Chapter Two

Several streets away, Harry sat down on a low wall in Magnolia Crescent, the same wall he had sat on three years ago when he had last ran away from the Dursley's.  He found himself questioning what he had just done.  Distancing himself from biting his relatives had put him into a world of delicious necks with a blood lust he could not control.  What if he got to the shopping centre and could not control himself.  He got an image of himself latching onto some innocent muggles neck, blood dripping from his mouth as the muggles around him and his victim screamed for their lives.  He shivered.  He could not, and would not kill any body, even if it meant dieing himself. 

His eyes came into focus as he realised that he had been staring at the narrow gap between the garage and the fence; where Sirius had been.  That felt like a lifetime ago he thought as suppressed grief fought to be heard.  If Sirius were here, Harry would go to him.  He always knew what to do.  Thinking of Sirius strengthened his resolution.  Sirius had broken out of Azkaban and been a convicted criminal in both the magical and muggle world; if he had been able to survive the streets then Harry could too.  With that thought in mind, Harry got back up and marched determinedly down the street. 

By one-thirty he had made it to the outskirts of the city where his uncle worked and he gratefully flagged down a cab.  Now that he had hit traffic, passing cars had started honking at him, people hanging out the passenger seats were wolf whistling at him and asking him if he wanted a ride.  He had slipped on his cool mask of indifference as he fought to keep his blush down.  When he got into the cab, the old driver had leered unpleasantly at him as he asked where he was headed.  After giving directions to take him to the largest shopping mall, he had clamped his mouth shut as he fought the urge to bite the driver. 

He could almost feel the drivers pulse, almost see the red rivulets under the skin.  He was fighting to keep his fangs at bay and was starting to get a toothache with the constant enlargement of his teeth and stretching of his gums before they retracted again.  However he was glad he got into the cab.  The ride over was good practise to keeping his blood lust under control and by the time he reached the mall he felt he had a much better hold on it then previously.  The cabbie pulled up in front of a large shopping centre and Harry got out and went to the drivers' door. 

"That'll be six pound darling," he leered out the open window, "or free of charge for a small favour," he added as he looked down.  Harry looked down to see the old driver's erection straining against his shorts.  Disgusted, he thrust the six pounds at the driver before walking into the hall amongst a few catcalls and honks of car horns. 

Harry ignored the appreciative second glances he was getting as he walked through the mall, waiting for a shop to catch his eye.  It wasn't long before he came upon a shop with funky music playing and entered.  The shop housed all sorts of clothing from jeans to leather pants, dress shirts to wife-beaters.  The extensive range of clothing and accessories was perfect for what he needed.  He hadn't been standing there long before a young man walked up to him.

"Hi, can I help you?" he enquired, giving Harry a lingering appreciative glance.  Harry smiled.

"Yes, I'm looking for a whole new wardrobe." 

In the changing rooms, with his original clothes and backpack on the chair, Harry tried on an extensive range of clothing that the young man and another young female assistant kept handing him.  They waited outside the change room, and helped Harry make the decision whether to get it or not.  Harry could smell their arousal every time he walked out in something new and found it harder to control his fangs.  Their excitement and sexual scent was straining his control on his blood lust.  He remembered reading in Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart that the Vampire feeding ritual could be sexually arousing for the victim and the Vampire, as long as it wasn't done manically like Original Vampires had a habit of doing.  He really didn't think the two assistants would mind.  He could invite them into the changing room, satisfy his hunger for blood and their obvious hunger for him, and then wipe their memories.  Simple.  Harry scolded himself mentally.  Do not start justifying the act of biting into someone's neck to drink his or her blood!  He sighed before opening the door with the final piece of clothing on. 

He was wearing a pair of tight, soft leather pants that clung to his delectable buttocks and legs like a second skin.  A wine (or blood) red long sleeved silk, button down top with the top three buttons undone giving a tantalizing peek at his smooth, muscular chest.  Over that, hung a leather jacket that reached just past his bottom.  A pair of black lace-up ankle boots finished off the ensemble.  The two assistants' (Daniel and Lisa) mouths dropped open at the sight of him.  Their eyes were round as they travelled up and down the length of his body, drinking in the sight of the Greek god standing casually in front of them. 

"You should definitely get that," Daniel gushed as Lisa nodded enthusiastically in agreement. 

