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words inside this mean memories, '_' words insides these mean thoughts

~Silhouettes of Shadows~

***Prologue- The Road Never Ending***

'My dear, dear, dear Kaoru.. it has been so long..' Kenshin thought, his white hakama blowing gently with the slight wisps of wind that kissed his skin as he traveled, newly made sakabatou at his side, next to the Battousai's trusty katana and wakizashi. The magenta cloth of his gi fell slightly over the three swords, covering parts of the hilts while still giving him easy access if he needed it.

Two years. Two long, lonely, worrisome years.

~With Kaoru~

She sat around the dojo that had been recently given to her as a gift from her friends, Renee and Angela. They had to return to England for good, and knowing Kaoru had nowhere else to go, they gave her the dojo as a gift instead of selling it. Here she stayed with Sano, Yahiko, and some other family members (as they had become), awaiting the return of her love.

Kenshin had been gone too long.

Her raven hair flew around her as the dusk fell upon the horizon, slowly covering the world with colors that resembled the shades of water paints on an artist's canvas as they played across the sky and between the sakura trees in which petals fell gracefully, dancing towards the ground as fireflies came out.


Kaoru slowly traveled into the center of the land she was looking at, collapsing into a heap as the fireflies danced around her.

That was what he had told her before he had left her to herself. She raised her head from her knees as she looked up, tears brimming her crystalline eyes as she glanced up toward the slowly blackening sky. She refused to wipe the tears away.

"Jou-chan, get in here." Came Sano's voice.

Kaoru turned to face her friend. "What is it Sano?'

"You need to come in." Sano told him. "It's not good for you to be out here crying like this. He'll come back for you. Right now you have more important responsibilities to take care of."

She nodded and allowed Sano to lead her back inside the dojo.

~With Kenshin~

His eyes flew to the sky; the way it glistened with a few brightly shining stars reminded him of the fireflies that they had so vainly wished upon. Some of them had come true, and some still waited in the bank for the perfect moment to reveal themselves to the world as a true wish. Kenshin shook his head.

'Master Hiko would NOT like to hear these thoughts, that he wouldn't.' Kenshin told himself.

The Battousai within him groaned. 'Whatever pink boy, just get us back to Kaoru I miss her.'

He didn't hesitate. The hitokiri may have been the one who fell for her first, even if he didn't realize it, but every part of Kenshin's being ached to be with Kaoru again. 2 years was too long. It had been harder than he had thought. The travel back to Kyoto to see his Master and learn the succession technique and return back to her had taken a lot longer than he had planned. His master was quite stubborn with his refusal to teach him, that was, until he understood the reasons for which Kenshin wished to learn the technique.

'Amekakeru-Ryu-No-Hirameki, Heaven's Soaring Dragon Flash, the succession technique, I must possession a strong will to live to use this technique successfully in battle.' Kenshin reminded himself.

He replayed the memory of convincing his Master to teach him the technique.

And that had been it. Kenshin looked up and noticed that he was at a new dojo; on a familiar road he had taken the day he had left Kaoru. There was a new sign up, one that read 'Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu', and he smiled. At least he knew she was still there.

As he drew nearer to the gate, it started to occur to him. What if she had been attacked while he was gone, when she was in a weak state? What if the others were dead, too... because of his lack of protection? He found himself hurrying more than he had been before.

The light from the moon silhouetted the dojo, and with his senses Kenshin could pick out 4 ki's. One was Kaoru's, one was Sano's, and one was Yahiko's, he knew from the familiarity. But the other was new and strange... and dangerously close to Kaoru's. He edged his way closer to the dojo and could feel Kaoru's ki moving around the building.

************ ************

Kaoru had thought she heard something outside of the dojo. She had picked up her trusty bokken and left her room to figure out who, or what, was outside of her semi-safe adobe. She still couldn't figure out how in the world she had heard something over top of Sano and Yahiko's snoring, but she had. She walked out the room, edging her way slowly to the door.

She heard the gate open and someone padding closer to the dojo at a jogging pace. She waited quietly, until she heard the door next to her begin to open. She lashed out, bokken in hand, and smacked down with her weapon.

"Oro!" came the cry.

Kaoru blinked at the dark red that fell before her eyes.

"Ken... Kenshin?"

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