Name:             Family Secrets, Hidden Desires

Author:           VirginSuicide

Rating:            R

Warnings:       Spoilers for all five books, SLASH (boy/boy love), will have sex scenes in later chapters, swearing, blood lust, slight AU, er… that's all I can think of at the moment. 

Summary:  Sixth-year fic.  Will contain SLASH between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter (most probably other SLASH pairings too).  Contains Vampire/Elf!Harry and Vampire/Veela!Draco

Disclaimer:  I don't own Harry Potter or the other characters.  Information on Vampires and Elves has been researched from websites.

Slight AU:

When Harry was banned from Quidditch, instead of moping around he went into a study frenzy.  The time usually spent training and discussing Quidditch tactics he spent in the library.  He also read through Hermione's Ancient Runes and Arithmacy books and found them extremely easy due to his Muggle learning earlier.  He also took the required O.W.L exams for those subjects (as well as the Muggle Studies exam just to boost his overall average knowing he would pass.).  I plan to make Harry's O.W.L results high.  Mostly all results will be 'Outstanding' with a few 'Exceed Expectations' and 'Acceptables'.  I'm sorry if this offends any body; your welcome to press the back button or leave a flame if highly offended, but I hope you don't.  (The results are a little unbelievable but most things magical are.)

Fifth Book:

Harry nodded.  He somehow could not find words to tell them what it meant to him, to see them all ranged there, on his side.  Instead, he smiled, raised a hand in farewell, turned around and led the way out of the station towards the sunlit street, with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley hurrying along in his wake.

Chapter One

As Harry got into his Uncle's flash business car, and buckled his seat belt he hid his smile at his relatives discomfort.  Moody's departing words had left the atmosphere tense.  His Uncle Vernon was a patchy red, his moustache quivering, in fear or rage, Harry did not know.  His Aunt Petunia's thin lips were pressed into a tight line and she kept looking into the rear view mirror, paranoid they would follow them home.  Looking over at his cousin Dudley, he suppressed the urge to laugh.  The 'almighty' boxing champion was clutching his seatbelt in a death grip, his face fearful, his body trembling. 

Harry thought about the long summer ahead, already missing Hogwarts and his friends.  He wondered how long he would be stuck at the Dursley's.  Then another thought struck him leaving him hollow.  Would he be going back to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place?  His throat constricted.  He didn't think he could go back there.  What was worse: two and a half months with the Dursley's or staying at Grimmauld Place?  He didn't know.  Both were unappealing. 

What he had to do was continue to study.  Hopefully if he threw himself into that, he could forget about the real world.  But he had already studied his fifth-year books from cover to cover for the O.W.L exams.  No doubt the headmaster would not allow him to visit Diagon Alley.  He will probably receive a note stating as such any day now. 

But what if he went before he was officially forbidden to do so.  If he went now, he wouldn't really be going against Dumbledore's orders and they were in London anyway.  He smiled.  If he asked now while Uncle Vernon was still frightened by Moody's words they should let him.  With that thought in mind he cleared his throat, startling all three Dursley's.

"Uncle Vernon?"  he asked.  His uncle grunted.

"I was wondering if you could drop me off at The Leaky Cauldron for a couple of hours so I could get some school things I need for the summer?"  he asked, hoping he sounded casual.  He quickly went on before his uncle could interrupt.  "See, a Professor from school was going to get them for me and bring them over in the next couple of days, 'cause I need them for Summer study, but if I got them now, it would save them the trip," he lied.  His uncle's receding red patches were coming back with alarming speed.  His Aunt moaned in the passenger seat. 

"Fine!" his uncle shouted, "But you make sure you write to this. this Professor of yours and tell 'em not to come, you hear me boy!?"

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," he answered obediently, before giving them directions to the Leaky Cauldron.

With the threat that he had better be waiting on the pavement in two hours or they left without him, the Dursley's sped off.  Making sure his wand was tucked safely in his pocket with his moneybag and Gringotts key in the other, he entered the pub and quickly made it to the back with his head down, hoping nobody would notice him.  Luck seemed to be on his side as the pub was mostly empty.  The few witches and wizards that were present seemed to be absorbed in the debate on the upcoming Quidditch match to pay him any notice. 

Breathing a sigh of relief, he removed his wand and tapped the right bricks.  As the archway appeared, he smoothed his inky black locks over his forehead nervously before quickly entering the Alley.  Making his way to Gringotts; the Wizarding bank that was run by hundreds of goblins, he headed up to the teller desk.  Pulling out his key, he put it on the wooden bench top in front of the Goblin.

"I would like to withdraw some money please," he paused, "I would also like to exchange some for muggle money."  The goblin peered at him suspiciously as he picked up the key and examined it.  Passing the examination, the goblin called to another who took him down to his vault.  Collecting a generous amount of cash, he had some exchanged for English muggle pounds and then made his way back down the Alley, heading for Flourish and Blotts. 

He did some quick calculations in his head as he perused the shelves.  He would spend about forty minutes in here, then quickly head to a few of the other shops for other supplies like quill and ink and Potions ingredients.  Then he'd head into Muggle London and pick up a few muggle books.  He would buy a few muggle clothes but he'd get the majority of them later in the summer in Surrey. 