He waited patiently at the counter as Lisa scanned his selection.  Daniel had hurriedly left the store in search for a trolley for him to put all of his bags in and came back just as Lisa had bagged the last piece of clothing.  Harry had left the last set on, however was starting to regret it.  He much preferred the second glances from earlier to the all out staring he was receiving now.  Maybe the leather pants is too much he thought self consciously as a teenaged girl with braces walked into a rack of clothing and knocked it over because she was too busy staring. 

After visiting a few more shops, Harry stopped in the food court and bought a burger, fries and a bottle of water for dinner however, he didn't stay in the food court to eat it; the continuous staring was uncomfortable plus he hadn't had the desire to drink blood when he had had the meal at the Dursley's, he wasn't sure if Vampire's ate normal food after they established their bloodlust.

Heading outside the mall, he realised just how long he had been there by the darkening sky.  Glancing at the new watch he had just bought, the time read 7:15pm.  Harry sighed before he pushed his trolley through the car park until he got to a dark secluded area where nobody could see him.  Ducking behind a parked car, he pulled out his wand and shrunk all of his shopping bags.  He put them into his backpack and his wand on the inside left of his leather jacket so he could grab it easily if he got into trouble.  He then set off at a walk down the crowded streets of Surrey, looking for somewhere to spend the night. 


In a different part of the city Harry heard trouble approaching before he saw it.  He had been walking for a good hour now and was coming up to a busy corner, which was the entrance to a nightclub.  He was walking determinedly past the line amongst catcalls and other remarks when he was grabbed and pushed up against the wall, a body holding him in place.  He looked up at his captive.  Tall, muscular and handsome with a malicious glint in his brown eyes, the man pushed Harry harder into the wall with his body and Harry could feel the guys' growing arousal. 

"What're you doing out here by yourself, beautiful?" the guy purred into his ear.  Harry's voice was calm when he answered.

"Let go of me, before I make you."  The guy and his friends laughed as a hand travelled up the inside of his thigh.

"What's wrong babe, the funs just beginning," he sucked Harry's earlobe as his hand reached Harry's groin and squeezed gently, moaning at the length.  Harry looked over his shoulder and saw that a bus had pulled up and boisterous groups of people had just finished getting off.  He turned his attention back to the guy and with a quick movement kneed him in the groin and rushed onto the bus.  Paying the fee, he made his way to the back of the bus and plonked down in a seat, resting his forehead on the glass window.  His heartbeat was racing and his teeth were aching.  He was a teenaged boy so the guys' ministrations to his body had had some effect.  The sucking on his earlobe and neck and the gentle rubbing and squeezing of his genitals had aroused him somewhat and the more he was aroused, the stronger the bloodlust. 

Sitting on the bus, Harry pulled out his shrunken dinner bag.  Sitting it on the palm of his hand, he reached to grab his wand before he paused.  He had been studying Wandless Magic but had only tried a simple Levitation Charm, which he had mastered.  Closing his eyes, he focused on his magic.  He could feel it building, so he opened his eyes, pointed his finger at the shrunken bag and whispered 'finite'.  He flushed with success when he saw the bag expanding.  Now for the challenge of whether he could stomach it or not. 

The first thing he grabbed was the bottle of water.  Twisting the cap of he gulped down a couple of mouthfuls before sighing contently.  He had only had one glass of water all day and he hadn't realised how parched he was.  He turned his attention to the fries.  Picking one up, he held it between his fingers.  The limp yellow chip still smelt the same if a little stronger due to his sensitive nose.  He bit the end off experimentally and was ecstatic when the familiar greasy, salty taste assaulted his tastebuds.  Happily munching on his chips, he easily finished off his meal.  He washed it down with the rest of his water. 

It wasn't until then that he realised he had no idea where this bus went.  Feeling foolish, he walked up to the front of the bus and sat behind the driver.  There were only a few other people on the bus.  He cleared his throat to get the drivers attention.

"Excuse me sir, but where does this bus stop?"  He damned the small blush staining his cheeks.  The driver glanced at him in the mirror before he turned his attention back to the road. 

"London, kid." 


Harry stepped off the bus and looked around in awe.  He was in the middle of London and the beautiful nightlife was unlike anything he had ever seen before.  Every building was lit up like a Christmas tree, the streets busy with groups of friends out for a good night.  Harry put his rubbish in the bin, before shoving his hands in his pockets and walking down the street.  He had never really been to London apart from when he goes to the Leaky Cauldron or the Kings Cross Station.  He had only been once with the Dursley's when he was younger and they made sure he didn't enjoy himself.  But now he was by himself in the big city with nowhere to go.  He couldn't go to the Leaky Cauldron; he wasn't sure if Dumbledore was aware he had run away or not and didn't want to be taken to the Order Headquarters, nor did he want to run into a dark wizard. 

