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Pointless: Oliver/Enrique, Tyson/Max, Kai/Robert, and mention of Michael/Johnny, and Rei/Lee


"Please Kai?"




"Pretty please with sugar on top?"


"Why not?" Tyson asked while Max pouted, after unsuccessfully trying to convince their leader to join them, and The Majestics in a game of 'truth or dare'.

"Please??????? Even Johnny and Rei are playing without Michael and Lee being here!!!!"

Kai sighed irritated. "I fail to see why this is so important." He turned to look at the purpled haired aristocratic figure sitting, looking quite annoyed mind you, in an arm chair in the room. "How did you get dragged into this?"

Robert looked at the blue phoenix that was addressing him. Instead of answering him he simply said, looking for the world like he was pouting, "You should've ran while you had the chance."

Kai didn't have much of a chance to ponder those words before he was glomped onto by Max and Tyson again.

"Plllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee eee!!!!!!!!!!!!"


(~2 hours and much cursing later~)

"So, now, we can finally start!" Tyson said joyously, ignoring the fact that Kai was sending *extremely* evil death glares at him. "Who wants to go first?"

The group seemed to ponder this while Robert and Kai seemed to be trying to ignore them as well as possible. Well, actually, *Robert* was trying with all his might to ignore them, *Kai* was starting (already) to look *very* much like a caged animal and was looking for a way out, damn he should've stayed away!(As much as he hated to admit it, Kenny was the smart one at this moment, he having stayed too long out in the snow and caught a cold and was at home.)

"Me!!!!!!" Max shouted hyperly, having consumed vast amounts of sugar beforehand.

'Lord save us all.' Robert thought, as distinct pained flicked on his normally impassive face before disappearing.

"Alrighty then! Let's get this game underway!" Rei said clapping his hands together. "Go Max."

"Right! Lets seeeeee......" Max pondered out loud looking from one person to the next, making everyone decidedly nervous.

'This is going to be a looooonnnnnnnnngggggg night'


(Later -aka- I couldn't think of enough *good* truth or dare things so I skipped it ^^;)

Kai was starting to get *extremely* antsy and Robert also looked ruffled, while everyone else seemed to be having fun with this stupidity. Kai shook his head, he'd never understand it.

So far Rei had been dared to let Tyson 'style his hair' and was still trying to get the knots out. Johnny looked *really* out of place as he and Max were dared to switch clothes. Enrique was still an interesting shade of pink that would flare red with embarrassment whenever someone would mention pigeons. Oliver never wanted to see anything rainbow colored ever *ever* again. Robert was avoiding his gaze as he admitted that if he had to kiss someone in the room he would kiss him. Kai wasn't sure if he should be thrilled or not. And Kai, himself, had to answer their inquiry of whether or not the triangles on his face were tattoos and was currently sitting in his boxers because of that damn dare!

Right now it was Johnny's turn asking someone.

"Oliver! Truth or dare?"

"I'm not sure if this is safer then that last one, but Truth."

Johnny smiled evilly and a chill ran down Oliver's back.

"Truth. Age old question. Who do you like?"

Oliver paled, "Consequence?"

"Streak outside to the fence and back."

"But its *snowing*!"

"Exact ally."

Oliver frowned slightly as he sat back thinking. "Embarrassment or hypothermia?"

"Come on Oliver! You can do it!" Max cheered.

"......Enrique." Oliver said in a whisper looking anywhere but the said person, before he quickly got up and walked quickly from the room "I think I'm done."

With Enrique right on his heels it seemed.

"What?" Johnny asked as basically everyone else turned to look at him. "So they needed a kick in the right direction..." he said grinning.

"So, anyone want to take Oliver's turn?" Rei asked looking around.

Max all of a sudden brightened even more, "Tyson truth or dare?"

Tyson had enough sense to look a little wary of his boyfriends smile. "I have a vague feeling I'm going to regret this..Dare."

"Dare: Sing 'I'm a little tea pot' with the body movements."

Tyson laughed outright as he stood up.

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

The navy haired dragon blader bent his knees on the word 'short', both hands on his hips at 'stout'.

"Here is my handle... Here is my other handle?"

Tyson looked down at both hands sitting on his hips.

"Oh SHIT!! I'm a sugar bowl!!"

This statement tore laughter from the others, even a tiny bit from Kai.

"Since it's getting late," Rei said looking at the clock, "I think there's only time for one more 'truth' or 'dare' and then we should head to bed."

Tyson sighed. "Fine. Let's see now, who hasn't been picked on in a while......How about you Robert? Truth or dare?"


Kai was actually surprised, who knew Robert would've actually pick dare and risk doing something 'uncouth'?

Tyson appeared to be plotting something. "All right! I've got it! Since you said that if you had to kiss anyone in the room you'd kiss Kai, prove it. Your dare is to kiss Kai."

Kai couldn't help blinking. A lot.

Robert seemed to be mentally belittling himself. 'I *knew* that would come back and haunt me! Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid.......'

"Or, do you want the consequences of streaking outside to the fence and back?" Johnny asked.

Robert was suddenly faced with the same choice Oliver had. Embarrassment (and possibly injuries from Kai) or hypothermia..



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