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The Legacy of the Pendragons

Chapter 12 – A Day of Firsts

It was already a routine for them. It began their first year and with the addition of new students, became easier to manage.

Hermione would wake up first, then Harry and Ron. They would spend a while getting ready and sit in the common room relaxing in the cushy


They had long since realized that being the first ones down was not the "cool" thing to do. They'd watch others leave and usually follow the

Creeveys out the portrait door. It usually made it easier for Harry since Colin or his brother wouldn't catch him by surprise with a morning photograph.

They made it to "their" seats, which every one about fourth year and up had. It was officially theirs after their fourth year and nobody, save for some unknowing first year, intruded on another students "seat". Breakfast was eaten quickly and the first edition of the Daily Prophet would come down, though hardly anyone

read it these days. It was common place to find the Quibbler in more hand the the Prophet. And being the trios first day, they unrolled their schedules last.

"What a way to start the year eh Ron?"

"Tell me about it."

"What've you got?" Hermione peered over Ron's shoulder at their schedules. They knew not to bother asking hers as she had different and more advanced classes, and that she never complained about them.

"Double Potions, Adducology and Defenses. Usually it's either or. It's like the day is going to suck and then end up ok."

"Yeah. Never had Potions and Defense in one go. Maybe it's a sign?"

"Care to take that one up with Trelawney?"

Ron snorted and they rolled up their schedules. Potions was the most hated class of any Gryffindor, yet the careers for Aurors required Advance potions for the position. Harry could recall his and Ron's reluctance at signing up for the now voluntary class. It urked them both to no end that they were taking, willingly, their most hated class. Still with only Ravenclaws in the class with them, Snape couldn't be too biased.

They had found their places easily enough and did a double take when Neville Longbottom came in and sat next to them, casual as can be. It wasn't really the fact the Neville too had taken Potions again, but how he looked. The normally round, plump and clumsy Gryffindor had came in looking quite thin and obviously in shape.

His size could easily compare with Ron's or Harry's himself.

"Neville, hey didn't catch you on the train."

"Or the dorm room. Where've you been?"

"Just got here actually. This morning. Not my fault this time."

The wooden doors opened with a resounding boom and the potions master had strode in.

"I'll tell you about it later..." Neville whispered.

"I can see that some of you, despite your lack of appreciation for Potions and it's benefits have taken up my class and seek to torture me for another year.

As I have said when you first arrived, not many of you can surmise the full potential of potions mastery on ones career. Many of you wish to become Aurors, though I wouldn't be surprised if many of you fail. These last two years of potions will be the most difficult. Your first five years were basic and common potions any wizard should know. Now we will begin with potions the casual wizard does not know. Be prepared for a difficult year."

Snape motioned to the display board.

"We will begin with the Wolf's Bane potion. A newly discovered and advanced potion, yet on a lesser level than potions you will learn throughout the year. This potion is meant for? Longbottom?"

All eyes turned to Neville, some looking surprised at his new look.

"W-well, it's used to keep Werewolves docile?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?" Snape floated over and stared him down and Neville began to lose his nerve.

"T-telling sir."

Snape winced at him and returned to the front of the class.

"Correct. In their normal Full Moon state, werewolves are very dangerous. The first sight of blood triggers an unquenchable blood lust, which until the end of the full moon, does not end. Wolf's Bane renders the said subject into a calm and relaxed state. In my experience, the werewolf is actually coherent and capable of logical and rational thought. For full effectiveness, the potion is consumed, but in emergency cases, exposure to the skin can have some effectiveness. Today we will begin the first half of brewing the potion which takes a six days, ten hours and thirty-seven minutes to brew properly with and acceptable loss of five minutes. Instructions on the board. Begin."

            And they began. Harry was surprised at the lesson thus far. Even without any Slytherin's the class usually proved to be more difficult and harder to comprehend. So far Ron and himself weren't having any trouble with their potion which took on the required oily look and scent of burnt wood. Neville however seemed to be having the same problems with potions as he always had. Harry silently wished Hermoine was hear to help him out and obviously int he near future help them out. O.W.L. potions were terrible, and this being the advanced class, they both knew they needed all the help they could get.


Harry and Ron waited outside of Snape's door and caught Neville as he came out. The two were still surprised at Neville's change over the summer holiday.