He supposed he could go to a hotel for a night, however he had spent more money today then he had planned and would only have enough for a night or two and food, before he would have to get some more.  He kept walking, ignoring the wolf whistles and comments that he was getting used to.  He could always hit on some one and go home with them for the night.  He snorted.  That wasn't happening.  Perhaps he should find a hotel for the night and look for work in the morning.  Or he could get on a train and sleep, and see where he ended up in the morning?  He was feeling adventurous.  He had been walking for a while, lost in his thoughts before he suddenly stopped. 

He had been walking without realising where he was going and was totally lost.  Not to mention alone.  There didn't seem to be anybody around in this seedier side of London and he realised with a start that he had been walking away from the centre of London, not towards it.  Cursing his stupidity, he spun on his heel and started to trek back, determined not to get caught up in his thoughts again. 

He hadn't got far before he stopped again.  The hairs on the back of his neck prickled; he was being watched.  He strained his hearing, sure he would pick up something out of the ordinary with his sensitive ears but couldn't.  He could hear the sounds of rats scurrying around in dumpsters, and other pests and insects but nothing human.  If he concentrated really hard, he could pick up human movement in the run down government apartments but nothing to suggest human life down on the streets. 

Letting out his breath that he had been unconsciously holding, he mentally scolded himself for being jumpy.  He started up a fast pace again before he stopped again and whirled around, his heart beating frantically.  He was sure he heard movement behind him, could feel the eyes on him making his skin prickle.  His right hand instinctively grabbed his wand, however he kept it hidden behind his jacket for the time being.  Straining his ears, he still picked up nothing.  His eyes darted everywhere and once again he was thankful for his extra senses.  He realised he could see perfectly in the dark.  Not that it was doing him any good at the moment, as he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. 

Another suspicious glance around, Harry shook his head and continued walking, his right hand still clutching his wand in his jacket.  He was going crazy.  Paranoid, that was all.  He hadn't even been on the streets for a day yet and he was already going insane.  Harry gave another sigh, before he paused for the third time.  He stood completely still, clutching his wand tighter.  He was sure there was some one behind him.  In one swift movement he spun on his heel and came face to face with a man.  He gasped in surprise and fright as his heart thudded painfully in his chest. 

The man was about three metres away, standing calmly with his hands behind his back as he looked intently at Harry.  He was dressed completely in black.  Black dress pants, black shoes, a tight black top that clung sensually to his toned body and a floor-length black leather jacket.  His face was handsome and masculine with a sharp jaw and piercing blue eyes.  His hair was dark brown, cut short like Harry's however it wasn't tousled like his.  He had to be at least six foot tall, probably taller.  He certainly didn't look like he belonged around here. 

"I knew someone was watching me," Harry exclaimed, surprised they were the first words out of his mouth.  He was crazier then he realised.  Shouldn't he have called for help or something?  He was scared that he couldn't smell this guys blood, or even hear his heart beat.  The man laughed at Harry's blurted comment.  He shook his head and took a step towards Harry.  Harry instinctively took a step back.  The strange man stopped, before he took a step back to show he didn't mean any harm.  He was still looking intently at Harry before he stated

"You're a Vampire."  Harry gasped again in surprise before he whipped his wand out and pointed it at the stranger.  The man simply smiled. 

"How did you know?" Harry demanded, "and who are you?"  The man chuckled. 

"My name is Lucifer and I am also a Magic Vampire.  I can smell the distinct smell of your blood that gives you away.  You've obviously just come into you inheritance."

"How come I can't smell your blood and how do you know I've just come into my inheritance?"  Harry didn't know what to think any more.  Lucifer smiled. 

"Because you haven't learnt how to mask your scent yet."  He took a step forward again.  Harry didn't move, but eyed him warily, his wand still gripped tightly in his hand.  Lucifer lifted his hands in the mock surrender position.  "I don't want to hurt you.  I've been following you since you got off the bus, if I wanted to hurt you I would have done it by now."  Harry lowered his wand to his side but kept his eyes locked on the other Vampire.  Lucifer took one slow step before another until he was standing directly in front of Harry. 

He lifted one hand and brushed Harry's bangs off of his forehead revealing his lightening bolt scar.  "There's no need to ask for your name," Lucifer said quietly, more to himself, "if the smell of your blood wasn't enough proof, this mark surely is."  Harry looked at him curiously.  Lucifer's hand dropped back to his side as he knelt in front of Harry and kissed his boots.  Harry stepped back, startled. 

