As she woke up, Ryouga got a good look around her. she was in a small room with a lamp perched up on the window where the morning light shown through. In the corner sat a single chair with her pack laying beside it. Ryouga laid back down on her pillow and stared at the ceiling, thinking about the dream she had just had.

'I was a girl in that dream... Weird...' Ryouga thought as she smirked. 'I was pretty hot though...' thought the Raven Haired beauty as she looked at the door; a man with an army outfit came in. "Oh, your awake, how was your sleep?" " was good, I suppose... How long was I out?" Asked Ryouga.

The Man then crossed over to the dresser on the side of the bed and lay some clothes on top of it. "Oh, about a day or so. You must've been traveling for a long time." Ryouga nodded as she remembered the past week that she had gone without really stopping, only for food. "Well, anyway, whenever you're ready, you can come out to the other room; we're having Dinner." The man said as he left, leaving the young girl to her thoughts.

Ryouga thought to herself, 'Where am i?' She climbed out of bed, and took a look down at the clothes. 'Hmm... bulge, I must getting some killer body!' thought Ryouga as she smirked to herself. That's when she got a good look at the clothes the man laid out, it was a red and pink Japanese Kimono, with a blue-ish trim on it. 'Wait...there's something not right here...' thought Ryouga as she thought to herself getting the facts straight. Ryouga's eyes then widened as she looked down at her chest and opened up her dirty shirt. "Oh no... It wasn't a dream... Well... The breasts might be a joke... Yes, its all a joke! ...Just to be sure..." Ryouga told herself as she looked 'down under'.


"So...pop, why do ya wanna go now?" Asked the black haired boy as he sipped a little more soup from his bowl. "Listen, Boy, we have to get going. I'm very anxious to get back to Japan!" 'And I'm sure you will too, boy...' Genma Saotome added mentally as he got his pack together; which included some maps, a Chinese brochure to China's greatest Training grounds, a fresh pair of Clothes, an extra pair of glasses, his wallet with his precious Money inside plus numerous slips of paper with Tendou and Kuonji wrote on some of them, an Emergency bottle of Fresh Cool water, and cooking supplies. "Lets go boy," said the man while getting up.

"Wait! What about that girl I found?!" Asked Ranma. "Leave her. She does not concern us." The father of the young man said. Grumbling, Ranma started to pack since he knew that Genma would leave if he didn't come with him. Quickly packing his few possessions; which included some red Chinese shirts, with the sleeves all at different lengths, a picture of one of his only friends, Ucchan, and a book where he had to write the study of "anything-goes". He then turned to the Jusenkyo guide. "Thanks for the hospitality" he said with a quick bow, before turning and running toward the hills, where his father had disappeared.

After the two Visitors left, the Guide decided to clean up. Then the door to the other room opened silently as the girl who was in the guest room walked in. Still in her boxers and t-shirt.

" wondering, but where am I?" Ryouga asked the man who look at the young woman in confusion. "Well, the young sir found you by the entrance, i thought you would know...but anyway, you are now at the world famous training grounds and springs of Jusenkyo." Then the man did a small pose, and watched as Ryouga watched quite unamused by it.

"so...what kind of springs are here?" Ryouga asked in wonder, wanting to get some answers from the man in greeen. "Well, the springs here are magical springs, each with its own tragic tale." The Guide said to the girl who was hanging onto every word that the man was saying. "in one spring for example one thousand, five hundred years ago a Young girl fell into one of the springs and sadly drowned, and now whomever is unfortunte enough to fall into the spring takes the form of a girl."

Ryouga was stunned, up to this point she thought nothing of magic, and that she must of been in a dream or something, but sadly it was all true. "Excuse me miss, but I must finish my chores, your welcome to help yourself to some soup." and with that the Guide went outside to do whatever he needed to do.

Ryouga then started to think what in the world was she was going to do, so obiously since she was out of ideas, she got something to eat. Quickly finding the bowls and filling up one for herself, Ryouga sat at the table in thought. Ryouga thought of many things, What would this do his abilities? What would happen to his clothes? they wernt excatly unisex. Ryouga's eyes then widened, Ranma...Ryouga had been on this journey to completly rid the world of Ranma ever since he made Ryouga go starving at school, and didnt show up for their own fight.

'What would Ranma do if he found out that im a girl now? I bet he would laugh at me, then kick me to the curve...' Ryouga thought as she looked at her soup. Just then the Guide once again walked into the room. "Your clothes will be dry this afternoon miss" The guide said with a smile.

Thats it...she had to know "u-um sir, what would happen if someone were to fall into a spring...twice in a row?" The Taller person in the room, sat down with his own bowl of soup and pondered the question long and hard "Well if someone did fall into a spring twice in a row then sadly they would be cursed forever, unless they got cured" Not wanting to impose the sweet man any more Ryouga nodded and then got lost in her own mind once again.

Later on that day, Ryouga got her clothes back smelling better than ever, so she thanked the Guide and was on her way. 'i will be back for the cure later'

She thought to herself. As she walked on the path she made sure to try to take in all the sights and try to remember what everything was. As she was walking, Ryouga learned that her backpack was a lot heavier than it was a couple days ago, for the simple fact that she has had to stop and take multiple breaks along the way. While she was taking her third break of the day she reached into her pack and took out a white belt with Ranmas name on it. 'At least I know im close Saotome..even if my image is a bit different i still have the same fire that burns inside me, and I will destroy you!'

Ryouga thought with renewed confidence, and with that confidence she treked forward in hopes of finding some clue to where Ranma has gone.

After a couple more hours Ryouga heard something in the distance, it sounded like...people! As she ran past the mountain side and into the village, she suddenly fell down as twenty odd women glared daggers through her.

"u-uh h-hello ladies?" Ryouga said with a weak smile as the one with purple hair stepped up.

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