He had always been the clumsy fat kid, though it pained Harry to recall those memories of his friend. But that's what he was. Now however was a different story.

"So what gives Nev?" Ron asked.

"Well since the attack at the ministry," Harry had told Neville about Sirius before and he knew it was a touchy subject. He didn't linger on it for too long. "Gran suddenly started whipping me into shape. I mean most of the time she just scolded me and told me to study. It was like someone lit a fire under her ass. Everyday, nonstop mind you, it was up before the sun, exercise, study and practice until two hours after sundown."


"Every damn day. She told me she was proud of me and of us for what we did. She says to me "Neville, I knew you had it in you. Now we got to get the rest of it out!", I swear I got one day of rest. And that was only the first day back. All day if it wasn't one thing it was another. And she doesn't look it, but my Gran really knows her shit. I think if I had a few more weeks I could give you guys a run for you money."

They all laughed and parted ways further down the hall. Herbology was the one subject Neville naturally excelled at and he wasn't about to give it up. Harry and Ron on the other hand were ready to try their hand at a new subject where basic knowledge of was required for Aurors. Adducology. Harry had no clue what the class was and Ron only had some inkling of what it was and that it was like hypnosis. Harry again wished for Hermione's insight on the matter.

The classroom was well across the castle and at the top of one of the southeastern battlements facing the lake. It wasn't as exhausting as climbing up to Trelawny's room, but it was tiring nonetheless. They found the room sparsely furnished, the desk arranged at a downward angle like a theater. They had arrived last and found the majority of the class to be Ravenclaws, with Hufflepuffs and Slytherins puncuating the flood of dark blue robes. They were the only Gryffindors in the class.

"Good morning class."

"Good morning Madam Sanus."

Harry barely recognized the woman. She sat on the far right of the Head table and wore deep blues or contrasting yellows. She was of average height and held a youthful look despite a few wrinkles of age working their way around her eyes.

"Welcome to Adducology or the study of persuasion, though the title is not very accurate. In this class you will learn the simple power of words. No not in casting spells, but in simple speech. Sounds simple?" Many nodded and a few smiled at the sound of an easy class. "It's not. The way a person talks, the pitch and tone of his voice, his selection of words and his own voice can work wonders. Right now I have you undivided attention because of how I am speaking. How many of you, after I began speaking, noticed the change in the room color? Be honest now?"

The class looked around in awe. The classroom, originally the bland greys of stone walls were now a bright and very loud pink. Slowly the color drained away and returned to their dark greys.

"You see? This skill, at first is simple to grasp, since even a select few muggles posses some skill in it, becoming very powerful speakers. When used with magical techniques, a witch or wizard can change the very thoughts of person. Legends tell of Adducers who were so skilled, they were believed to have used the Imperious curse. We will begin today's lesson with the Sirens. Who can tell me who, or what sirens are?"

A dark haired Ravenclaw Harry only just now recognized, raised her hand.


"Sirens are songstresses who would sit on islands of jagged rock, luring sailors with their songs and feeding on their corpses."

"Excellent. Five points to Ravenclaw. Yes Sirens, many centuries back did such horrors, but they have seen the error of their ways and have joined society as regular hardworking people. I myself am a prime example."

A few hands were raised and the classroom filled with chatter.

"Very well. I am asked to sing every year. Why stop now eh?"

The classroom was silenced and Harry intently watched their professor take center stage. His brow furrowed in concentration until he could see her aura flaring about her. Slowly her lips parted and the most beautiful and hauntingly melody came out. Harry was barely able to see what looked like her aura flaring out of her mouth like she was breathing fire. He saw it only for an instant until his eyes glazed over and he felt his body, now trapped in his desk, try to reach for his Professor who now looked like the most beautiful creature in the world. He had to reach her, to touch her-.

And she stopped.

The world had ended its swirl of colors in the classroom and their Professor had returned to her natural state. Harry noticed he wasn't the only one in awe. It was like watching Veelas dance in front of him. He remembered how the Veelas had easily become vicious looking at the mere provoking of leprechauns. He shuddered to think what would happen if Professor Sanus had sung a dark song, or a hateful song.

