this story was enjoyable for you all and I hope I tied up any odd ends. Don't worry about Brian Richards, I'm thinking of a sequel to this story, and you won't know his fate for awhile.

After this story, I think I'm going to take a break from writing fanfics, only because there is an original story sequel in my mind for a story I wrote during the summer, and I need to write it down before it starts taking up too much room in my head. Thanks for all of you that liked this story and stuck with me until the end! It's finally over, everyone!



~45 Years Later~

A little elf who looked no more than three years old ran along the path back to his house. His name was Celebelen and he was running home now, as his father came up behind him. Celebelen had long blond hair like his father, but he had his mother's eyes. As he reached the door, he saw his mother standing, waiting for him with open arms. Celebelen leapt into her arms and hugged her, causing both of his parents to laugh.

"Mommy," Celebelen said as his mother brought him inside to wash up. "Will you tell me a bed time story?" "I will tell you a bed time story," Celebelen's mother said as she helped him unbutton his dirty tunic. "As soon as you get cleaned up and ready for bed."

Soon, little Celebelen was tucked into bed by his father and joined his wife who lay in the bed with their son.

"What story do you wish to hear?" Celebelen's father asked as he lay down on the other side of his son. "I want to know why Mommy doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes like the other elves," Celebelen said between a yawn. "Mommy, why do you have black hair?" "Well," Êlcàlë said as she looked over at Legolas, who smiled at her, all the memories coming back to both of them. "That is a long story. It starts off with a young human woman named Joey."

The End

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