by Nate Z


Since coming to this world, I have never found a place so foreign, yet so much like home.

Like my current way of life, it is hidden from the world. It has its own laws, its own culture. Its own war.

I am tempted to aid these people. They cannot locate the evil one they call Voldemort, but with my senses, he is has a Power greater than that of Stone's and as easy to see as the moon.

            And the boy, the "Boy Who Lived" as they call him…he is like me. He has lost so much, gained so much more, but still suffers. Still feels pain.

            We could help each other, this world and I. I could learn many different types of Magic here, helping me to protect those I Love. And this Voldemort, even with my non-magical power, could destroy him easily, ending at the boy's pain at least.

            But I cannot. It would upset the Balance of things.

            I must leave Hogwarts untouched by my world, no matter how similar I feel they are. The boy does not need my help. He will endure the pain, drawing strength from those he Loves. I must learn to do the same.

            Besides, I doubt even their most powerful potion can cure what happens to myself in the light of the full moon.

            I am interested in this "Patronus" however…


I got the idea for this short little thing when I was reading HP #5. I could help but wonder how it would go if one of my fan fiction characters was there. However, I decided that would be impossible for me to write, for many reasons. However, not too long ago, I remembered the idea, and started to think, what if this char was just an observer, outside looking in. And after reading the latest chapter of "Harry Potter and the Medallion of Seth" by Master Eldryn (good stuff), I decided to just give it a shot. And in case you were wondering, if this character ever makes it "onto the scene," this story will definitely come into play.

Thanks for your time.