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"'What, shall this speech be spoke for our excuse? Or shall we on without an apology?' So...?"

"So... 'The date is out of such prolixity: We'll have no Cupid hoodwink'd with a scarf, bearing a tartar's painted bow of lath, scaring the ladies like a crow-keeper...'"

"Gods!" Malfoy shouted again. "Stop would you!"

Ginny was getting really tired of this. Every few lines he would stop, insult her, get her to explain, insult her again, and then read on.

"What is it saying?"

Ginny sighed.

"It really doesn't matter. They're talking about..."

Malfoy glared at her, his blond hair falling over his eyes, somehow making him seem even more threatening.

"You don't know, do you?" He stated; it wasn't really a question.

She shook her head, staring over his shoulder.


"Draco!" A female voice called out.

They were sitting on an overgrown stairway, partially crumbling with age. It was out of the way, and Ginny hadn't even known it was there. She had been minding her own business; simply walking along and Malfoy had suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her through the hallway. She wasn't feeling at all comfortable as she was, once again, alone with the blond, devil-spawn also known as Ferret-boy.

Across from her, Malfoy visibly stiffened and then relaxed as Pansy Parkinson rounded the corner of a broken wall.

"Oh good, I found you. I need your help. Okay, Millicent got a hold of some slugs, see, and..." She trailed off as her eyes rested on the youngest Weasley. "And I... umm..."

"And you what?" Malfoy looked bored and completely oblivious to the awkward silence.

Parkinson shook her head, as if to clear her thoughts, and joined Malfoy in ignoring Ginny's presence.

"What happened was..." The Slytherin girl looked over at Ginny pointedly and then leaned in to whisper in Malfoy's ear.

A few moments later, he gave a snort of disbelief and rose to his feet, thrusting Romeo and Juliet into his bag. Without saying a word to her, the two blonds sauntered off. It infuriated Ginny when Malfoy acted like that, as if she didn't matter at all.

"Pansy, it really should have been a simple drought spell."

So, Ginny was left to wonder about Malfoy's extreme dislike of her...

...and what exactly slugs and evaporating water had in common.

"You've cast Draco Malfoy as Romeo?" Professor McGonagall asked incredulously.

Clair Sinclair raised her almost perfectly round eyes from her cast list to gaze up as the disbelieving expressions of every other teacher in the Staff Room. Everyone had suddenly gone quiet.


"Opposite Ginny Weasley?"


The silence was deafening. It was broken finally as this registered and the teachers reacted accordingly. Professor Flitwick dropped a large stack of papers. Professor Snape choked on his drink.

"Well," McGonagall tried to look encouraging. "Well, it could work. It won't be easy but- for Merlin's sake Snape, why were you drinking in the Staff Room in the first place? - But it is possible."

"Of course it's possible." Said Sinclair, looking slightly confused. "I know that."

"Right." Snape scoffed disbelievingly, having recovered from his coughing fit.

It was silent again, and everyone returned one-by-one to what they had been doing before the interruption. That was, until Professor Sinclair broke the peace with a comment, made in her happiest voice.

"You know who would make the cutest couple?"


"Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley."

Snape started choking again.

The Gryffindor Three were making their way to the Great Hall.

"So, Ron." Said Hermione, flipping through her Charms textbook as the walked. "How are you getting on with Parkinson?"

Ron looked mildly surprised.

"With Parkinson? The usual. Why?"

Hermione looked at him.

"You don't-."

At that instance Harry grabbed her arm rather roughly and whispered, "Don't tell him."

"I don't what?"

"Oh, nothing Ron."

Harry wanted to keep the unpleasant revelation that he, Ron, was married to Pansy "Pug-Face" Parkinson for the next several months to himself as long as he could. Ron was a bit slow on these things sometimes. Perhaps he wouldn't pick up for a while.

This hope was dashed, however, as Pansy and her girl-goons rounded the corner. A nasty look pulled itself across the Slytherin girl's face, causing her to look more like a pug that ever. She had been heading for the doors into the Great Hall but swerved sharply, making her way straight towards Ron.