Thirty-five minutes later, he had pocket full of shrunken books.  He had asked the shopkeeper if he could put a timer of sorts on them, so they turned back to their original size later tonight.  He made his way to the Apothecary as he thought about what he had just bought.  He had gotten both The Standard Book of Spells Grade sixth and seven, as well a set each of 'Advanced' and 'N.E.W.T Level' books on all subjects save Divination and Muggle Studies.  He also got a few extra books on Defence Against The Dark Arts as well as Occlumency, Potions and Poisons, Magical Maladies/Healing, Wandless Magic, Ancient Magic and indulged his curiosity in getting a book on Animagi. 

After browsing through the aisles for a little while, he decided to get the new 'Potions Master Apprentice Set' which included a collapsible work area, an extensive collection of Potions ingredients and equipment and a Potion's book.  It set him back a bit but he knew it would be worth it, if just to see Snape's face.  He just hoped he made it into the N.E.W.T class.  He would have to take remedial potions if he didn't with the other students who hadn't made the ridiculously high standard.  Snape and Malfoy would have a field day teasing him, he thought with a fierce scowl. 

Picking up a few other things in the Alley, he made his way to muggle London and into the closest bookstore.  Heading to the High School section, the thought of Dudley being smarter then he was spurred him onwards.  Leaving the bookstore with books on Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business, Computer Studies (IPT), Literature, History, and a few other bits and pieces he was feeling happy with his purchase.  He had about twenty minutes left until he had to meet up with the Dursley's, so heading in the direction of the Leaky Cauldron, he stopped at the first clothes store he saw. 

Making his way into the store, he looked around nervously.  He hadn't ever really been shopping for clothes before; he wouldn't know where to begin.  He shifted his muggle bags into one hand as he looked at the racks of clothing. 

"Hi, can I help you, sir?" asked an assistant.  He smiled shyly at the young girl who couldn't have been much older than him. 

"Er, yes.  I was looking for some comfortable clothing for the summer.  I just want to get a couple of things because I think I'm about due for a growth spurt," he answered.  Indeed, he hoped that the pains in his joints were from an upcoming growth spurt.  It was embarrassing that Hermione and the other girls was a good bit taller than him.  The assistant laughed, and directed him over to the lighter, summer clothing, where she preceded to pick things out of the rack. 

It had taken longer than he had hoped, but he was happy with the two pairs of shorts he had bought and the couple of shirts.  He also bought a new pair of runners as the pair he had scrunched his toes up at the end and the soles were coming lose.  The Dursley's were already there when he arrived but didn't say anything when he got in the car and drove home. 


Over the next couple of weeks he hardly left his room.  His was obsessing more with his study now then what he had when he was banned from Quidditch.  One of the first things he studied was Occlumency.  He found that it was easier when he knew the theory behind it and wasn't facing a snarling Snape.  True to his word, he wrote to his friends every three days, though he was sure it was painfully obvious how bland and formal his letters were.  It was not that he was trying to push his friends out; he just didn't know how to cope with them.  He knew they were at the Order Headquarters although they had avoided mentioning where they were.  He still wasn't ready to go back there.  He feared he never would be. 

If he wasn't in his room then he was out running.  The steady rhythm of his feet beating on the ground was soothing to his tortured soul.  Dreams of Sirius and Voldemort plagued his sleep to the point where he had brewed his own Dreamless Sleep Potion with the Apprentice Set.  He would use it for a few nights then go without for a few.  The last thing he needed was to become addicted to it. 

The pain in his joints was getting worse and had spread to his muscles, but, much to his delight, he had started growing and filling out.  He was starting to look more sinewy and athletic instead of painfully thin and gaunt. 

Good news came in the form of a letter about a month into the holidays; one week before his birthday.  It was about eight o'clock and Harry was sitting at his desk, studying when three owls swooped through his open window.  Momentarily shocked by the intrusion he jumped up eagerly to unload the owls, noticing the formal envelope.  His O.W.L results had arrived.  After removing the letters, an important looking owl that had been carrying his results took a sip of Hedwig's water then flew back out the window.  A barn owl he didn't recognise and Ron's owl 'Pig' stayed. 

Picking up his O.W.L results he flipped it over and carefully broke the seal.  Pulling out about half a dozen pieces of parchment, he unfolded the letter. 


Transfiguration  Outstanding

Charms  Outstanding

History of Magic  Acceptable

Potions  Outstanding

Herbology  Outstanding

Defence Against The Dark Arts  Outstanding

Astronomy  Exceeds Expectations

Care of Magical Creatures  Outstanding

Divination  Acceptable

Arithmacy  Outstanding

Ancient Runes  Outstanding

Muggle Studies  Outstanding

He had passed!  Harry let out a whoop of joy!  He had gotten an Outstanding in Potions!  He couldn't wait to see Snape and Malfoy's face when he waltzed into the N.E.W.T Level Potion's class!  He did a victory dance, and then fell laughing onto his bed.  The other pieces of parchment contained school reports on his behaviour, and his other commitments (Quidditch).  There were detailed reports on his adventures he had had since first year, which reading through brought back memories.  Flipping through his school report, he got to a section where his professors, including Professor Dumbledore and the O.W.L professors had written comments on his behaviour and skills and other such things.  He snorted when he read Professor Snape's bland report.  Obviously Professor Dumbledore had stepped in and stopped him from writing what he really thought.  The last page was a list of the subjects available to him next year.  The selection had to be filled out and sent back no later then the thirty-first of July.