"I want, by next week twelve inches of how to recognize sirens and a brief description of their abilities. Class dismissed."

Harry liked the class already. (add Adducology book to chapter 9) He hadn't even opened his book the whole class. True it was only their first class, but Harry could tell it would be an active class, and book work wouldn't be so bad. At least not as bad as History.


"Well, well of all people to be late to my class I would have least expected you Ha-, Mr Potter. You know what this means yes?"

Harry nodded, taking his seat trying to catch his breath.

"Ten points sir."

"I'm afraid so."

Remus walked back around the class room and stopped at the front. He definitely looked more presentable this time around. Though after his first week, it didn't bother anyone save for Malfoy. His hair was kept and combed, face clean shaven, and his choice of a dark green suit and half cloak that was reminiscent of Lockhart, gave the Defense Professor an air of regality, though his personality betrayed his looks.

"On with it then. Didn't miss much but a bit of bantering Potter. Nothing important." He returned his attention back to the class as a whole, arms folded acorss his chest.

"Again I stress the word discipline. Many of you remember how I taught a few years back. That was to get you up to speed. And with the world around us changing, styles must change to suit the times. I will teach you all you need to know, and Professor Tonks can reinforce my teachings with the general and practical application of such lessons. When she is here, there will be no book work. But if you have not practiced the lesson I teach, then you will be in poor shape for when she teaches. Make no mistake, there will be days where I ask that books be away and wands out. But as I said before, Professor Tonks is an Auror and a damn good one at that. She will not go easy on you. You will be graded with common and in depth knowledge of spells, as well as application of lessons learned and situational awareness and use."

A hand slowly rose from the back, some Hufflepuff Harry didn't know.

"That last part sir? I don't understand."

"Situational awareness and use?" The timid looking girl nodded and Remus smiled.

"Well, say for example if you were locked in this room how would you get out? Blow the door off its hinges? No, a simple Unlocking charm right? Situational use. As for awareness, it is vital for all of you to know when you are in a dangerous situation, and what steps to take, what spells to use and how to escape. Though I will tell you now, escape is not always a possibility. There is a war going on and people will die." Lupins voice suddenly turned somber. "Family and friends will die. Maybe the person next to you, or your best friend. Your mother, your father or you sister or your brother. Death is a natural part of life, you can't stop it or change it. What you can do is change the circumstances. I myself would like to grow old and die in bed. But if I'm trapped with death eaters all around me, I'm going to take as many of those heartless bas-I mean, well you know what I mean. But I'd take as many of them with me as I could because I know that would make for less death eaters to attack my friends..."

The class was silent and Remus looked to the ground solemnly. It was obvious why he was sad and Harry felt a pinch in his heart. He wasn't as close to Remus as he was Sirius, but they were all friends, and they both were friends with his parents. He went to school with them, became the Marauders, kept Sirius and His father in check, and now, he was his teacher. THeir eyes met and they both knew what sadness filled their hearts. They weren't close, but Harry knew Remus would be there just as Sirius had been and that, in their silent agreement, made them both feel better.

"Ahh," Remus sighed loudly and wiped his eyes. "I apologize for that. But I am serious. All I want you all to do tonight is to think about what is precious to you. What do you have to protect. What in your life is worth dying for. And at the same time, what is worth living for? Because that; that precious thing in your life, that young ones will be the source of your strength. It can and will keep you alive. Class dismissed."

The class had got up and started to trickle out, but Harry remained seated.

"You alright mate? I know that was a bit touchy for you."

"No Ron, I'm fine thanks. I'm going to talk to Professor Lupin for a bit. I'll be down in a bit."

"Alright. See you in the common room."

Harry nodded and waited until the class was empty. Remus was already wiping away tears he had held back.

"It's tough isn't it?"

"Yeah, but you knew his better sir. I would imagine-."

"Enough with this sir stuff Harry. We both know each other better than that. I know I can't replace Sirius or your father. But if I can keep James and Sirius on the straight and narrow, than I I'll make sure I do the same for you. Well at least as straight as the son of a Marauder can be. I know I'm a teacher Harry, but please don't keep secrets from me ok? Recklessness and rule breaking will happen, it's part of school life. But if you don't keep secrets from me, I won't from you?"

