Ok, I felt bad about not explaining much about what happened to Sesshomaru at the end of The Birth of Love, so I descided to go ahead and write this.


It had been several weeks since both of the couples weddings, and since that final meeting with Kikyo.

Now, here it was before dawn, and Inuyasha was already awake. Something troubled him. It was as if every second, he was being watched by someone, but who? Whoever it was had been watching him, no, them, since their wedding night.


After Kagome had collapsed, he carried her in and carefully lay her on the furs, knowing she'd be out for a while, then he turned his attention back to the rotted body of the miko. He retrieved one of the larger furs from beneath Kagome and wrapped the body up, then carried it below to give the miko a proper burial.

The whole time in progress, however, he felt as he was being watched. He had had this feeling before, but never so strongly.

*End Flashback*

Now, here he was, sitting beside the sleeping Kagome, and all sorts of thoughts clouding his mind.

"Inuyasha, what's bothering you?" Kagome yawned out as she stretched her arm around her hanyou mate.

"Nnani? Oi, Kagome..." He said as he covered her hand with his. "Nothing, I'm just thinking."

"About what?" she asked, still half asleep.

"Our wedding night." he said as he stared at his wife who was now looking up at him.

"Oh." she mouthed.

"That night...I started feeling like something or someone was watching me. I don't like that feeling..."

"Kind of like bad luck is looming over you?"

Inuyasha nodded.

"Hai, I know the feeling well." she said. "Off and on throughout my life, I've had that same feeling. Sometimes, it was stronger than others, but on our wedding night-well, that's when it was the strongest."

"Why didn't you mention this before?" Inuyasha asked.

"Because, I didn't think it was of much importance. Besides, I believe it's just our parents watching over us."


"Inuyasha, any time a parent dies with a young child, their spirit will linger around the child to make sure the child grows up happily and is taken care of....or atleast that's what I think."

"Hmm...Hai, I think so too."

"Well, I better get washed up. We're supposed to meet Miroku and Sango today."

Inuyasha nodded as his wife walked to the water basin.

'My parents are watching me....is that really where I'm getting this feeling from? Well, Naraku is dead, now so is Kikyo, and whoever is watching is eitehr watching from a great distance, or doesn't have a scent...'

"Inuyasha?" Kagome called.


"Get ready." she said as she splashed a little water on him.

He shook it off and started running towards her. "So you want to fight, do ya?" he asked as he tried to grab Kagome who was giggling insanely.


"There goes my son..." a man said while standing by a young looking woman.

"Our son." the woman corrected as she grabbed the man's hand in hers.

"Our son."


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