Disclaimer: It's a Standard thing, I haven't really written one in a few Ages. So, I own nothing, I own this Idea Slightly, but the idea actually comes from a Show called Due South, owned by Alliance Films. So, sue me if you really really want to waste your time.

Title: A Plane Trip Crash, or something more?

Author: Amaroqwolf82

Synopsis: A Plane trip leads to an Adventure that two people never expected.

Amaroq's Notes: I'm bored haven't worked on anything new in ions so I decided it was time to write something new. Go me. Also, I've never been in a Plane Crash, I'm going by what I've read in books, and seen in Movies and TV shows.

Authors Dedications: Thank you to Alliance Films for the Idea about a Plane crash, and to DCFanatic4life for inspiring me to want to try my hand at writing again, Your Fics are great even if I'm not much of a Stephy/Jericho shipper.yet! : -D And as always to my three B's.


Stephanie McMahon could not believe her father's stupidity sometimes. Her father had booked a signing for tomorrow morning in a small town in Canada. She couldn't even think of the name of it right at this point in time. She was frustrated to the point of wanting to scream to. Because of all the people her father could of chosen to go with on this stupid signing he had chosen Chris Jericho. Stephanie was trying to ignore the arrogant blonde sitting in the other seat. He was talking loudly into his cell phone ignoring her easily. The thing was she wasn't sure what annoyed her more, the fact that he ignored her so easily, or that she couldn't ignore him. She closed her eyes and tried to get a little sleep, the loud vibrations from the planes engines though were keeping her wide awake. She let out a loud groan and was tempted to throw something at Jericho. She looked around herself spying the magazine she had been reading earlier in her attempts to keep herself entertained. She got a devilish grin on her face and picked it up and riffled through the pages. She hefted the magazine and another smile played across her lips. She looked at Jericho who was no longer talking on his phone; he must have lost the signal, she thought. She licked her lips and though, gonna have to put some makeup on before the signing. She hurled the magazine across the small plane then looked out the window playing all-innocent. Jericho turned and looked at Stephanie, his eyes narrowed.

"Ha, ha Very funny," he quipped.

She looked at him then yawned. "What are you talking about?" She asked innocently. "I was sleeping till you opened your BIG mouth."

Jericho continued glaring and he picked up the magazine and tossed it back at her. Stephanie ducked and heard the soft thud of it hitting the wall behind her. The loud droning seemed to suddenly drop an entire notch; it was ten times quieter in the plane. The plane jerked hard to the left throwing Stephanie against the side of the plane. Her eyes went wide and she looked at Jericho.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" She screeched.

"What did I do?" Jericho snapped back. "I didn't do anything!"

"You threw the magazine at me!" She said indignantly.

He blinked. "You threw it at me first,"

She was about to retort when the sound of static filled the cabin. "Attention all passengers,"

Stephanie snorted. "There's only two of us Dumbass."

She saw Chris try not to laugh but she ignored him. She listened; she could hear the one remaining engine struggling through the clouds. The Pilots voice crackled over the Com again. "We have lost power to our Secondary Engine, we still have our Primary. So there is nothing to be concerned about." He stopped there was a loud fuzzing sound and then she could hear someone talking faintly.

"Mayday.Mayday.this is flight 742 out of Ottawa we've lost our secondary engine I'm preparing to land south of.oh shit."

The loud buzzing of what Stephanie that was supposed to be the Primary engine suddenly choked the Plane lurched and tilted downwards. She let out a muffled scream as the plane leveled out. There was deadly silence as the pilot struggled to keep the plane level.

"Attention Passengers." The Pilot came over the COM again. "Please fasten your Safety belts, and assume the emergency Landing Position."

Stephanie's eyes went wide and she paled drastically. She couldn't believe this. She closed her eyes and curled up over herself putting her hands over her head. She heard just before the loud sounds that signified the crashing of the plane, Jericho saying softly.

"Everything will be okay.everything will be okay." Over and over. The loud scraping sound came next and then the ripping and rendering sound as the Plane slide through the trees. The last Stephanie heard before everything went black was a loud screaming.


Vince sat silently in his office watching the phone willing it to ring. Stephanie was supposed have called three hours ago. He stood up paced his office then growled. Stephanie hadn't taken her cell phone but he was sure she would have called by now. He flopped back into the chair and picked up the phone to make sure it was working. The loud dial tones meet his ears. He quickly hung the phone up and groaned in anger. Something just didn't feel right. He grabbed his cell phone off the desk disconnected it from the wall and left his office to go see if he could find out anything about Stephanie's plane. It wasn't like Stephanie couldn't find a phone, and even if she couldn't get to one, Jericho had his Cell phone with him. Vince spotted Jeff Hardy coming down the hall talking on his cell phone. Probably talking to his brother or something.

"What do you mean Jericho got cut off in Mid-sentence," Jeff said rather loudly then was silent for several seconds. "Weren't they flying up to some no name town for some Signing?" He asked.

Jeff paused in mid-step then sighed loudly. "Matt, grow up just because you and Jericho got cut off don't mean the plane crashed!" He said.

Vince froze his eyes going wide he hadn't even thought of that. He groaned and closed his eyes running a hand across his face. "Shit." He cursed under his breath.

Jeff's head came up and he saw Vince. "Shit, Matt I'll talk to you later, Vince just heard what I said!" He said and hung up quickly. "Mr. Mcmahon, I'm sure Chris and Stephy are quite alright." He said quickly hoping to comfort his boss.

Vince looked at the younger hardy and slowly nodded. "Yes, your right I'm sure there both fine." Vince nodded and jumped as his cell rang. He yanked it out. "Hello, Stephanie?" He said hopefully.

"Dadd-" came the cut up sounding voice of Stephanie. "Daddy!" It came again."

