Destiné pour l'Obscurité

By Darknightdestiny

Eternal Night,
No morning light.
Pain claims yet another day;
I will not wake.

Here I shall lay
Breathing in sweet Decay.

The Demons only know
What Darkness fills my Nights;
A twisted Melancholy these Gothic halls behold
Gives way to mirth and leaves-
Dementia in its right.

A Poisonous Snake
Twists and Writhes:
A Bitter Sting of Loss left in its wake-
This I cherish.

Oh Wretched soul who denies the light
Of grace-
Who hides in the depths of Despair
And Shadow-
Crying out in Silence.

Buried Beneath the surface
Of Stone
And Rotting wood,
This is my sanctuary.

Where Devils sleep
And dream
Their Devilish dreams,
And care not.

Where the strong are left
For Dead,
And every spirit lies

In this world Nothing lasts forever,
Even love-
For I am hidden
In a Stone Sepulcher,
Dead Bodies strewn about.
For I am…

He who bleeds and cannot feel.
He who walks-
And breathes but does not live.
Who cannot Die and is already Gone.

Wonder of the Past,
Long Forgotten-
Left in Shadow.
He who chases Death's ever elusive Release-

Deep within my Restless
The Storms Rage
And are never calmed.

Dark Night visions
Seem a Cruel Destiny.
I, Fated for a Cold table and hands
That like to Break.

Thin spirit that never Breaks,
Only bends until it is No Longer-
As the spirit of a Man.

My dreams-
Nightmares, a glimpse
Into a world beyond The Final Curtain-
Of the great nothingness…

And Death is Denied.