Okay I don't own Dark Angel, wish I did but I don't. This story is about Rae/X5478 a character of my own. It will have Max/Logan, Rae/Alec. This fic begin in 2009.Firstpart mainly Rae's view future chapters will include all characters point of view


Chapter One.

Manticore, Gillette, Wyoming 2009.

X5-unit 332960073478 felt a slight thump on the ground as she landed on the other side of the fence. The young nine-year-old girl looked briefly over the fence . For so long Rae had wondered what was on the other side, wondered what the world was like. But this was not how she had wanted to find out. Colonel Lydecker had shot Eva just for defending Max. The very person all of her brother and sisters had trusted. And now Rae didn't know whom to trust. Rae barely felt the cold as she ran to the road to put as much distance between her and the compound.

A car just missed Rae and she berated herself. Te car stopped and backed up. A man leaned out of the window and Rae saw a young boy in the car. The man opened the door and looked kindly at her. ' Don't worry, I'm going to help you get away" Rae was suspious but after five minutes jumped in. 'Who are you" asked. Rae, it was good to know who you are dealing with at all times thats what her instructors had taught her.

"I'm Michael Cale and", the man said pointing to the young boy" This is my son Logan. I know you are from Manticore bur I'm going to help you get away. You can be part of my family. Rae was puzzled. "What is a family?" Michael smiled." It's people who look after each other." Rae realized it was like how she felt about her brothers and sisters. But why would this Michael want to fell that about her. "Why would you want? Michael interrupted her. 'Because you are a young girl who is looking for a home, somewhere safe and we want to help.

With that sentence started a new life for Rae she grew up with this new family, remembered how the yacht her and her brother had been on with their uncle ran aground when the Pulse happened IN June 2009. Her brother Logan Cale would become eyes only and Rae would be forever troubled by her past.

Seattle, 2019.(after the max in prison episode)

Rae groaned, of all the surprises her brother could have given her it had to be go to this Loser messenger service called Jam Pony, get a job and she would love him forever? Please! Being Eyes Only must have gone to her brother's head.

Rae wouldn't of even went if Logan hadn't asked if she was scared of a little hard work, and with this thought she entered Jam Pony.

Rae went up to the front desk or what appeared to be the front desk, and this guy looked at her and said "And why are you here and who are you" "I'm here to apply for a job" started Rae already not liking this guy. The guy opening his mouth to start being annoying again when a female's voice started on the guy. "Normal, don't scare people" Rae turned to see two women her own age one who had brunette curls and large brown eyes which were familiar and a black chick with by the way she dressed attitude.

Normal scowled at the brunette and turned to Rae. "Any qualifications?"

Rae anticipated what Normal was going to do next.

"I went to University." Normal composed himself quickly but not quick enough for Rae to miss the shock in Normal's eyes.

"You have the job as long as you have a bike". Rae showed him her bike

"Well then, MAX,"he yelled, "Do something useful and show this new girl around. The brunette motioned to Rae and Rae followed her and the black chick. Rae turned to Max; this was the person she was supposed to show her barcode to? "Max, can we talk outside alone for a second, I promise I will be quick" Max was puzzled what did this new girl want with her and followed Rae outside. "There is something I want to show you, Logan said this was important. Rae turned around and lifted her hair revealing to Max her barcode.


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