My Love is Only for You

Chapter 7

by Melissa Byrd

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Date 10/11/03


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Once Kagome and Inuyasha were just outside the wolf village, they were greeted by a terribly out of breath Sango and Miroku. Sesshomaru, of course, just acted like he took a short walk, not showing any signs of breathlessness at all.

"Inuyasha, Kagome!" Sango said as Miroku stopped, probbing himself up on his knees as he regained his breath. "Are you okay?!"

"Hai.." Kagome smiled as her friend embraced her in a hug, and Kagome happily returned.

"I see she is fine.." Sesshomaru stated as if he were talking about a horse-without a care, but deep down, Inuyasha knew that he did care-about alot more than what he admitted.

"I'm just tired." Kagome said as she felt her eye lids grow heavier.

"Come then, we'll get you back home."


Kagome yawned as she rested her head against Inuyasha's firm chest. "I'm so tired..." she nearly whispered.

"Then get some sleep-there's nothing stopping you." he smiled as he looked down at her and pulled her closer to him.

"Inuyasha?" she asked after a nother moment of silence.


"When you and Sesshomaru talked...did he tell you how he became human?"

"Kikyo. She shot an arrow at him, nearly killing him."

"How did he live then?"

"To be tired, you sure are full of questions..." he snickered.

"Just because I'm tired doesn't mean I still am not curious.."

"Feh...Rin was around when that happened. Rin pulled the arrow out of Sesshomaru, and started to cry. evidently, some of the tears found their way to his wound, and instead of killing him, it allowed the purification to remove all traces of youkai blood within him."

"Oh." she yawned.

"Anything else?"

"Since you asked..." she said with a slight sound of hesitation, "Why...haven't we.....ano...'mated' yet, Inuyasha?"

That was the question he most feared. "Ano..." he began to think of an explination as he took in a deep breath, but something caught his attention-the smell of tears. 'Oh for Kami's sake! She's crying! Now I've got to tell her the truth!' ".....Kagome, don't cry.."

*Sniff* "Ggomen ne..."

"Don't be sorry have no reason, on the other hand-I do." he said as he looked at her. "The reason why we haven't mated yet was because .....I don't want my youkai side to take over. That is something I want to remember, and if my youkai blood takes over, I won't remember a thing..."

Kagome looked into Inuyasha's golden orbs. "Oh...."

"Demo, Sesshomaru gave me some advice (instead of trying to kill me for a change), and I'm going to take it."

"Oh?" she asked, now looking more happy than before.

Inuyasha nodded as he looked at Kagome, her eyes appearing to glow from the moonlight. 'SHe's so beautiful...'

Kagome leaned into Inuyasha, giving him a sweet kiss, then returned to her position with her head lying on his chest, and she snuggled close. "Good night Inuyasha....I love you.."

"I love you too..." he whispered as he kissed the top of her head.

'I know that now...I was scared you didn't, but now.....I know....You've always loved me, and once again you've shown me tonight.'


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Anyways, did you see how the fable, 'The Fox and the Crow' came into play here?

Recap: Koga has Kagome (The crow has the cheese in her beak), Inuyasha comes along and wants Kagome back (The fox sees the cheese, and works to gain it), He and Kagome work together until she is once again with Inuyasha (the fox tricks the crow by flattery, until she drops the cheese and the fox takes it quickly), Kagome then shows him the truth (the fox tells the crow that she needs to use her brain before she acts).

Make sense? Hope so...I stink at explaining..

Ok people, I know it's short, but it still fits with the story. This chapter was mainly to answer some questions. But remember-Koga isn't dead yet. He may return when people least expect it.

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