After a while, he remembered the other two letters and grabbed Ron's letter first.  Breaking the seal, he pulled the letter out and opened it.


How are you?  The muggles treating you ok?  It's been boring here!  Hermione's already studying for next year and has been hassling me to too!  The twins shop is a real success.  Hermione, Ginny and I went and seen it the other day.  It was packed full of kids.  Mum's been ranting about the pranks the twins have left all over the place.  Percy and mum are talking again, but the rest of the family still haven't forgiven him yet.  Mum's asked Dumbledore when you can come and he said you should be able to in a couple of weeks!  Hopefully you'll get to see the twins shop, you'll love it!  Anyway, we got our O.W.L results and we included them here.  How did you do?  Probably better then I did!  Hermione did really well! (No surprise there!).  Anyway, I'll see you soon mate!


Harry smiled as he flipped the page.


Transfiguration Exceeds Expectations

Charms Exceeds Expectations

History of Magic Poor

Potions Acceptable

Herbology Acceptable

Defence Against The Dark Arts Outstanding

Astronomy Acceptable

Care of Magical Creatures Outstanding

Divination Poor


Transfiguration Outstanding

Charms Outstanding

History of Magic Exceeds Expectations

Potions Outstanding

Herbology Exceeds Expectations

Defence Against The Dark Arts Outstanding

Astronomy Acceptable

Care of Magical Creatures Outstanding

Arithmacy Outstanding

Ancient Runes Outstanding

Muggle Studies Outstanding

Hermione had also taken the Muggle Studies exam although she had not studied it since third year.  All in all, he wasn't too surprised by their results.  Unfortunately, Ron would be in remedial Potion's if he decided to keep it, which with Hermione there, he no doubt has no choice but to do it.  It would be disappointing not having Ron in class with him.  Ron always made Potions bearable.

He got a piece of parchment out and wrote a quick reply, including a copy of his results and fake enthusiasm at being able to go there in a couple of weeks.  He tied the letter to Pig's leg, gave the hyper bird an owl treat and sent it on its way.  He then picked up the final letter, casting a curious glance at the patient owl, before slitting it open and pulling the parchment out.  The familiar loopy writing of the headmaster came into view. 

Dear Harry,

Congratulations on your O.W.L results.   Your parents and godfather would be proud, as your professor's and myself are.  Harry's throat constricted.  I'm writing to inform you that the ministry has contacted me about your using magic during the holidays.  Harry panicked; he hadn't used any magic, had he?  It has been decided that the ban preventing you from using magic should be lifted.  Harry's smile grew wide as he read that line again and barely repressed the whoop of joy.  Of course, extreme caution is necessary.  It is important that you do not abuse this trust.  Discretion on your part must be kept at all times.  I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you again.  Any questions or replies can be sent with Toger.

Yours sincerely

Albus Dumbledore

Harry reread the letter again.  It would be more believable had he wrote that he had contacted the ministry and decided the ban should be lifted.  He couldn't see the ministry suggesting it.  But oh well, he wasn't about to complain.  He penned a thank-you note before picking up his subject selection sheet.  Sitting down, he read through all the subjects before picking up his quill and dipping it in ink.  He ticked off the ones he was definitely doing:

N.E.W.T Level Transfiguration

N.E.W.T Level Charms

N.E.W.T Level Potions

N.E.W.T Level Herbology

N.E.W.T Level Defence Against The Dark Arts

They were necessary if he wanted to be an Auror.  Perusing through the list he also chose the following:

N.E.W.T Level Care of Magical Creatures

N.E.W.T Level Arithmacy

N.E.W.T Level Ancient Runes

Happy with his selection, he put his letter and subject sheet in an envelope, sealed it, tied it to Toger's leg, and gave him an owl treat before letting it fly out his window.  Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he changed into his pyjamas and climbed into bed.  Grabbing a vial, he gulped down the Dreamless Sleep Potion before drifting off.


The next week passed in a blur of studying, running and Pain Relieving Potions.  The constant pain in his joints and muscles was beginning to be a joke.  He was starting to think the growth spurt wasn't worth it.  It wasn't that it was excruciating, but the continual throb was certainly taking its toll.  The day before his birthday, he was starting to sink into depression.  No matter how hard he threw himself into his studies, he knew it was inevitable.  The nights he did not take the Dreamless Sleep Potion, he would relive the moment of Sirius's death over and over again.  He wondered briefly if dark magic could bring him back.  Maybe there was a book he could get that would show a way to go inside the veil and bring him back out.  He entertained the thought long enough to realise that he didn't own any Dark Arts books and wouldn't know where to get one.  Other than Knockturn Alley but he couldn't see himself making it out of there alive in these dark times.

Harry closed the book he was reading and rubbed his eyes.  Flashes were entering his line of vision and he could feel a stabbing at the backs of his eyes.  Great, he thought, a migraine is all I need.  Looking across at his clock it read 4:35pm in big neon-green block writing.  He decided to go for a run. 