"Deal. Just try and forget I have my cloak and the map ok?"

"Cloak and map? What cloak and map?" Remus said, feigning ignorance.



            This was what Harry needed, though he didn't know it at first. Defense class was cut shirt, leaving him plenty of time before dinner. He wasn't even hungry. He could go down to Hogsmeade and grab something heavy for breakfast. He silently wished the first day of school was a Friday all of the time. There were still plenty of students walking around still in class so Harry didn't feel so out of place. He waved to Hermione who was on her way to Runes and to Luna who was going...well somewhere humming her never ending nameless song. After walking around a bit the halls had emptied and the last class was in session.

            Harry wandered down by the lake and sat in the failing shade of a tree. The sun was setting so the tree had very little to offer save for something to lean against. The squid, which Harry suddenly realized didn't have a name, at least not one he knew of, had broken the surface and disappeared beneath the depths. A cool breeze rustled the leaves and ruffled Harry's robes. He felt strangely naked wearing regular clothing. He'd have to wear his weighted clothes again, and hoped they wouldn't feel too heavy after a few days of being ignored. Which reminded Harry of Lily. He would have to ask Dumbledore after dinner, if he went at all, if she could stay. The land surrounding Hogwarts would be safe for her to run around and he knew she would enjoy it all. Though he imagined she would be walking around the hills more than the forests.

            Thoughts of Lily turned to thoughts how he had arrived to Donovan's in the first place. Some random Dememtor attack? Not likely, though there was no word of anything else going on. No suspicious deaths or death eater attacks. It was almost disconcerting that nothing has happened by now. Something had to be happening. Harry believed that randomness was not part of Voldemort's plan. Besides, if he wasn't attacked again soon, his whole life's routine would be thrown off. A small bit of humor in a life of dark times Harry thought.

            Harry stared into the glassy surface of the lake and imagined himself walking along it, even running and sliding around like it was frozen. He had learned to use his aura quite well, though it was always infinitely easier to cast a charm or spell to have the desired effect.

"It never hurts to know more than the norm' Harry. Always, I mean always, have a trick up your sleeve. Death hurts, not knowledge...well, maybe the process of acquiring it can give you a headache, but you know what I mean..."

            Another one of Donovan's few pearls of wisdom he tossed out when he wasn't paying any attention. He missed his temporary guardian and is carefree temperament. Though he figured he would meet with him again someday. He let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding and opened his eyes he didn't realize were closed.

The moon had replaced the sun, and the azure sky was now velvet black. A situation Harry was now pretty familiar with.

"I really need to think of more important stuff when I do that..."


            Saturday morning seemed to arrive much earlier than usual for Harry. But that was to be expected with his late night meditation. It seemed he had just gotten to sleep when Ron had woken him up. He shook Harry vigorously and paced around obviously excited to go to Hogsmeade. Normally they would have to wait until there was an "authorized" Hogsmeade weekend, but as a privilege for the sixth and seventh years, they were allowed to go on weekend at their leisure. Though as an extra precaution they had to sign out and give an estimated return time or check in after a few hours.

            Harry groggily had showered and

changed and found many fellow sixth Gryffindors ready to go. Pavarti, Lavender gossiping to pass the time Dean with Ginny on the couch, Seamus and Neville chatting excitedly about something. Ron was poking and looking sadly at his money pouch and Hermione with bag in tow ready to be filled with new books.

"Took you long enough come on." A random voice cried out.

"Did I miss something?"

"Yeah you did. We all decided that, being the weekend already after the first day of school, we should celebrate."

"Celebrate what?" Harry wondered.

"For God's sake Harry you don't always need a reason to celebrate and have fun. Sometimes it's good enough just for the sake of it."

            Too tired to resist they all left, Hermione and Ron nearly dragging Harry since his pace was too slow. They signed out at the giant gate doors where Filch stood watch and eyed them suspiciously with Mrs. Norris perched atop a small rock, occupied with a butterfly. The normally short walk had taken longer than usual due to the leisurely pace for which Harry was grateful.

