Title: A Plane crash or something else.

Sub title: The Beginning of the End.

Author: Amaroqwolf.

A/N: Well, I got in the mood for this one again and sense I seem to have lost the original chapter 5, I had to start over. Heh, so here it is The Beginning of the end, which in truth is no where near. I have too much planned for this fic to have it end after only 5 chapters. That would suck and it would disappoint you my loyal readers.



Dedications: To Bubbie, Bubba, Boo, and Baby Jay.


Chris lay awake staring up at the stars listening to the water in the stream running by rapidly. He sighed he couldn't sleep he was tired lord knew he was but he couldn't clear his head long enough to let sleep claim him.

He shifted and looked at Stephanie who appeared to be dead to the world. He had no idea when they were going to get out of there. The raft was ready he had caught a Rabbit that morning and the meat was drying on some rocks. They would have to eat that until they could make it out of the woods.

He clamped his eye's shut desperately trying to get some sleep. He didn't know what he was thinking Stephanie was marrying Hunter in the spring and he would be going back to working constantly for Vince just to make the man happy.

He sighed softly and opened his eyes again looking up at the stars again. "Damn it," He cursed softly then got up and stalked down to the water.

He picked up a few rocks tossing them into the water he mentally cursing himself. How could he be falling for the Princess? He cursed himself again and tossed a final rock into the water. He sighed and sat down on the sand and wrapped his arms around his knees.

"This Sucks," He mumbled resting his chin on his knees.

"Chris?" Stephanie called sleepily down to him. "Are you okay?"

He looked up and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine I'll be back in a minute." He called back.

"Okay, cause I'm cold." She whined softly.

He winced and chuckled softly. "Be right there Princess."

"Okay," She mumbled softly and lay back down.

He sighed again rubbing at his face and stood up and made his way back up to the camp. He lay down next to Stephanie and closed his eyes again trying to sleep again.


Jeff sighed looking at himself in the mirror staring at the stitches under his ear. He let his ear go and looked at himself in the mirror. "I guess I can grow my hair long again," he said looking over his shoulder at Matt.

Matt shrugged. "Yeah, you could," He stated. "I don't even see it unless you're shoving it in my face."

Jeff grinned crookedly his face suddenly fell and he stepped back behind the chair Matt was sitting in causing Matt to look up spying Vince, Linda, Shane, and Hunter standing in the doorway.

"Mr. McMahon," Matt said climbing to his feet.

Vince nodded. "How are you?" He asked. "And you Jeff?" He said calmly.

Jeff bit his lip but nodded. "I'm fine," He said

Matt watched his little brother trying to determine who it was his brother was watching it so intently but he kept looking away every few seconds looking scared and nervous.

"Did you need something Sir," He finally asked looking back at Vince.

Vince shook his head. "No, I just came by to see how Jeffrey was doing and if he could enlighten us on who attacked him." He said pinning Matt with a suspicious look before looking back at Jeff.

Matt blinked but didn't say anything; he looked back at Jeff himself furrowing his brow. Did Vince think it was even possible for him to have done this to his baby brother? He would never purposely harm a hair on his brother's head. He frowned but still kept his mouth shut.

Jeff blinked his green eyes drifted over to Hunter then looked away again looking down rapidly. "No," He said softly.

"No?" Vince asked. "What do you mean no,"

"I--I mean No, I don't know who attacked me." He said softly.

Hunter snorted and smirked at the two of them silently. "I already told you what I thought of all this Vince," He said calmly.

Vince nodded but didn't respond or even say what it was that Hunter had told him. "Well, if you come about the answer to that Question Hardy, please feel free come and tell me." He said. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

Jeff nodded. "Okay, thank you sir." He said softly.

Vince nodded. "Matt," He said calmly then turned and made his way from the room.

Hunter looked back one last time and smirked again then left the room. Matt waited for the door to shut then looked up at his brother silently. "Which one," He said calmly knowing Jeff would know what he was talking about.

Jeff looked back at him silently blinking then looked down. "I—I don't know what you talking about." Jeff responded.

Matt stood up rapidly now looking at his brother. "Don't lie to me Jeff you've been avoiding tell me sense you woke up." He snapped. "Now tell me!"

Jeff stared at him silently his green eyes sorrowful he finally looked away. "I don't remember." He finally said looking down at the floor then wandering back over to the hospitable bed and sitting down and staring at the floor.

"Jeff," Matt said softly.

Jeff looked at him. "I don't, please just drop it I can't force myself to remember."

Matt looked at his brother then sighed softly stood up and grabbed his jacket. "I'll be back later." He stated and stalked out of the room letting the door shut behind him.


Chris stood looking at the Raft thoughtfully as Stephanie finished wrapping up the last few pieces of dried fish. He turned and watched her silently she'd used one of the pieces of vine to pull her hair back, she had tanned out nicely in the last few days and her blue eyes were bright and vivid against her darker skin. She lifted the package and straightened up looking at him.

"We ready to go?" She asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, come on." He said taking the small package from her and tossing it onto the raft.

They quickly began pushing the raft into the river and he nudged her. "Get on!" He yelled.

She blinked then nodded and jumped up onto the raft as if drifted further out into the water. He continued pushing till the water was nearly up to his Armpits and he had to start swimming. He grabbed the edge and pulled himself up onto the raft. He sat there panting heavily he looked up at her and grinned. "Were on our way."

She let out a small laugh and nodded. "And so we are,"

He leaned back stretching out hoping to dry his clothes a little. She sat down next to him watching the forest they had left behind drift by as they floated along. "So, when do you think will reach civilization?" She asked scratching the back of her hand.