An hour and a half later he made his way back to Private Drive.  He had been at the park for the last half hour because his headache was getting worse.  The flashes were still present, but his vision was starting to blur.  Moments he would have relatively normal vision, then he'd be seeing double, then all of a sudden his vision would be sharp, before blurring again.  Not to mention the pain in his muscles had increased.  Gingerly walking up the stairs, he grabbed the Pain Relieving Potion he had brewed and sculled half its contents.  The pain receded slightly, enough to let him think clearly.  He decided he'd have a quick shower before heading down to dinner.

After dinner, he headed back up to his room to finish the Animagi book he had been reading earlier.  The book must have been more advanced than the ones his father and friends had used because it contained all the information he needed to become an Animagus.  The potion and spells were there, as well as cautions and warnings, expected results, and tips.  All he needed to know was right here in front of him and he had already started making the potion a week ago.  He was using the utmost care with it; the consequences of screwing it up were labelled in the book with gruesome, life-like pictures. 

Looking over the instructions, he noticed with child-like excitement that it should be ready in a couple more days.  He couldn't wait to see what animal he would become.  Maybe he'd be a Stag like his father, or a Grim, like his godfather.  He felt the usual hollow feeling again when his thoughts turned to Sirius, so he buried his face back in the book. 

It was hours later before he quit his studying.  His migraine was back with a viciousness he hadn't known before.  A burning pain surrounded his whole body, making him feel as though he were standing to close to a Bon Fire.  He felt dizzy and weak and nauseous.  He frowned as he rubbed his temples.  The Pain Relieving Potion should have lasted longer than this.  Maybe he needed to see a doctor, or write to Dumbledore.  He looked over to his collapsible Potions bench, particularly at the bottle of Pain Relieving Potion.  It was possible he had made it wrong.  Would it do any harm if he had more so soon after the last lot he had had?  He figured it couldn't be any worse then what he was feeling, so he got up slowly from his chair and started to make his way over. 

By the time he got to the middle of his room, the world was spinning on its axis.  His vision was starting to cloud over and before he knew it, he had passed out. 

The luminous green block writing of the alarm clock clicked, as the time changed to 12:00. 


Harry started to come to, to an insistent stabbing pain in his right pointer finger.  As he started to gain conscious he realised that that was the only pain in his body save the crick in his neck, from sleeping on the floor.  Wait!  Sleeping on the floor?  He let that thought drift through his sluggish brain before he snapped his eyes open.  The stabbing pain in his finger seemed due to his owl Hedwig, who was continuously nipping at his finger, a package tied to her leg.  As he gingerly sat up, he noticed a few other owls, napping around the room.  Obviously, they had gotten tired of waiting for him to remove their loads and had dozed off when the sun came up. 

Rolling his head back, he heard a satisfying crack before he picked himself up and sat on his bed.  At first he was confused as to why there were so many owls in his room before he remembered it was his birthday.  Looking over at Dudley's old alarm clock, he realised he had been sixteen for seven hours and fifteen minutes. 

He was a bit disappointed that he hadn't been awake when the clock struck twelve before he remembered he had passed out.  He frowned, but decided to dwell on it later.  For now he wanted to open his presents.  Untying all his packages from the owls with a flick of his wand, he dumped them onto his bed.  The first one he opened was from Ron.  He read through the letter before he opened his gift.  He gasped.  Ron had given him a Golden Snitch that was encased in a glass cube.  The snitch had his name, as well as Ron's and Hermione's engraved into it.  It was beautiful.  Another note enclosed with the gift simply said 'Friends Forever, Mate'   His heart lightened at the thought.  He was very lucky to have friends like them. 

Putting the glass cube carefully onto his nightstand, he picked up Hermione's rather large present.  Reading through the letter, he puzzled at the 'Everyone needs a hobby' line.  Opening the present, he understood.  Hermione had given him an expensive looking Art set.  The Art set seemed to have everything including a much-needed book of Beginning Art.  Smiling fondly, he put the set to the side, before he picked up the next present. 

After reading the card from the Weasley's, he opened the package to reveal a chocolate cake.  Pulling that out, there was another wrapped gift under it.  Carefully unwrapping that, he gasped in awe.  On a polished silver chain necklace was a beautiful Dragon pendant.  The Dragon was also polished silver with Ruby red eyes.  Slipping it over his neck, he felt it warming to his skin, sending a shiver up his spine.  He noticed happily that the pendant wasn't bulky and sat nicely against his body.

Reading his letter and opening his gift from Hagrid, he received some homemade Rock Cakes, as well as a book on Magical Beasts.  Staring at the book apprehensively, he reached out a hand and poked the book.  The last time Hagrid had sent him a book on monsters, the book had bitten him.  Sighing in relief when the book remained still, he picked it up and thumbed through it.  He would read it later, he thought as he set it aside.  There were two presents left.  The first one turned out to be from the Weasley twins and was a box full of all their latest jokes.  He picked his way carefully through the box examining it, before setting it aside and picking up the last present. 

Curious as to who it was from he opened the letter.  It turned out to be from Remus Lupin, his third year Defence teacher and fellow Marauder.  Opening the present, he once again gasped.  It was a leather-bound book, much like the photo-album Hagrid had given him in first year, but thicker.  Opening the book, tears stung his eyes, but he blinked them back. 

The book was filled with pictures and other things of his parents and the other Marauders.  Baby photos of them, all the way through to growing up.  There were letters and diary entries cut out and sealed to the pages as well as detailed accounts describing some of the pictures, including pictures and descriptions of some of the pranks they had pulled. 

