Abstract thoughts of our friend Bakura.

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If you believed that.

I have a bridge in London to sell you.


You think I'm crazy.

Don't deny it. You think I'm crazy. Yes of course you do. Well you'd be right. Scared? You should be.

There now. That didn't hurt much, did it? You only lost your soul.

You're boring now. I think my Man-Eater-Bug is hungry. Yes, you can feed it. With what? Yourself of course.

There's a lot of blood. Pretty blood, all red and shinny. Hikari doesn't like blood. Wonder why? It tastes so nice.

Oh look, you have a daughter. Shame on you, she's crying. Now she's screaming, you got her all bloody. Naughty.

She won't shut up. That noise is getting on my nerves. I think my Bug is hungry again.

Her pretty blonde hair is all messed up. Hair just like Hikari's hair. How dare you have hair like Hikari, His hair is pretty, so pretty, don't take it. It's mine all mine. He's mine.

Now her hair is all over the floor. She's sobbing now. Not screaming. I like her screams. So full of pain.

Now she's quiet. Quiet and so very very dead. Lots more blood to play in.

Pretty blood. Every where, In my hair on my clothes. Hikari won't be happy. He doesn't like blood.

Hikari is waking up. Have to go now. I'll be back tomorrow, don't leave. Oh you can't, your dead.


SLQ: *Shivers* Scary. Never want to enter his head again.