She stopped directly in front of him, placing her hands on her hips. Her scowl deepened and she looked him up and down, as best she could. Ron was very tall and Pansy, who was rather short for her age, only came up to his lower torso. Never the less, Ron looked very threatened indeed.

"You," She hissed. "You keep on smiling, why don't you, Weasley. Enjoy what time you have. Because come Thursday, you- are- mine."

She punctuated each word with a poke in the stomach. Harry was sure she wanted to poke him in the chest but couldn't reach it comfortably.

"Uhh..." Said Ron, intelligently.

"Hear me, Weasley?" She began poking again. "You- will- pay."

She ended this sentence with her hardest poke yet, sneering up at him. Then, she turned on her heel and continued into the Great Hall. Smirking, Millicent Bulstrode and Daphne Greengrass followed her in. Pansy slammed the doors behind her.

"Blimey," Breathed Ron. "What was that about?"

Hermione shook her head.

"Come here, Ron."

Harry left it to Hermione, continuing into the Great Hall. He took a swig of pumpkin juice, waiting for a moment. All the way at the Gryffindor table, he could hear Ron's screams.

When Malfoy entered the library, Ginny was studying Transfiguration. She decided to pretend she didn't see him. He planted himself at the table behind her and she continued to read.


A ball of parchment bounced off the table. Ginny acted as if she hadn't noticed.


This one hit her shoulder, and she buried her face deeper in the book.


Malfoy's quill had hit her in the back of her head. She detached it from her hair, tossing it back at him. She wasn't in the mood to deal with him right now.


Ginny jumped. Malfoy, tired of being ignored, had thrown his inkwell at her. Madam Pince was stalking towards her, looking livid.

"What do you think you are doing?!?" She screamed.

Ginny froze.

"I-I- Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't- Oh!" She stammered, unable to meet Madam Pince's infuriated gaze.

As the librarian cleaned the ink with a flick of her wand, Ginny hurriedly gathered her books and papers. The shards of glass flew together, once again taking the shape of an inkwell. Ginny grabbed in and bowing low again, muttered another apology.

"I am so sorry, Madam Pince!"

She turned and hurried out of the library.

As she passed, Malfoy whispered, "Hey! Don't go! Scene five, what're they saying in scene five?"

She shut the door behind her and, closing her eyes, leaned against it. She was breathing heavily, as if she had just run a marathon. But when she opened her eyes, she wasn't staring at the castle wall but, once again, into the face of Terrance Higgs.

"Hi!" He said, sounding cheerful. "It's you again, is it? Funny how we keep meeting, huh? Well, they say great minds think alike!"

"Hi." Ginny offered weakly, feeling very relieved to see him. Her books, which were gathered in no particular order, chose this moment to tumble out of her arms.

He laughed, leaning down to pick up her books again.

"You should really get a book bag."

"Yeah." She said, smiling feebly.

She decided not to mention that she had a book bag, only Malfoy had ripped it and she wasn't quite sure how to fix it. Instead, she followed Terrance down the hall, listening as he continued to chatter happily.

"Sorry about Malfoy. He's so immature."

"Oh, you... saw that?"

He nodded, scrunching up his face angrily.

"He infuriates me. Gives us Slytherins a bad name."

Ginny looked at him, surprised. She had never heard of a Slytherin who didn't like Malfoy. It struck her as a little odd but, then again, not every Gryffindor seemed particularly brave. It must be the same with Slytherin."

"Are you alright?"

"Fine!" Ginny flushed. "I'm fine."

"Hey, what were you studying?"


"Have trouble with it?"

Ginny nodded.

"Well, I'm really good at Transfiguration. Want me to help you study?"

"If you- If you want to."

So Ginny spent her afternoon outside, under the shade of a large pine tree, studying with a Slytherin named Terrance Higgs. He wasn't as good at Transfiguration as he had let her believe, but he was funny and he tried. She may not have learned a lot, but she hadn't smiled so much in a long, long time.

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