Flipping further along, the older the people got, until there was a baby in the picture.  He had obviously just been born, as he was still bloody.  Over the next pages showed him getting older, until it cut off abruptly at fifteen months.  The next pages after that skipped til his first-year at Hogwarts.  He laughed quietly as he flipped through the pictures of him, Ron and Hermione.  Where they got the pictures from he did not know.  Maybe you could use a pensieve and magically make pictures from that? 

As he got older, he knew they must have contacted Colin Creevey for some of the photos.  There were magazine and newspaper cut-outs and notes and letters they had written, or received, including the note to and from Charlie concerning Norbert coupled with pictures, as well as the ripped page from the library book about the Basilisk in second year.  Also included were the notes and instructions for the Polyjuice Potion as well as detailed accounts and pictures.  In fact, there were detailed accounts on everything.  They certainly must have used some form of magic to make the photos as there were even pictures of them flying the car to school and Aragog and other adventures where there certainly wasn't any cameras around.  There were also copies of his detention slips, as well as his acceptance letter and Underage Magic warnings. 

The book was amazing.  He spent at least an hour absorbed in it before he put it aside and wrote thank-you letters.  He struggled with his letter to Lupin but he managed to convey exactly how he felt.  After sending them off, he picked up his towel and rubbed his eyes tiredly.  He froze.  He wasn't wearing his glasses.  As he looked at the ground, he realised they must of came off when he passed out, and his mind had been too fuzzy when he woke.  Then he was too absorbed in his presents to notice.  But he noticed now.  As he looked around the room, he realised that his vision was perfect.  In fact it was better then perfect.  As he looked closely at the book that was sitting open at his desk, he realised he could read what it said from where he was standing on the other side of the room.  He blinked a couple of times before racing out of his room and down the hall to the bathroom.  He locked the door behind him and set his towel down before he walked over to the mirror. 

He stood shocked, looking at his reflection.  He was much taller.  Before he had been a measly five foot four.  Now he had to be at least five foot seven or eight.  His inky black hair was still thick and tousled, but looked attractive instead of messy.  It shined blue/black in the light and looked silky and soft.  His face looked different.  He wasn't sure if he looked older or younger.  If he looked more masculine or feminine.  His jaw was more angular, but he had high cheekbones.  Coupled with his cute nose he inherited off of his mother and full luscious lips, as well as his big expressive eyes that were no longer hidden behind glasses, he looked graceful and fragile, as well as mysterious and deadly.  How he managed that he did not know. 

Pulling of his shirt and shorts he stepped back to examine the rest of his body.  His skin was soft and coloured milky/olive that was completely even all over his body and did not get lighter of darker anywhere that he could see.  His arms and torso were defined and slightly muscular, his stomach hard and flat, with small hips.  His sinewy muscles seemed to ripple with hidden power under his flawless smooth skin.  Looking at his arms and legs, he realised what little hair he had grown was now basically non-existent.  Like with his face, he was unsure if he looked more muscular of feminine, but what ever it was, he decided he looked better then the painfully thin, gaunt boy he had been. 

Puzzling over his changed appearance, he stripped his boxes off and jumped into the shower.  Only then, when he was washing himself with soap, did he realise other parts had also grown.  He hadn't been small before by any stretch of the imagination but it was definitely an improvement and at least made him feel manlier about his feminine features.  Another thing he noticed was his improved senses.  The soft smell of the soap was tickling his nose, making his eyes water.  The water was drumming loudly in his ears and his eyes were picking up things he shouldn't have been able to see.  Only when he consciously made an effort, like with Occlumency to clear his mind did the senses die down a little.  He still felt over-sensitive but at least the water beating down on him wasn't going to give him a migraine. 

He wondered what was happening to him.  Did everybody go through this on his or her sixteenth?  He somehow didn't think so.  Getting out of the shower he wrapped a towel around himself and stood in front of the mirror.  Lost in his own thoughts, he hurriedly brushed his teeth, before spitting it out and washing his mouth out.  Unfogging a section of the mirror, he looked at his teeth and let out a shriek, of surprise or horror, he did not know.  His teeth!  His perfectly normal, straight teeth were fanged!  He had fanged teeth!  He had fanged teeth!  He was hyperventilating, before he took a deep breath and tried to calm down. 

He would look at this clinically.  So, it wasn't normal but he would examine the problem emotionally detached.  He could do this.  All he had to do was be completely professional.  He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before he looked back in the mirror.  Okay, he had fanged teeth.  Maybe it was an illness.  He had been feeling terrible lately; maybe it would go away given time.  He ran his fingers through his wet hair and froze once again.  He had pointy ears!  Pointy ears!  His perfectly normal, if slightly small ears were pointy!  He moaned piteously as he plucked at the point.

"I look like a house elf," he muttered.  "A house elf with Vampire fangs!"

He started.  Oh God no!  They were not Vampire fangs.  A Vampire hadn't bitten him.  He would remember if he had been.  It's not some thing he would forget. 

Clutching his towel to his waist, he sprinted back to his room.  He almost ran into his door.  That was definitely faster then he had remembered being able to run.  Sure, he had been getting faster over the last couple of weeks he had been running, but no one should be able to run that fast. 

