As the Boy walked across the mountains, he couldnt keep his eyes off his feet which started to swerve due to Tiredness. i "Gotta...make" /i Thought the young man as he drifted in and out of darkness. Then He saw something that made him want to cry, Thousands of Hot Springs, just waiting to be drank from, and to be soaked in. As the Man started forward, his body collapsed under him and he fell down the cliff just as an Over sized-panda and a Red-headed girl flew over head.

When the man came to, he found that he was inches away from falling into a spring, and wanting to jump in, he vouged that he walk a bit so that he could get his muscles from not acheing due to the fall. As he started to walk along the edges of the Springs he noticed that there was an opening, and a sign a little ways from him, so he started to run, but then Tripped over something, right into a spring.

When She Came up for air, Ryoga, the 'Man', had found that her Purple GI had loosened dramticly, and that her Headband seemed to big for her, due to the fact that her Headband fell to her Shoulders. Yawning Ryoga Climbed out of the pool and walked to the sign she saw earier.

"here lays Ancient chinese Cursed Springs Jusenkyo" Read Ryoga as she scratched her head, "Weird" Ryoga said as she walked back to the water where she fell in, and plopped onto the ground. Then Ryoga saw something float up from the Water and saw a sign, writin in Japanese, Picking it up, she examinded it.

"Nyanneechuan...the Magical Spring telling a tragic story of a Young Girl who drown in 'Spring of Drowned Girl' one thousand, five hundred years ago, whoever fall into spring take the body of a young girl.
~The Jusenkyo Guide ~_^"

Ryoga put down the piece of lumber and sighed promptly i" what a bunch of hooey "/i She thought.

yawning Ryoga turned around and got her pack and started to walk again hopefully getting somewhere close to Ranma, She hoped anyway. At that moment She noticed something about the earth, it seemed to tip, and it seemed to tip due to her Back Pack, which She was unable to keep it on her back while walking for some reason.

She then noticed that her Clothes were majorly soaked so she Snuck off into the Forest which was nearby and set down her pack, which she had to drag, and opened the pack and found some of her more Causal clothes, a yellow shirt with Gold Trims on the shoulders and Dark Green pants. Taking off her Own clothes he noticed something buldgy, i"i couldnt have hurt my chest so that it would Bruise this much..."/i Thought Ryoga as she took off her Shirt and then it was her Eyes turn to buldge.

"W-What? HOW CAN I HAVE BREASTS!!!???" Ryoga Shouted to the heavens. i "its gotta be a prank...right?" /i Ryoga asked herself till she thought she had to do something to be sure. Quickly drying off Her Upper body, trying to advoid the 'Twins' who had sprouted, Ryoga Gulped as she quietly and slowly took off her pants, seemily Scared of what she may find down below, But that was the problem, she...didnt find anything down there

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Screamed Ryoga while The birds in the Trees around her Scattered to the winds due to the Loud noise.

"T-this cant be happening..." Ryoga told the wind. After a couple minutes of Shock, Ryoga finished Drying herself and quickly changed into her new pants, and also finding out that those Clothes were very Large for her new Smaller Frame.

After she was fully dressed and had her new Headband ajusted, since the other headbacnd was completly soaked, Ryoga Crawled back over to the spring from which her new Form came and looked at her reflection. She had Black Hair, simply long and Stright, so taking a headband from the countless ones she collected, she quickly tied her hair into a pony tail, making sure the hair didnt go into her face, while she continued to study herself. She Also now had perflectly Smooth Skin and her Figure was so Slender and Smooth as well.

She also noticed her hands, her hands...the instaments of her power, she knew how to use them so well, that it seemed that whenever he practiced the art, that he felt at Incrdible Ease.

Then Ryoga did the only thing she could think about doing, She cried. Sure Ryoga felt really Silly crying, but this wasnt something Trival as he clothes being ripped to shreds or anything, this was bad.

"Hiya Girly" Said a voice behind the Boy-Turned-girl

Unfortunally, the Sound of another Human being Startled Ryoga so much that She fell into the Spring dubbed 'Nyanneechuan' once again, and when she came up out of the water she found herself right in the face of another Woman, this one being of the Red-headed kind.

The Red-headed wonder then offered her hand to the Woman in the water who promptly took it and climbed out of the water.

"T-thanks" Ryoga thanked the woman.

"no problem" said the woman "im Saotome Ran...Ranko" said the person named Ranko.

Ryogas Eye widened "SAOTOME??? DO YOU KNOW A MAN NAMED SAOTOME RANMA?!" Ryoga asked with malice in his Breath.

Ran'ko' then took a good look at the black haired beauty i"She...Doesnt speak like regular girls, well, neither do i but..."/i Ranmas eyes widened in understanding something. "uh...miss...did you by any chance fall into this Spring?"

Ryogas mind rattled for some excuse i" I slipped, Stupid Soap, you see there was a Cat," /I Ryoga absolutly did not want to tell the girl the truth, that would definily screw up all of her reputation, well, whatever she had left anyway, turning into a girl destroyed much of it anyway. "well, yeah...but dont worry, i've always been a girl" said Ryoga Lieing to the suspecious Ranko.

i" Well, Ranma Saotome, what would you do if you got changed to a girl and you had to face another 'real' girl...shes lieing...i bet my Supper on it!" /i and ranma ment it...she was hungry!

"hey do you want to come to the place were staying at? i mean im sure your cold from falling in and all..." Ranma Offered to the girl

Ryoga Nodded almost to much "Yea, thanks, that would be kickin" Said Ryoga in a Very un-ladylike manner. "By the way, my names Ryo...ko" Said Ryoga with a nervous smile

Ryoga watched Ranko nod and watched her walk away, and on her way to catch up to the red-head Ryoga tripped over something. " ankle" Ryoga said with a whine, and he caught eye of what tripped her, it was a white Belt with some Black Stitching in the inside. i"Saotome Ranma!"/i Thought ryoga Angryly as she put the belt in her pocket and let herself be hoisted by Ranko so that she could get back to wherever the Pig-tailed Girl was staying.

i" Ranma...i've finally found you"/i thought the Blacked haired wonder while she looked at Ranko i" maybe i've found a friend, that may be related to you as well" /i Thought Ryoga as she drifted into darkness once more on that day.