"What on Earth are you doing?" he exclaimed as he stared at the still kneeling Vampire. 

"It is a sign of submission and respect, your Highness," replied Lucifer, his head bowed. 

"What!?  Why?"  Harry was bewildered.  Lucifer looked up confused, before it dawned on him.

"You don't know."  It was not a question.

"Know what?"  Lucifer stood, but did not approach Harry. 

"You are a Vampire Prince.  Well, more specifically, you are The Vampire Prince.  The last Royal Vampire; the descendant of the late Queen Lilith – the first Vampire.  You will become the King of Death and Demons.  It is your destiny." 

Once again he stepped up to Harry and kneeled before him, kissing his shoes.  Harry was too shocked to pull away.  Thoughts were racing through his head a million miles a second.  I'm a Vampire Prince!?  Impossible!  King of Death and Demons; that certainly didn't sound like a fun job.  I think I'm going to be sick!  With that last thought he focused his eyes on Lucifer.

"I think you've made a mistake.  I mean, I can't be a Vampire Prince, I don't know any thing about Vampires."  Gosh, this sounded too much like the time Hagrid told me I was a wizard.  Lucifer chuckled. 

"I assure you, you're the Prince alright.  Are you alright, you don't look to good?" 

"I don't feel to good either."  Lucifer stood in front of him.

"When was your last feed?" 

"Uh, I had a burger and fries on the bus over here," Harry replied distractedly.  He felt terribly dizzy.  Lucifer chuckled. 

"Vampire feed, Prince Harrison, when was the last time you drank blood."

"Well I haven't!" Harry replied indignantly, "I have no intention of killing anyone!"  Lucifer's eyes widened.

"You've been a Vampire since twelve o'clock last night and you haven't had a feed yet!?"

"Of course not!" 

"Why on Earth not?" Lucifer asked, bewildered.

"It's wrong.  Attacking innocent muggles is not something I wish to do."  Lucifer let out a bewildered laugh.

"Harry, you're a Vampire.  You need blood to survive.  I can't believe you've lasted so long, no wonder you look sick!  When you first come into your inheritance you need to feed straight away, and then regularly for the first couple of days.  You must be very powerful to have last so long," he commented in awe.  Harry gave him a funny look.

"I don't want to hurt anyone," he replied honestly.  He was getting dizzier and nauseous.  He lost his balance and started to fall.  He felt strong arms encircle his waist as Lucifer held him steady against his brood chest. 

"You need to feed, Prince Harrison.  It's lucky you're royalty."  When Harry gave him a confused look he elaborated.  "Usually Vampires can only feed on another Vampire when that Vampire is his mate.  However Royal Vampires are the exception; they can feed on any Vampire – it's considered an honour.  It would be my honour if you would feed on me, you really need to feed."  Harry looked apprehensive. 

"I don't want to hurt you," he mumbled.  Lucifer laughed.

"I assure you, it doesn't hurt.  So, will you?"  Harry looked him in the eye and saw the eagerness there.  He hesitated, however another bout of nausea made him nod nervously.  Lucifer smiled and held him close.  "Just do what feels natural Prince Harrison."

Harry felt his fangs grow as he looked at the naked flesh before him and didn't try to stop them.  He tentatively licked up the length of the neck getting excited by the loud moan it produced from Lucifer.  Lucifer tightened his grip on Harry's biceps, as he was assaulted with jolts of pleasure.  Harry picked an area that just felt right and circled his tongue around it, before sucking lightly.  He could feel Lucifer's arousal poking him just below his navel.  He swirled his tongue a few times, before he let his teeth graze over the area, not hard enough to draw blood.  Lucifer's breathing was ragged.  His hold on Harry would probably leave a bruise and he couldn't control the thrust of his hips.  Harry liked having this control over a person, however his bloodlust was too overpowering to dilly-dally any longer.  Without warning, he bit down and sucked. 

The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth however he was not repulsed by it.  On the contrary, he found he rather enjoyed the taste.  With every swallow he could feel his energy returning.  He felt whole.  Alive.  He felt like he could run a marathon and then some.  Cautious of how much blood he was taking, he swiped his tongue over the two punctures and pulled away, licking his lips.  He looked up at Lucifer.  His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed in pure ecstasy.  His mouth was slightly open and he was panting harshly.  Eventually he took a deep breath and looked down at Harry lustily. 

"How was that?" he asked breathlessly.

"Amazing," Harry replied. 


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