Panicking he quickly got dressed.  He had to go back to Dudley's hand-me-downs as his new clothes no longer fitted.  Taking a big, deep breath, he picked up his new Magical Beasts book and flipped through to the Vampire Chapter.


There are two known types of Vampire's to walk the Earth today.  The first and most deadly is the Original Vampire.  The Original Vampire is well known both in the Magical and Muggle world.  Original Vampires are undead, soulless creatures of the night.  Their human bodies are dead and their blood is one hundred percent Vampire.  The other known type of Vampire is the Magic Vampire.  Magic Vampires blood is mixed with Wizard blood and they are unknown to the Muggle world.  Their human bodies are still alive and they are capable of human emotion.  They still have their souls and in fact have a soul mate that they will spend eternity with.  (Only Dominant Vampires are able to detect their mates).  Magic Vampires live among mortals and usually aren't violent.  They are born Vampires yet do not come into their inheritance until their sixteenth birthday (Like most Magical creatures such as Veela, Elves, Faeries etc.).

Vampirism Characteristics are as follows:

Lock Grip Hands

The vampire physiology increases dexterity and strength of grip, as well as producing the growth of invisible scopulae.  These tiny tendrils attachments allow rapid climbing on smooth vertical surfaces.

The Blood of a Vampire

There is a presence of certain negatively charged ions within the cells, which may explain a physiological basis for vampiric haematodipsia, the impulse behind blood feeding. 

Razor Sharp Fangs

The size, shape, and material density of the vampire fangs are able to cause extreme aggravated damage on human flesh.  A small groove in the back of the front fangs creates a straw-like structure increasing bloodletting efficiency.  This dental canal may also operate as a biologic hypodermic needle, allowing for the injection of vampiric toxins found in the saliva.

Magic Vampires have the appearance of humans and can 'transform' into their Vampiric form at will.

Vampiric Bat Sonar

Combined with human senses, a Vampire's bat sonar resolves ultra-sensitive images at a quality that surpasses either human senses or the animals from which he derives this extra perception.

Strength of the Undead  (Does not apply to Magic Vampires.) 

The death of the Vampire's body released dramatic physical change.  Whereas normal human bodies undergo rigor mortis at the time of death – a permanent tightening of striated muscle tissue – Vampire's, at the time of their transformation, undergo "ultra mortis."  Once rigor mortis sets in to the body of the undead, supernatural forces take over and tightly wind its Vampiric physiology into a powerful, superstong force that can withstand nearly any attack and can tear human flesh and bone to ribbons.


The first Vampire was Lilith, also the first wife of Adam that she eventually left for Lucifer. In short, the bone of the quarrel was that Lilith would prefer to stand over Adam but God wanted the man to rule. Lilith is also Vampire Royalty and the Queen of Death and Demons. Lilith and her family bloodline were and are still adored in almost all religions by magicians, sorcerers and Magical Vampires.

Blood and vampirism (Does not apply to Magic Vampires)

Vampires do not necessarily kill their victims, it seems that they need a relatively small amount of blood from their victims. Most time, the victim eventually dies exhausted by the constant drain of blood but only when the vampire is feeding night after night on the same body. Being evil, most Original Vampires take pleasure in killing their victims, justifying their act by the desire to remain secret or to save their victim's soul from being damned.

Original Vampires can live without feeding for long periods of time, entering a state of hibernation where they almost don't move, sleeping or remaining in the dark without moving.

If the victim is not killed, he/she can turn into a vampire within 2 to 7 days (varying according to the stories). The master will then initiate the newborn vampire until he can survive by himself. The victim must drink the blood of the vampire. This is the act that van Helsing calls 'the vampire's baptism of blood.' Once the victim has swallowed the vampire blood, the victim dies as for a poison to reborn as vampire. The victim is under the mental domination of the master vampire and can only exert an independent will during the daylight hours or when the master vampire consciously releases his control. Only the death of the master vampire can free the victim from its curse and only if he has not killed to sustain his blood feed.

Main Powers

Ability to multiply by contamination (Does not apply to Magic Vampires.  Magic Vampires can only turn a limited amount of humans into Vampires.)

The Original Vampire as a negative image of the Christ - that gave his blood to save men, Nosferatu give blood to corrupt souls and propagate evil. The Vampire is self-sufficient and despite the attraction he may provoke, seems to be beyond "sexuality".

Life Time

The vampire does not age nor will it die from the passing of time, though it may appear to age if it goes sometime without feeding. However, the vampire can also undergo a rejuvenate with the blood supply.

Most of the vampire's powers increase with age and experience.

Magic Vampires are also immortal, however, do not age when they go some time with out feed.  Magic Vampires are known to take Aging Potions so they age accordingly, however, failure to take the potion on time will return them to their youthful bodies. 


The vampire is also immune to most diseases and is invincible to mortal weapons. Only when moving about during the day or when resting in his coffin is he subject to physical harm.

Magic Vampires are not vulnerable during the day and they do not rest in coffins.  Due to the mixed blood, they keep their powers during the day and are not sun sensitive.  This is one of the many reason Magic Vampires are believed to be more powerful then Original Vampires.


The vampire's physical strength greatly exceeds that of mortals. A hold stronger than iron, muscles harder than stone, and a punch as mighty as a canon shot.