            The town was bustling with wizards and witches running daily errands and such. Much like Diagon Alley but less crowded and animated. But it was their taste of freedom and they all enjoyed it nonetheless. The Three Broomsticks was an obvious first choice and it had already been occupied by many other sixth and seventh years. Madam Rosmerta gave them all a brief welcome before attending to a table. At first glance many seemed like regular wizards until he recognized them from school. He wasn't the only one to notice that wearing school robes to Hogsmeade was definitely no the cool thing to do. Even Malfoy, who surprised Harry since he hadn't seen him on the train or in class which seemed to be the norm. He could already tell he would come since the group divided in two booths. Pavarti and Lavender joining the trio. And as Harry suspected up he came and strode in his pompous gait that made him look regal and at the same time like an asshole.

Apparently Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy served to heighten Draco's look of superiority. Harry decided to cut him off at the pass.

"Finally decide to show yourself Malfoy?" He hardly missed a beat.

"Don't know what you're talking about Potty. Seems like you've been running away at the sight of me."

"Like I'm doing now right? Dashing off crying to Dumbledore that you stole my candy?"

"I expected as much, but seeing as we're blocking the way..."

"Just like Weasel blocking the quaffle right Draco?" Pansy's overly high pitched voice laughed at her own remark.

"Just like him." Draco smirked and Ron usually quick to jump on the gun had restrained himself.

"He's been practicing you know." Hermione chimed in.

"Practicing? Oh you've been practicing now? I doubt it'll help."

"What about you then Malfoy?" Harry slid his legs out incase something happened.

"What about me?" Draco asked.

"Have you been practicing? At Quidditch."

"Like I need it."

"You don't? Well seeing as you have yet to catch the snitch against me, I think you do. Tell you what, I'll practice with you." Malfoy huffed and began to walk away, but Harry annoyingly followed close behind.

"Come on! I could give you pointer and such. I really need more competition this year. Can't have Chang being my only competition you know."

Malfoy and his gang sped up and swung the doors of the Three Broomsticks wide open.

"Right then, you just uh, owl me or something on that." Harry waved them off and found the whole tavern laughing riotously. Their rivalry was famous to everyone and to see Malfoy get his come uppance was a sight to behold. It wasn't everyday the son of Lucius Malfoy was told off. But then with his disappearance, Harry felt it was long over due. He sat back down and got a few slaps on the back, the laughter settling back down to the usual chatter of the pub. However, the normalcy was short lived at an explosion rocked the village. Many fell to the floor and windows shattered. Screams and shouts were cried out and a loud pounding seemed to resound throughout the whole village.

"Back to the school!" Harry had shaken away the daze and was helping everyone up. They all ran outside to see the source of the destruction. A troll, much bigger than the one Harry and Ron had encounter their first year was hurling boulders and swinging his club around. They all seemed frozen in place and the troll noticed the group that wasn't running away. One of it's dark grey hand hefted a large rock and causally threw it at them. Though shocked they all managed to avoid the giant boulder, but not the fragments they shot up. The cobble stone road now showered down upon them, striking down Pavarti unconscious and cutting Hermione has she tried to help her friend up.

"Come on, we got to get out of here!" The group suddenly erupted with cries for help as they tried to carry Pavarti away and avoid the swinging club of the troll. Random spells had caught the troll of guard and he stumbled around, blinded. Seamus and Dean had managed to carry Pavarti safely away with Lavender close by. Neville and Harry had kept Hermione moving has her blow had kept her dazed. Ron was...

"Ron!  Where are you?" Harry patted Neville on the back and ran back to find Ron. As far as he knew Ron wasn't hit by any stones. Suddenly an unearthly roar much like the howl of wolves and roar of lions was unleashed and it didn't sound like the troll. It echoed against the mountains and Harry had to cover his ears.

"Sedo Obdormio!"

            Harry jumped at the sound of Remus' voice cry out and run past him.

"P-professor! The troll...out of nowhere..."

"Harry calm youself. The troll, was obviously Voldemort's work. Charmed to somehow approach undetected. But…"

"But? But what?"

"Mr. Weasley."

Harry ran up to where Remus was standing and gasped at the sight. Ron Weasley was kneeling unconscious in the battered and destroyed carcass of the troll.

"Ron! Ron, are you alright?"

"Loco Mortis…"

Harry watched his friend rise from the oozing mass of flesh and green blood, clearly alive, but battered.


"He'll be alright Harry. For now…"


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