His cell phone beeped and Vince pulled it away from his ear and looked at it. ~ Connection Lost

Vince groaned and looked at Jeff again. "Shit, I have this real sick feeling that something is drastically wrong."

Jeff looked at Vince. "Mr. McMahon, I'm sure there fine honest I'm sure." He said.

Vince nodded. "I'm calling the booking agent in Moose Jaw." He said quietly.

Jeff nodded and turned to go the other way feeling like every one was being paranoid. The chances that Chris and Stephanie's Plane had crashed were slim to none. He sighed and grabbed his phone as it rang loudly. "What Matt?" He said in aggravation.

"You just a call from Jericho?" He asked.


Stephanie slowly came to. Her head hurt but so far as she could tell that was all that hurt. She slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling of the plane, no actually the floor, Because she could see the seats above her head. She slowly rolled so she could sit up wincing at the pain in her Ribs. She let out a soft groan. She slowly stood up and groaned again. She froze as the sound of someone else groaning somewhere in the Plane. She looked around the Dark plane unable to see anything. Little sparks of sunlight were drifting through the planesides.

"Hello?" She called into the darkness.

Another groan of pain reached her ears. She slowly moved forward thanking god that she had worn sneakers for the flights. And Jeans she thought as she saw the bug skittering away from her as she moved forward.

"Hello," She called again hoping for some form of a response. She knew the person making noise was either the Pilot or Jericho. She made it to the front of the plane and stared at the door of the Cockpit. She slowly pushed it open and went in. She barely managed not to scream as she saw the Pilot. She kept her cool and placed a hand to the blood slicked neck. She swallowed back her stomach, as she felt no pulse. So who was groaning. Oh, god Jericho. She scrambled out of the cockpit trying to pierce the darkness.

"Jericho!" She screamed into the Darkness, working her way slowly back to the place where she had woke up. She looked around studying the plane and the seats. "Jericho."

She stood listening silently trying not to breathe heavy.

"Steph?" Came a weak call from further back in the plane.

She climbed over some luggage that had been shot forward by the force of the landing. "Jericho?" She said into the darkness.

"Over here Steph, I can't move." He said there wasn't pain in his voice but there was fear.

"Can you feel anything?" Stephanie asked thinking the worst but hoping for the best.

"Yes, and I don't think anything is broken." He said. "I'm just pinned under something."

Stephanie sighed with relief. "Okay just hang on all right." She said fear leaking out of her voice.

"Stephy?" Jericho called. "Its gonna be okay," he paused. "They knew we were out here, and when the plane don't show up they'll come find us."

She nodded even though he couldn't see her. "I can't leave you in here though." She said softly

She heard Jericho take a deep breath then grunt slightly. He sighed and she could almost hear his hair moving as he shook his head. " I can't move whatever it is Steph." He said.

Stephanie sat back on her heels for a minute thinking. "Hold on, I saw an Emergency Kit up near the front when we got." She called. "I'll see if maybe there's a flashlight or something."

"Okay, " Jericho called and sighed softly.

Stephanie crawled back away from the back of the Plane and quickly hurried to the front where the door should be. She started digging through the Emergency kit inspecting things silently. Will have to grab this before we get off the plane. She thought to herself as he eyes landed on the huge Underwater Flashlight. She grabbed it her brain wondering why would a bush plane need an Underwater Flashlight, she shrugged it off and clambered back to where she had left Jericho.

"Chris!" She called. "Chris, I have a Flashlight."

She clicked the button and looked down on Jericho. She could just make out his shoulders and head. The Rest of him appeared to be pinned under a huge hunk of metal. Slowly she climbed down and kneeled next to him. "Alright, lets get this off of you."

Jericho nodded a small smile on his lips. "How we gonna do that?" He asked.

"You push, I'll pull." She said with her usual "your a Big Fucking idiot" smirk on her lips.

He nodded and slowly started pushing upwards as she wrapped her fingers around the edge and started pulling hard. She heard him grunt in pain and she looked down. "You okay?"

"Don't stop!" He grunted loudly pushing more as she pulled.

With a loud scraping sound the hung of metal lifted off of Jericho and he wiggled out groaning a little. He sat there his hand on the side of his head.

"Thanks." He said smiling at her.

She nodded. "No, Problem." She said softly.

He smiled. " I suppose we should get out of the plane."

She nodded. " I think the door is this way." She said pointing over her shoulder.

He nodded and slowly climbed to his feet, the two of them made there way out of the wrecked plane. "What about the pilot?" Chris asked jumping to the ground below then turning to help Stephanie out.

"He's dead." She said her chest hitched as she tried not to cry. It was no use though tears spilled down her cheeks and she sobbed. "Chris we could have died to!" She wailed.

Chris looked at her nervously then slowly rubbed her back trying to sooth her. "Don't cry." He whispered patting her back gently.

She continued crying into his shirt until she gained control of herself. She pulled back wipeing her eyes. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

He nodded. "Its okay Stephanie." He responded looking around the wooded clearing.

She looked around as well looking highly confused. "You should try calling someone." She finally said nodding towards the cell phone on his hip.

He looked at it and nodded slowly and pulled it off his belt. He pushed the re-dial button and listened to the ringing that was far away and tiny sounding.

The phone beeped suddenly omniusely and Jericho looked at the display screen. "Shit." He cursed.

Stephanie looked at him from where she was standing. "What?" She asked.

He looked over at her and sighed and took a deep breath. "I'm out of range."

She sighed softly and nodded and went back to stareing at the trees.



Will Steph and Jericho Get out of the Wilds of Canada alive? Will Jeff Hardy convince his brother to grow up? Will Mr. Mcmahon find out where his daughter is? And how will he react to her Being alone with Jericho? Stay tuned and find out as soon as I write the nex Chapter.