The vampire may command several animal creatures such as the wolf, the rat, the fox, the owl, the raven, the bat and the moth and is also able to assume the form of a wolf or a bat and possibly any of the other animals subject to his command. The vampire may also transform himself into a mist or dust cloud drifting in the air.

The vampire may alter his size within certain limits, becoming either larger or smaller.

The vampire may climb walls much like a large insect. He may climb normally or with his head toward the ground much like a spider.

It is unknown whether Magic Vampires have more abilities due to their Magic.

Hypnotic mind control

Much like the snake and the bird, the vampire may exert his will over the will of his victim, even to the point of inducing a catatonic state. This power explains why victims often have no memory of being attacked. For some vampires, these abilities come easily, for others in a more difficult fashion, and still others not at all.

Within a limited range, the Magic Vampire has the power to control the weather. He often uses fog or mist to cover his movements.

Telepathy, telekinesis and other mind powers: Magic Vampires' have the power to become invisible and to pass unseen among his enemies.

Main Weaknesses (Does not apply to Magic Vampires.  The only known weakness of a Magic Vampire is their emotions, especially towards their mates and family.)


The Original Vampire is obliged to sleep during the day and to rest upon a protective layer of hallowed ground from its native land. Usually the vampire will rest in its coffin during the day in a trance that keeps him aware of things happening around it. The vampire may only leave its resting place at sunrise, noon or sunset. This is clearly the Original Vampire's time of greatest vulnerability since it is helpless when resting within its coffin.

Light is destructive

During the day of light, the Original Vampire is severely weakened. Most will not leave the dark but the experienced vampire is able to move and act as a human. Nevertheless, he loses his supernatural abilities and mortal weapons may harm him.

Repelled/harmed by religious symbols

Across most of Europe, the Original Vampire, as an agent of Satan, was held to be subject to the dominion of the symbols of Christ. The Cross-, Holy Water and other symbols of the Church were almost universally held to be powerful weapons against Original Vampires.

Absence of reflection

Original Vampires don't cast a reflection. This also means that his image does not appear on film or any other device that requires a light (or heat) source to produce an image. A flame can be seen through his body. In some areas, Original Vampires are believed not to show in photographs or to cast shadows. A reason given for this is the old idea of the reflection of the soul into the mirror, since Original Vampires have lost their souls they cast no reflection.

Other limitations

The Original Vampire may not enter a home unless he is freely invited in by one of the residents. From the first time he has been invited, he may come and go at will.

The Original Vampire may not cross running water, except at the ebb and flow of the tide. He may be carried over or at certain times he may change shape and fly or jump over. If the vampire becomes immersed in running water he is completely helpless and will be destroyed. The reason comes from the analogy of standing water to the mirror.

Original Vampires cannot cross a thicket of wild rose or a line of salt. They are compelled to stop and count every grain in a pile of grain or numerous objects (often grain) thrown into their path.


Applying to both Magic and Original Vampires, they are not immune to magic.  Magic has the same effect on Vampires as it does on humans and the Unforgivable Killing Curse will kill a Vampire.  However, due to a Vampires speed, it is harder to aim at the Vampire.

Famous Vampires include Vlad Dracula, Elizabeth Bathony, Gilles de Ray and the Royal Family. 

Harry let his head drop to the desk.  No, no, no, no, NO!  He was not a Vampire!  He didn't care if he had all the symptoms of a Magic Vampire; he was choosing not to be one!   He moaned piteously.  Obviously, once again he didn't have a say in his future.  And what a long future it will be, he thought, as he looked at the pictures of the Original and Magic Vampires.  I'm stuck living in this god-forsaken world forever!  Of course, Voldemort could still kill me, or I could be staked.  He let out a humourless laugh, before he looked back down at the text.  He hadn't said any thing about his ears.  And it didn't explain his feminine features; it only explained his muscular features.  He frowned as he skimmed through it again, before his eyes turned the size of sources and snapped back up to the top of the page.

Magic Vampires live among mortals and usually aren't violent.  They are born Vampires yet do not come into their inheritance until their sixteenth birthday (Like most Magical creatures such as Veela, Elves, Faeries etc.).

Elves had pointy ears.  Was it possible?  No, it couldn't be.  A Vampire was one thing, but a Vampire Elf was another.  It was absurd, but he found himself flipping to the small section on elves.


Elves are a very mysterious race from the beginning of time. Later they became supernatural beings, mainly shaped as humans. They are worshipped in trees, mountains and waterfalls.

Description: Elves vary in size from 4'10" and 5'8". However, according to their delicate bodies they seem much taller than they really are. Often male and female elves are hard to discern, at first glance. Both sexes usually have big, expressive eyes (in the most splendid colours). They wear their hair uncut and open, have graceful, fragile features and are of extraordinary beauty. Male elves also don't have any beard growth and little to no body hair growth. Very typical for elves are their pointed ears, and high cheekbones. In modern descriptions, elves are either light or dark, the light elves having starlike eyes, faces brighter than the sun, and golden-coloured or pitch-black hair; the dark elves are darker skinned and have sometimes fluorescent eyes, this quality being indicative of their dealing with black magic. Both are attractive, in appearance at least.

