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different meetings part four: the outers are complete

One day Sarina and Michelle are walking home and notices the sad expression on Michelle's face "hey what's wrong?" asked Sarina "I've bee having this weird dream." Said Michelle "I'm standing there in this weird room in some kind of sailor suit this evil looking women is trying to kill me and these other three people but just as she is about to kill me that's when the dream ends but in the dream the people kept mentioning someone named Beryl." "well this is my street see ya Sarina." "bye Michelle." And with that Michelle and Sarina went off to their houses. At Sarina's house Luna was taking a nap when Sarina came running in "Luna wake up we have a problem Michelle keeps having dreams of queen Beryl what does it mean?" "Sarina if what you said makes sense." Said Luna after Sarina finished telling Luna about the dream Michelle had "that means Michelle is a sailor Senshi, judging by what I have seen I think I know which one try to bring her tomorrow after school if you can then I'll scan her." "Hey meatball head." Said Sammy as he came in "who are you talking too oh well dinners ready, don't inhale the food this time." So Sarina angrily stalked down to dinner "mom I was wondering if I could have Michelle come over after school tomorrow?" "sure thing." Said Sarina's mom The next day Sarina went to get Michelle but had to wait for her violin practice to get over. 'Wow she is pretty good ' Sarina thought to herself after the practice they went to Sarina's house and Michelle met Luna 'oh my gosh.' Thought Luna I was right "psst Sarina give this wand to her I think I know who she is." "okay Luna if you say so hey Michelle can you hold on to this pen for me it's very important." After that Michelle went home Meanwhile in the NegaKingdom ( I didn't know if I should have used negaverse or dark kingdom so I combined them) queen Beryl was in a very bad mood and was in the middle of yelling at Nephlite when she heard a commotion "oh Malachite" moaned Zoycite (to make people happy imagine Zoycite whichever gender you like.) "Oh Zoycite" moaned Malachite this gave queen Beryl the idea of what they were doing "knock it off!!!" screamed queen Beryl as she banged on the wall "now send your monster and please take those two with you so I can get some peace and quiet."
A few minutes later they appeared in the park Meanwhile Michelle was walking home when she saw the sailor senshi run by "woah I have to see what this is about." Meanwhile the senshi were doing lousy every one except for Saturn and Pluto "blast" said Pluto " what is it's freaking weakness" just then Luna saw Michelle behind some bushes and a symbol appear on her head "quick Michelle hold the pen up and shout 'Neptune planet power' "Okay here goes Neptune planet power!" water ripped around Michelle for a few minutes when it stopped there stood a sailor senshi in an aqua colored sailor out fit and a mirror appeared in her hand "submarine reflection!" shouted Neptune "you guys every one combine powers and hit him in the arm." She said to the senshi that were slowly getting up "Moon tiara action!" shouted sailor moon as the tiara disintegrated the monster and Neptune powered down "welcome to the team." Said Hotaru as Sarina and Raye got into one of their classic tongue wars. "don't worry" said Trista "you will get used to that too."
Meanwhile in the negaverse queen Beryl was in a very bad mood when she heard Zoycite and Malachite at it again finally having enough of she pulled out a house and turned the water on them and talked to herself "I feel much better now to my next plan."

The end

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