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Chapter 4

Let it begin.

Rae felt the water hit her but she didn't pay any mind for comfort. 'Thank goodness I left my package behind' she thought. Rae counted mentally in her head. She would have to stay the full 6 minutes down there.

While she had been decent at the activity. enough to help Brin who was never very good at it with air bubbles, she didn't know if she could stay down that long. For hardly being on manticore's radar had gotten her lax.

Shit, she thought.

She had been that close to being stuck back in manticore again. Rae snorted, a weird sound underwater. So much for being the best X5 strategist.

It had only been 4 and half minutes but as this water unlike the tank at manticore the water was cold and moving causing her to readjust her position and her lungs were beginning to burn but she pushed that out of head along with the image that popped up of Lydecker telling her that pain is an important key in any mission.

Screw him. Lydecker had been responsible for the deaths of some of her brothers and sisters. There Was no way in hell she would forgive him.

Rae stared at a broken pre pulse bottle of wine. 5 minutes.

Just one more minute and she could get out Rae told herself but she couldn't hold on. Rae pumped her legs and broke the surface immediately scanning the area, her irises widening.

No sign of the guy who was scoping her out. Rae pulled her self up and began to walk towards a bus dripping.

**************************************************************************** ****** "Appreciate you helping me out," said Zack a.ka Sam. as they were going Max snorted " "Don't get used to it. Normal's your mentor, not me".

Zack groaned internally by being good to the boss of Jam Pony it had made Max distance herself from him.

" Look, I didn't get your friend fired, okay? " Zack looked at Max hoping that she would stop it... Zack was disappointed.

"Nope, but don't expect an outpouring of love from jam pony anytime soon. I'm taking a break," said Max as she parked her bicycle.

" What is this, part of the slowdown?" asked Zack sincerely trying to get Max to warm to him... like he had already warmed to her and felt something special for her.

"No. A girl's got to pee." They entered a small food place down a set of stairs and Max put her bag on the table sat with Sam who was Zack.

"Expecting a call?".

" You never know." said Max and got up and went to the phone and interrupted someone phone call.

" All right time's up" said Max. ". There's another phone down the block. It's on me". She handed the two girls some change, and sticks her gum in the coin slot of the phone and sighed. "You seem nervous.," said Zack trying to make conversation. " Compared to what? You don't even know me" Max retorted.

" Maybe we knew each other in a past life" returned Zack .

"I don't believe in that stuff," said Max bored with the conversation and looking at her watch. " It doesn't mean it's not true"

" Oh, please tell me you're not one of those people: Because a raindrop fell in the ocean 10,000 years ago and a butterfly farted in India you and I are sitting right here right now enjoying a cup of coffee that tastes like goat piss" said Max smirking.

" Anything's possible" said Zack.

The phone began to ring and Max smiled.

"Unravel this mystery, grasshopper, what is the sound of one hand hitting you upside your head, hmm?" Max hit Sam on the head and walked to the phone.

Max answered the phone. " Punk ass here".

"You got the money?" asked Vogelsang's voice.

" I've got it" awnsered Max while watching Zack who she thought was Sam.

"All right, 6:00. Rooming house on Jackson and third, room 18".

"How do I know you're not setting me up?" asked Max.

"You don't!" said Vogelsang sounding agitated.

" Then give me something else, to help your credibility" retuned Max.

"Male adult had a bar code removed from his neck at a tattoo parlor in Chinatown two weeks ago. Number, uh, 3-3-0-4-1-7-2-9-1-5-9-9". said Vogelsang.

" Zack...What tattoo parlor?" asked Max. The chance to see Zack.....

" 6:00!" Max hung up and walked back to Sam. " Good news?"

"Yep and it's none of your business" said Max putting her bag on and getting some money out. " Let me get this". Zack started. " I was thinking maybe later me..." .

" Don't even try to hit on me." said Max quickly.

" No, I was just... " started Zack.

"Don't" snapped Max and with that, ironically , Max walked away not knowing she was walking away from the person she seeked.

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