Species: Dark or light, the elfic race is rarely seen and if so, elves only appear on certain times and on special places in the untouched nature. During the course of time elves moved to other places in the world and in many tribes their spiritual shape was lost completely and elves changed to beings consisting of blood and flesh. The light elves are a peaceful, nature-loving that love beautiful things and often try themselves in the arts of drawing and music. Both light elves and dark elves (also called "Drow") are beautiful, agile, proud, and dexterous and can be extremely deadly.

Powers: In comparison to humans, elves are stronger in spirit and in limb and have an exceptional constitution and endurance. Elven senses, especially of hearing and sight, are much keener and intense than those of Men and are highly resistant to extremes of temperatures and also have several natural defences against magical influences. The long life spans of elves may be accounted to one of the main reasons that elves are very calm and patient in all their actions.

Lore: Elves live in forests while dark elves live in deep underground caves. In spring they are viewed celebrating the blossoms and during the summer they swim in the rivers with their friends. Elves usually settle in dense forests or at wooded lakes and lead quiet lives without interfering directly in other races activities and struggle for domination.

It is believed that Light Elves have a kingdom (much like the Veela's) where their Royalty resides.  Nothing is known about either the Elves or Veela Kingdoms, as both are sacred.

Oh God, Harry closed the book with a snap.  Was it possible?  Was he a Vampire Elf?  He laughed, slightly hysterically, if it was true, then he was a harmonious blood-sucking creature. 


Harry paced his room nervously.  He couldn't hide in here all day.  Besides, he was hungry.  Hungry for a sandwich of hungry for blood, he did not know.  He moaned as he flopped onto his bed.  Maybe if he wrote to some one.  But whom?  Ron?  No, definitely not.  It wouldn't help him any.  Hermione?  Well, she would know about Vampires and Elves but he knew about them too.  There was only so much you could get from books that weren't written by Vampires and Elves.  What about Dumbledore?  He snorted. Yeah, he could imagine that!  Dear Professor Dumbledore, This morning I woke up with fangs, and I think I'm a Vampire as well as an Elf.  Say, do you think I could drink your blood? Harry laughed darkly at the thought.  No, definitely not.  What about Lupin?  He was a friend of the family as well as a Werewolf; surely he would know what to do.  Although, if the letters he got from his birthday were anything to go by, he didn't think anybody knew about his parents' secret.  Surely they would have warned him if they did.  But could he write to Lupin?  Probably not.  What would he write?  Being a dark creature yourself, you'll understand my blood lust.  Maybe we could go for a night out on the town sometime?  Harry shivered at the thought.  The idea of drinking blood was enough to make him want to stake his own heart.

He walked over to his wardrobe and opened the door, looking at himself in the cracked mirror.  He flashed his teeth and winced.  They looked vicious.  The book had said that he could hide his appearance.  He closed his eyes and cleared his mind, like he did before he went to sleep.  Once it was clear of all thought, he focused on making his fangs and pointy ears disappear.  He imagined them morphing back into their regular shape and after about five minutes of strained thought, he felt his teeth becoming smaller. 

Opening his eyes, he flashed a relieved smile at his normal teeth.  On closer inspection, they were straighter and whiter then what they had been.  He had always had nice teeth but now they were almost blindingly white, like Lockhart's he thought with a grimace.  He frowned as he looked at his ears.  There were still pointy!  Picking up his wand, he put a concealment charm on them for the time being.  He would learn to cover them when he wasn't so hungry. 

Due to his sensitive hearing, he knew that the Dursley's were in the Lounge room.  He could hear their heartbeats as he went past the entrance into the lounge, heading quickly towards the kitchen.  He had missed breakfast, so he bit into an apple as he put two pieces of bread into the toaster.  He went over to the fridge and poured himself a glass of water.  Taking a sip, he sat it on the bench, and padded back over to the fridge and removed the butter and strawberry jam.  He ate his apple as he waited for the toast to pop.  He finished his breakfast quickly and was washing his plate when he heard his Aunt approaching the kitchen.  He could hear the clicking of her shoes, the beating of her heart, pushing her blood around her body.  When she entered the kitchen, he stilled his movements.  He could smell her blood, flowing through her veins.  It was making his mouth water.  It was a second later that he realised his fangs were growing back.  He clamped his mouth shut, as he put his plate in the drying rack. 

He turned to face his Aunt, who had paused in the doorway at seeing her once malnourished skinny nephew's powerful body and aura.  Harry's frightened eyes locked onto his Aunts before they travelled to her long, skinny neck.  Oh God, he thought before rushing past her back up the stairs and slamming his door shut. 

He leaned on the back of his door as he tried to control his breathing.  He had almost bitten his Aunt.  He slid down the wall, willing his fangs away.  What if he bit one of his friends?  He didn't know how to control it.  He looked around the room before he made up his mind.  Determined, he stood to his feet and got his wand out.  He couldn't put his friends in danger.  Gripping his wand he shouted

"Pack!"  All of his belongings flew neatly into his open trunk.  His Potions Kit collapsed and packed its self neatly in, along with his birthday presents and his books and other items.  He wouldn't take any clothes; he would buy new ones that fit today. 

He grabbed his invisibility cloak, and moneybag and threw them into a backpack, where he shrunk his trunk and put a feather-light cham on before also throwing into his backpack.  He put his wand in his pocket, put on his backpack and left Private Drive.


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