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~Mysteries of the Assassin~


"Seph, seriously. Why do you need Shinomori's diary? This isnt high school." Allenby glared at the tall warrior as he began rummaging her room, sending her delicates and Rain's shoes flyin'. 'If he as much wrinkles my clothes, I'll kill him.'

"None of your business," Seph grunted and continued his search. 'I cant tell her. The future depends on this... Albert, who the hell are you??' After what could only be described as eternity, he finally had the little black notebook. He sat down on the ground and started to skim through it. 'No... Albert, why didnt you tell me?' Allenby sighed and was about to go when Seph beckoned her to come back. He shoved the book in her face. 'She deserves to know...'

"Read," he commanded, pointing at the third paragraph on the page. Obediently Allenby read aloud.

"Dear diary, I've searched the Takeda mansion today. Like before, there wasnt a shred of evidence about my existence. But unlike all the other times, I managed to find a secret stairway leading underground. And as I descended down the stairs, I unveiled the greatest secret in the universe, greater than all the cosmos combined. I found the secret of Albert's past."

'Albert's past... I've always wanted to know about it. But since he WAS an assassin... that means...' Allenby eyes widened in shock and she opened her mouth to say something but Seph put his index finger on her lips.

"Keep reading."


"So what was your childhood like?"

Albert looked at Shura who was slightly panting from our fight. 'Does she deserve to know? I'm not sure... so many skeletons in my closet... what if it somehow gets back to Allenby? I cant... I wont run the risk of losing her...'

"I'm sorry but that is a secret that I'll take to the grave. It is better if nobody knows." He tried to close the subject completely but she wouldnt let him.

"You owe it to me. To Shinomori, Kame bless him. If I'd resolve the situation like I was paid to... then... then none of this would've happened." She turned away disgusted with herself. Albert sighed sadly and diverted his eyes at his swords, the same ones that took so many lives in his past life. Silence enveloped the two as Albert finally decided to tell her.

"I was part of the assassin team ever since birth," he blurted out. 'No!!! Damnit, why'd you say that??' He cursed himself mentally as Adela turned toward him with wide eyes. 'Why did I tell her??'

"What was that?"

Albert looked at her and smiled weakly. 'She mustn't know. But... who would it hurt if she DID know? I've been meaning to tell someone ever since I found out in the Guyana Highlands...'

He felt a jolt in his heart as if opening an old wound. 'My past... oh, how it hurts me so. Why must she know?'

"As far as I know, my parents abandoned me and I was taken to the crime lord, Lord Takeda. I was raised to fight, no, to kill. I was never fighting... If I had a shred of human dignity then I wouldn't have killed all those people. Yet I never stopped killin' just because my heart told me to. I stabbed westward, leading Ne0-Taiwan to a new age filled with fame and glory. Military and Industries flourished. But despite those benefits, those who fought in the war were forgotten... Except for me, Shinomori, and Seph. We were famous for killin'..."

He shook his head in disgust. 'Killin'... that's the only thing I'm famous for back then. People did not respect me... they FEARED me...'

"What about your lil bro Aaron?" Adela asked, totally raptured by his past. "He was part of your team, was he not?"

Albert nodded and answered, "Yes. He WAS part of my team. But he was killed by Seph after an argument they were having. He was always the headstrong one, not as strong as me, but determined as hell." 'Then that monster Takeda recorded his memory and fused it with mine,' he thought and shuddered slightly.

"And what of Tifa?" His heart jolted again, this time hurting ten times more than last.

'Tifa... because of me you're dead. I'm so sorry...' He tried to shake away the pain but shame overwhelmed the warrior as he broke down completely.

"She died because of me. It's all my fault. I was bethrothed to her and was supposed to marry her in the spring. But..." He shook my head sadly and temporarily lost his ability to speak.

"It's okay. You dont have to say anymore." The acclaimed assassin Shura placed a hand on his shoulder. "I know how you feel. I experienced the same heartbreak when I lost my dear fiancee."

He looked up at the Angel of Death. "But that's not all..."


"It was an impossible fight for even Albert the Assassin to win. Going head to head with the most powerful assassin in the galaxy... His name was Gentatsu, a warrior with no boundaries. As the fight raged on, it was obvious Albert would eventually lose. As Gentatsu was about to deliver the final blow, Tifa intervened and took the hit. His attack hit true as his blade went through the foolish girl and managed to get Albert in the chest. Desperate, Albert pulled out his own sword and thrust it through Tifa as a final move. His attack also hit true, and Gentatsu was the first to hit the ground. His eyes were lifeless and blood of all three flowed on the dilapidated streets. Tifa lived long enough to tell Albert that she loved him and for him to stop killing. Then she too passed on, leaving Albert the Assassin alone in the streets with a mortal wound and an even bigger emotional gash. Before long, Albert was brough in to authorities where he would be cryogenically frozen. "The nightmare's over," he thought but little did he knew that he would be brough back to his "nightmare" within four years time. Although his memory was erased, Albert lived everyday with a pain in his heart. The scar on his chest is there to remind him everyday that killin' only causes more pain."

Allenby closed the book gently, her eyes closed. 'No... it cant be. This is just a dream,' she thought.

"Sorry you had to hear that," Seph said apolegetically. "I've known Albert ever since he was just a boy but trust me, there are things that even I dont know. I mean, I knew he had a girlfriend and all, but how he was caught remained a mystery."

'He's only tryin' to reassure me,' Allenby thought. 'But I dont really care about what he HAD done. I'll still love him like I have for this year...'

Suddenly, the memory of an old friend popped into her head. "Adela Lawless," she whispered. Seph spun around immediately and eyed her suspiciously.

"What was that? How did you know?"

Allenby looked at him, confused written all over her face. "What? How did I know what?"

'I guess there's no point in keeping this from her, seeing as she already knows the Angel of Death,' Seph thought.

"Okay, here's what happened..."


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