He looked up at her blinking then looking thoughtful. "I don't know maybe a day or two," He said. "At the most three days," He nodded.

She nodded back and looked back at the forest. "Is it wrong to not want to go home?" She asked looking back at him finally.

He blinked and looked up at her looking thoughtful. "Is it so much that you don't want to go back home, or back to hunter?" He asked calmly.

Stephanie looked down at him then looked back at the trees. "I shouldn't say this but," She paused. "I don't want to go back to Hunter." She said.

He sat up blinking. "Princess," He said softly. "It's your life you should marry who you want to marry not who your Dad, or your brother or anyone else wants you to marry." He said.

She nodded slowly. "I know but what if I make the wrong choice then Shane will be like I told you so."

Chris sat up slowly and looked at her looking thoughtful as he did. He nodded suddenly. "Stephanie can I say something with out getting slapped?" He asked.

She looked at him then nodded. "Unless it's about me getting a Boob job," She cracked a weak smile.

"Far from it," He responded with a light smile.

She nodded. "Go ahead then,"

"What makes you Happy Steph, what makes you Stephanie McMahon happy?" he asked. "Is it being at home with your Mom and Dad and Shane telling you what to do? Is It Hunter telling you what to do? Or is it a situation like this, you know where you get to think for yourself figure out lives little problems on your own?"

She looked at him blinking slowly then looked up into the trees as they drifted by. "This," She said. "Being able to be myself with out Hunter or Shane or Mom or Dad telling me what to do, how to act, how to breathe." She paused. "Shane used to tell me I breathed to loud."

"Shane's an ass, and to think he used to be your only family member I liked." He chuckled.

She looked at him silently. "So I suppose you don't like anyone now?" She asked.

"Actually, I still only like one of ya." He said with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, and who is that?" She asked fighting her own smile.

He gazed at her not believing she was serious for as minute he grinned. "Oh, I've always had a thing for your mom,"

Stephanie wrinkled up her nose and let out a laugh. "Your horrible Christopher!" She said laughing still.

He chuckled. "And you Princess your not so bad," He said grinning.

She smiled at him then looked down and out at the woods. "Thanks," She responded softly.

"Anytime," He said. "Its nice getting to know the real you."

She smiled and looked down blushing slightly. "I tried to make friends with you when you first came into the company, but I guess you'd heard enough stories from the others to know never trust a McMahon." She finished.

He looked up at her and sighed softly. "I should have judged for myself instead of letting other's judge for me." He stated and smiled. "Sorry,"

She smiled back and laughed softly. "Apology excepted."


Jeff was sitting silently in his hospitable bed staring out the window. Matt had gone a bit ago to get some food and coffee. He was alone and this gave him time to think about what had happened to him. He sighed and shifted slightly on the bed remembering what Hunter had said about Stephanie and Jericho. He knew he needed to tell someone about what he'd heard but what proof did he have. He turned his head from the window as the door to his room opened.

Trish waltzed in smiling brightly smoothing her hair. "Oh, Jeffro I've been trying to get in see you baby doll for the last few days but that horrid brother's of yours just won't let me near you." She said walking over and kissing his cheek.

Jeff blinked and slowly sat up looking at her he smiled. "Hello," He said softly the fog in his mind clearing slightly he furrowed his brows and blinked. "Hi, Trish." He said softly looking at her thoughtfully. "Matt didn't tell me you'd come to see me."

"Because he doesn't want me to see you sweetie," She said playing with his hair. She smiled softly and leaned over kissing his cheek. "I have to talk to you baby," She said looking at him seriously.

He blinked. "What is it?" He said slowly sitting up looking at her questioningly.

"Where's your Cell Phone Baby, I need a number from it you know my sister's number. She's getting married next month and I really need to call her and you know how I am about phone numbers." She explained.

Jeff blinked and shook his head the memory slamming into place it was in his coat pocket. He couldn't let Trish who had been with Hunter that day. He bit his lip slowly and looked at her. Then shook his head. "I don't know…I had it on me when I got attacked." He said softly. "I think who ever attacked me. They must have taken my phone." He concluded nodding.

Trish blinked but smiled and sighed. "Oh, well I'll see if I can get a hold of my mom baby." She said leaning down kissing his cheek.

Jeff nodded and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry Baby."

She nodded smiling again. "Its okay, its not your fault."

He yawned and blinked sleepily. "Hey, babe I'm real tired I need to take a nap." He said softly.

She nodded. "Okay," She said smiled and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you later baby." She fluffed her hair and stepped out of the room.

Jeff slumped back on the bed closing his eyes waiting for Matt to return. He tapped his fingers on the sheet waiting patiently.

Several minutes passed and Matt came into the room holding a cup of coffee. He smiled and looked at Jeff. "Hey Bro. What's up?" He asked.

Jeff blinked. "Did Shawn bring you my leather jacket?" He asked studying Matt.

Matt blinked in confusion then nodded. "Yeah, the day you were attacked Shawn brought it to me told me he found it in the bleachers." He said slowly.

Jeff nodded. "Was my Cell phone in the pocket?" He asked.

Matt nodded as a response. "Yeah, why?" He asked.

"I need it, and I need it today." He said sitting up and swinging his feet to the floor.

"What Why?" Matt exclaimed.

"I--I remembered something bout that day is all." He said softly.

Matt nodded and looked at him. "Do you want me to go get it?" He asked finally.

Jeff nodded. "Please," he said softly.

Matt nodded and grabbed his coat. "I'll be back shortly." He said then quickly left the room.

Jeff lay back on the bed and closed his eyes. He prayed that whatever was coming wasn't the truth if it was then now he remember why his heart had hurt so much when he'd woken up.



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